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Hello, I'm Rufus and I'm a sucker for beautiful figures, especially if they're pink and white.

If you want to request photos of anything I have, feel free! I know how frustrating it is to look something up only for there to not be enough photos of it for you to make a decision. I'll also happily give you my opinion on anything I own as well~ Honestly, I'd make reviews for every single figure and plushie I have if I weren't so lazy.

For now I mostly live in the UK, but I also have a home in Malaysia, so if you want to offer me something I'm interested in and would be more comfortable sending to one country or the other, let me know!

Feel free to pawn off any little things of the following characters on me (as long as the shipping isn't going to be absurd ofc): Kaname Madoka, Koizumi Hanayo, Victini, Taroutachi (Touken Ranbu - for a friend)

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024 päivää sittenorochimaruxsaberorochimaruxsaber
rufusdrumknott (24 päivää sitten) #20788086Hey there! Your collection is super cute <3
thanks so much :3c so is yours!!
024 päivää sittenorochimaruxsaberorochimaruxsaber
hello fellow madoka enthusiast!!! :3
02 kuukautta sittenrufusdrumknottrufusdrumknott
I just pre-ordered item #464665 completely on impulse ... what is wrong with me, why do I love Madoka so much orz
03 kuukautta sittenkamiyuusankamiyuusan
rufusdrumknott (3 kuukautta sitten) #18026483Hey there~ Wanted to PM you but your inbox is full - are you still selling your Sakura Nendo? :)

hello! i'm really sorry, i forgot to edit it but she's not avalaible anymore!
04 kuukautta sittenTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board rufusdrumknott! :)

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Enjoy your stay! ^^


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