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my favorite things are coffee, JRPGs, and horror manga.♡๑
~New to figure collecting and very clueless.
PSN: berrychu
♡current obsessions♡ Wanted Charlotte & Laura Nekomimi Pajama Beezlebub Prisma Illya

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07 päivää sittenTLR_YamiTLR_Yami
nosferatu (7 päivää sitten) #22458363It definitely will be! So far, I only have too. They're all so gorgeous though. Ahhhh your collection is so amazing. Your devotion really shows!

I rarely post here though besides my most recent with 1/4 scales. I'm more active on Instagram @itayamiluv where I also post my itasha
09 päivää sittenTLR_YamiTLR_Yami
nosferatu (9 päivää sitten) #22363946Thank you for accepting! I want all the To Love Ru figures ever, hahah. :3

it'll be a long mission to get them all. i almost have all the yami figures which took a while even after going to japan i didnt find many
010 päivää sittenTLR_YamiTLR_Yami
Hello ^^ thank you for the friend request
I see you also have to loveる figures. We'll get along just fine
01 kuukautta sittenBetkaBetka
Hi! Thank you for FR! :3
01 kuukautta sittenRuppertsenpaiRuppertsenpai
What gives me the honor to get a FR from you? :D

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