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Hi anime-lovers!

We are an online store specified in selling figurine based in the States! We can help you buy any figure from Japan through one of our friends in Japan!

If you are interested in buying anime figures that you can't find on Ebay and Amazon, please feel free to visit our online store site! (We are new and still working on it :P)

You are more than welcome to ask any question! :D Either PM us or email us!

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02 kuukautta sittenCrimsonNanashi25CrimsonNanashi25
You inbox is full so just leaving this message here instead

Do you have any of this figure item #457093 ?
13 kuukautta sittenlac999lac999
price on vivi?
03 kuukautta sittenAlisaAmuAlisaAmu
Is your Angel Beats! - Tenshi - 1/8 still available?
03 kuukautta sittenxanxan31xanxan31
one piece shirahoshi still selling?
03 kuukautta sittenSocratics101Socratics101
Hi, saw your post about the FREEING Nanoha Force figure of Fate. Just curious about the pricing, let me know, thanks!

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