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Yo I'm Becky and I'm trying (lmao) to downsize my collection.

If I'm not here I'll be on Twitter.

PMs and FRs are welcome! ^^

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07 kuukautta sittenGrandPr1x1GrandPr1x1
Hi! I saw your Detolf displays picture (picture #1684639) and love it. Is the LED lighting the IKEA Dioder? I found what I think is a great way to hide LED lighting wires using spiral tubing and cable ties. It's AesSedai's guide to building a custom glass display case for your figures ([ext link ]). I've used this method myself and think it worked out great (picture #1686801). I struggled because I didn't really like the IKEA dome light and I wanted every level to be lit. I drilled two holes in the back of my Detolf on either side to slip the plugs through, and black duck tape to cover the holes. It took a little while to sort out all the wires and how to route them, but in my opinion, it is well worth it.
09 kuukautta sittenKid_buu28Kid_buu28
and you have an amazing collection (:
09 kuukautta sittenKid_buu28Kid_buu28
do you have a youtube channel cuz iwas looking for a figure youtuber with boy figures for so so long
01 vuotta sittenRedCloudRedCloud Alibaka
sousuukes (1 vuotta sitten) #10874491Thanks! :D I do really love the series, and there's so much merch to collect there always seems to be something else I'm adding to my wishlist.
Always great to see Australian collectors here, especially ones with similar interests! ^-^ Doesn't seem like there's many of us around sometimes. D:

I only have the master stars piece of Hinata myself as "merch" from Haikyuu but I'm planning on picking up Kageyama's MSP to go with him as well haha. So far I've got Hinata next to my MSP Akashi and Akashi towers over him, despite MSP'S being known for their height lol.
I love the series though. Am I correct to assume you've watched both seasons? Because the finale of the second season was so perfect omg. :)
Also, the Haikyuu manga is officially being released every month very soon! I'll definitely be picking those up as well :)
11 vuotta sittenRedCloudRedCloud Alibaka
That is an awesome Haikyuu collection you have going on there! Just saw your loot. Didn't realize you loved the series that much haha that's really awesome.
Also nice to see Australian collectors here. :)

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