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Welcome. Today I'll delight you with the review of my most recent purchase, the yukata version of C.C., one of the main characters from the anime Code Geass, which I imagine you all know, since it was recently broadcasted on television.


The manufacturer is Banpresto, known for the cheap price of their figures: cheap price, but decent quality. This is the first release of a new line, the SQ (Super Quality), which should include statues of superior quality, at a price slightly expansive than usual.

C.C. is sitting and appears very sexual, with yukata, which barely covers her gorgeous body. In her right hand C.C. holds a fan, using it to cover the mischievous expression rather than to make fresh. Actually I don't know if the pose is inspired by an artwork or by a frame of the anime.
The model has no base, unnecessary considering the pose. I really appreciated that the bottom part of the pvc, the grounding one, is modelled and painted with attention: in others pvc I've seen, it wasn't so.
The statue is made of one single piece, there are no parts to assemble.


The box is the same of others Banpresto cheap figures: there are no trasparent windows, no other frills, but each side is decorated with images from the character.
The model inside is protected with plastic structure. Oddly the box is too high for the statue, so the superior part is empty, except for the cardboard that holds the model and not let it move: perhaps Banpresto thinks that buyers judge by appaerance!


Finally this pvc is a good product at an affordable price, recommended to all lovers of the character, considering that usually all the figures dedicated to Code Geass become unavailable shortly after the release. Actually you can buy this for 40-45 shipped.
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shenzuoVai fab, ottima rece ;)
Grazie. ;)
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shenzuoVai fab, ottima rece ;)
Many thanks
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Vai fab, ottima rece ;)
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Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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