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05 vuotta sittenMama_NanaMama_Nana
Melly! \o/
05 vuotta sittententeitentei
Hi Hetalia fan!

If you like Hetalia I'm sure you will like to participate of this forum.
There you can speak in Portuguese or English. It is really new and we are trying to recrut many Hetalia fans and I hope you can join in our forum! :3

Please, we created this forum in Feb 4th, so don't expect so many people there. That's why we are doing our
best to recrute more people! Please, consider us and make an account and join us :D
07 vuotta sittendijehdijeh
mellysandshrewOh my goodness, thank you for uploading all those Jojo figures to the database!

Hahah, no problem! I was bored and figured I'd do something moderately productive.
07 vuotta sittenHaruhiismHaruhiism
mellysandshrewHaruhiismLuigi fan? Poor guy always get overshadowed by Mario. He deserves one good solo game at least.

Haha, yep! ;D
I don't know, I kind of thought Luigi's Mansion was enjoyable in it's own way. I'll admit it was pretty short and simple, though, and having him star in another game would be pretty awesome!

Mansion was ok, but that didn't cover up the disaster that was Mario is Missing on NES/SNES.
07 vuotta sittenHaruhiismHaruhiism
Luigi fan? Poor guy always get overshadowed by Mario. He deserves one good solo game at least.

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