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02 kuukautta sittenwoodysixonewoodysixone
I was thinking of selling most of my collection. Anyone had good luck selling here? After much reading it seems like the best place for collector to collector sales. Wisdom is welcome my friends.
02 vuotta sittenscrubbyscum999scrubbyscum999
Hey, just wanted to say you have a very impressive collection. When did you start?
03 vuotta sitten (3 vuotta sitten)stmhwkxxxstmhwkxxx
you cant have a mogudan collection without this, I recommend you. item #140494
03 vuotta sittenstmhwkxxxstmhwkxxx
woodysixone (3 vuotta sitten) #2280851Thanks for the comment. I enjoyed reviewing your collection - a few I would enjoy owning! Mogudan can never go wrong...amazing design and quality to give the best female presentation. Best to you my friend. Yeah, thanks. I try to get the rest of the figures that he has shared. call me crazy but I still hope getting the 2nd ver. Bakunyu Maid Yuzuki with black costume; Aside from other figures like the Q-six: Bakunyu Kenshi Sakura.
03 vuotta sittenstmhwkxxxstmhwkxxx
Good taste, I have to say. Mogudan is a master about the female characters. seems like you have some figures from him. me too.

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