orochimaruxsaberorochimaruxsaber i meant to leave the house this morning...




hiiii :) i am orochimaruxsaber and all i want in life is to make some catchy songs and build some cool stuff and write some meaningful stories and draw some pretty pictures and i guess i wouldnt mind having a ton of alter figures. please look forward to my solo music project's first album, "20 Weeks without shower"!! My most favorite thing is music and my least favorite thing is responsibility and figure collecting falls somewhere in between...
my anime crush is Gintoki from Gintama.. my other anime crush is Kintaro from Golden Boy.

oh also if it isnt extremely obvious i like madoka kaname and ultimate madoka a LOT.. I like Homura so much too... also Sayaka- you know what? i just love madoka magica.

figure Gods (or devils) plz give me:
Madoka 1/4 bunny
Madokami 1/4 bunny
Madoka school uniform scale figure
Nagisa scale figure ;_;
Alter madoka figure

"I always thought there was nothing special about me.
That I would just kind of stumble through life,
never being able to help anyone or be of any use at all."

"It's true that I've saved a few people,
but in equal measure,
my heart has become filled with resentment and hatred."

if someone says it's wrong to have hope,
then i'll tell them they're wrong,
every single time.

times i'v watched rebellion 4/100 (0v0)b

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15 päivää sittenSengokuGensuiSengokuGensui
Thanks for the feedback! :D
Best buyer EVER!! :3
16 päivää sitten (6 päivää sitten)matthewn4444matthewn4444
I would like to send payment request for Z:GO ACT 1 by PM but your inbox is full.
110 päivää sitteneunice971121eunice971121
Thank you so much for the feedback! <3<3
111 päivää sitten (11 päivää sitten)Luka-nyanLuka-nyan
[ext link ] lol the peep hole. I kinda want a figure with swimsuit tan lines someday
118 päivää sittenredxmaverickredxmaverick
orochimaruxsaber (18 päivää sitten) #24201343OMG i was thinking about how cool these are too!! picture #1802844 contrasting body types but they're both sexy heheh
wow, that item #605215 looks like it's gonna be gorgeous, i hope they stay true to the illustration and sculpt the props too like the stool and the platter she's holding
i'm so ordering a nanachi figure, can't wait for koto to paint theirs!!!! the sculpt is sooo cute ;u;

I thought how these two met your criteria. They're R18 sexy and have a musical theme. How their bases and hands connect together is so cool like that Sayaka and Sakura kimono figures we saw at Jungle!

I believe BINDing will create everything seen in the artwork for Erika because for item #549607 they made the carrot pillow and added playing cards in her left hand. I didn't even know there were playing cards in the Misae artwork. Looks like Erika and Sasaki item #549568 are holding cards as well. I guess it's a casino bunny suit theme.

FREEing is also doing Nanachi item #604470 and Toy Works item #604586 is doing all three. I wonder which one will turn out the best. FREEing is consistent so I trust them. Toys work is decent but wouldn't be my first choice. Now Koto... they'll be in the clear if they can get the face right. lol

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