piruvypiruvy crunches on icetea enthusiast

Menefigures i own (85)

Menenendos, petits, SD figures, ect i own (299)

Menerement/sylvan i own (411)



i'm a very sleepy person
i shouldn't be given money
i can't manage it

[please understand i have limited energy,
so i can be a very slow to reply person.
I apologize, it is medical, thank you]

[sometimes i get many messages at once,
i can't keep up too well at those times,
please message more than once if needed]

[i many things]
[❤ tasteful BL/GL/yaoi/yuri ❤]
[❤ bjd]
[❤ nendos]
[❤ onepiece ❤]
[❤ osomatsuさん ❤]

[❤ rement and nendo have taken over my life ❤]


Helpful Links I was given: (Goodsmile blog entries)
Figure Repair: [ext link ]
Scuff/Fix-up Paint: [ext link ]
Figure Reinforcement: [ext link ]

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03 kuukautta sittenpiruvypiruvy crunches on ice
sorry sorry, inbox is open again. thank you ❤
03 kuukautta sittentheend12theend12
Hi do you still have Gekijouban Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica: Hangyaku no Monogatari - Charlotte Figma For sale?
03 kuukautta sittensauskeuchiha111sauskeuchiha111
I'm interested in Tomoe but your inbox is full :( PM me when you get the chance
03 kuukautta sittenbelarusbelarus
Hello, I was interested in purchasing your Kazuma figure from your store, but your inbox was full. Is he still available?
17 kuukautta sittendogs547895dogs547895
your collection is too much kawaii and omg your shop im dead lol

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