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Hello... Let me start my first review here with a small introdiction. In fact this will be a repost of review from this forum, which with a help of Google I am going to post here. Just want to apologize for some mistakes. Don't like to use Google-Translate, it makes all the text a bit emotionless and reduces its individuality. However, when you are too lazy to type some kind of a "romance" it is the best method. And now I am exactly in the same situation, lol. Also, would like to mention, that this review will be a bit shorter then the original, because some information about the character and the anime can be found on MFC. So if you can excuse me, I will continue. ^_^

As you can see, the review is devoted to the figure of Yuuki, the heroine of the manga and eponymous anime Saki... Yuuki by Alter is one of those figures, which can be purchased without a doubt. Just take a single look on her and desire to take her home becomes unbearable. Mine was also ordered under the influence of sudden impulse, though I try not to order a figure without any idea of source.

Now comes the part, that I will just skip. Only will mention, that you can take a look on the story here and for character information you can go here.


In the anime Yuuki always appears in the highschool Kiesumi uniform, so it's not surprising, that this version of a dress was chosen for the figure. Sculptor was Aketagava Noboru. If you look at other figures in the sculpting of which he was involved, we can note an interesting feature of the sculptor - figures standing on one leg, that did not spoil the general appearance of the composition. And those who worry about the stability of Yuuki's position, I want to assure that the balance is practically perfect.
All elements of the figures perfectly detailed. This goes for bows on stockings and blouse, skirt wrinkles and for other parts of clothing and appearance. With regard to the amount of details, you can note that in this case there are as much details as in the original. The figure is made in 1/8 scale. Having in mind that the real height of Yuuki is not so big, we can conclude that the figure is too small, but it is not. Believe me, Yuuki with a height of almost 20 sm looks great among nendoroids and also among larger neighbors.




There are absolutely no problems with painting. All, that has to be colored in blue - colored in blue, that should be white is white. There is no color distortion and no sag of color on the boundaries and meeting places. We can say that everything is perfect. The seams on shoes neatly outlined with black, bows on stockings colored in brown. Hairpins and nails painted with gloss paint, which brigs some charm to the figure. The inscription on the stand is made in orange, which matches the color scheme of the figure. I do not want to spoil the perfection of the figure... But still, to me Yuuki came with a small spot of glue on her left eye, which was successfully removed, so I have just forgived Alter this mistake.




About the pose I can tell that it perfectly matches to the character of Yuuki. It nicely shows the ease and cheerfulness of Yuuki. From this "flying" pose you can learn a lot about the character, even without watching the anime or reading manga. And the figure will be equally advantageous to be displayed at higher and at a lower shelf. Yuuki also comes with a pair of interchangeable hands with her favorite food - tacos. :D




Stand is standart, ordinary plastic circle by Alter the name of the heroine. The advantage of stand is that it is transparent and unobtrusive.



Like for a lot of figures it is the usual box of rather compact size. The box is decorated in soft shades of orange, each side of box shows us the figure from different angles.




It's difficult to write something more... But perhaps, telling, that I have never regretted adding to my collection this cute loli, will be just enough. Even if you're not a fan or didn't not watch anime, you still can't pass by Yuuki without some warm feelings. And this will be enough to love her and shelter in your collection.


Thank you for reading! ^_^

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kumasanmkI think that's the one I caught :)Hehe... GJ! :3
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Nai-sanBtw, saw her on Mandarake for 3k yen two days ago.I think that's the one I caught :)
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kumasanmk, kilani, thanks! Yuuki is really lovely! <3

Btw, saw her on Mandarake for 3k yen two days ago.
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kilani Sayaka Rank
kumasanmkGreat review! Actually, you've made me buy her :)

Agree! Hehe I want this one too ^^
8 vuotta sitten
Great review! Actually, you've made me buy her :)
8 vuotta sitten
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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