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Hey guys!

I got my Moon Stick last week and I kept wanting to review it but had university stuff take up all of my time. But today I got the chance to film my review and put it up, and I wanted to share the video with the MFC community.


I’ve been waiting for this item for a long time. Before the new anime was announced two years ago I was actually looking for one to buy online, where the prices were horrendous. This and the Spiral Moon Heart Rod, of course. However, when they spoke about the new anime I knew it was time to stop looking and start waiting and here it is! Now if only the same would happen with my Serenity figure…

In any case, I am very happy with the wand. I know people are complaining about the price but given the prices the old ones were being sold for, I really don’t mind getting a brand new item with a bunch of little trinkets attached, for a smaller price than the old, sun-washed ones on eBay.

The sounds are bothersome for me but I’ll live. At the end of the day I can just take out my batteries and be happy, and the people who wanted sounds can leave them in and be just as happy. No biggie. I do know that some are having issues with their wands. Actual, real issues, not "meh I don't like this function". That's a real pity and I know how you feel because I was the same with the Cosmic Heart compact, and all mine had was scratches and chipping paint, as opposed to problems with an actual function, like sounds or lights.

I covered everything from price to paint, size, sounds, weight, etc in the video and there’s a good 35 mins of it so… There's no point in typing the whole review again in here. I am sorry for my English though, I always notice mispronunciations when watching the videos I make; as well as some mistakes in expressing myself. It comes with not having English as a mother-tongue - I tend to be a lot more articulate in writing than when speaking. But anywho: all I can do now is draw my conclusion: I am very happy with the wand. I was excited to see the payment request in my email box and I’m never happy to see those, no matter how cool the item is :)). I hope they do more… and I hope I can afford them, too :)).

EDIT: The wand is back to "Sold Out" on AmiAmi.
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