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Thank you for visiting my profile! I'm a collector, mostly Nendoroids, and i want to take cute and interessting pictures of them ♡

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116 päivää sittenChihiroAyasatoChihiroAyasato
Very understanding and patient buyer! We encountered some post office issues which eventually got solved. Very good communication and prompt replies and payment. Highly recommended!
11 kuukautta sittenYoshiYogurtYoshiYogurt
Excellent seller, figure was packed well and in good condition with all pieces!
14 kuukautta sittenMikadocolorsMikadocolors
I bought Choromatsu nendo for this person and I'm really happy with it ! Fast shipping, item well packaged and figure in good condition. Plus great communication so I'd definitely recommend ~
35 kuukautta sittennendo__channendo__chan
Woah this year will be SO expensive D'x
17 kuukautta sittennendo__channendo__chan
nipponstation (7 kuukautta sitten) #17057491Hi,
Are you looking for Racing Miku 2014 ver? Please let me know if you are interested in bringing her home! Coz your inbox is full ><
Thank you!

aaahh yes, sry, i'll go delete some xd

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