Queen's Blade - Menace - 1/8 (MegaHouse)Queen's Blade - Menace - 1/8 (MegaHouse)Review

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"A lady from the royalty must wear striped panties!" - Menace in Writings on the Princess of the Ancient Times

This is just a quick review of the Excellent Model CORE Queen's Blade P-9 Kodai no Oujo Menace figure produced by MegaHouse. She was released on April 2009 and I was lucky to acquired her this month (July). She was sold out fast on release and became quite hard to find.

The shitapai and shimapan Egyptian-themed princess is actually a living dead! She's based on a mummy character from the Lost World books. However, for the Queen's Blade series, the veteran artist F.S didn't draw a rotten dead corpse but a gorgeous killer body!

Sculpting (9): Sexy!
The sculptor MELTING NEURON brings us a Menace overflowing with sexiness! Every curve feels real! All the clothing and jewelry details from the original design by F.S are faithfully reproduced on PVC.

Painting (9): Just perfect.
It seems that MegaHouse is improving their quality after every release. Only her eyes can be scary if you stare at them too closely.

Posing (8): Beautiful.
Waaaaay better than the ones produced by Griffon Enterprises. She might bend, though.

Base (4): Nothing special.
A cheap transparent plastic disc? It does keep the figure standing anyway...

Packaging (7):Nice.
Typical box with display window. Brown-colored with nice details giving off the Ancient Egypt feeling.
Inside, the plastic holder keeps the figure firmly in place.

Enjoyment (10): Ecstatic!!
Probably one of the better, if not the best, figure so far from the Queen's Blade line produced by MegaHouse! Even though Menace is far from the top of my favorite Queen's Blade characters list.

100% sexy and 100% recommended to any Queen's Blade fan.

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I see, is a shame though that she's a minor character and even about Menace story, read somewhere that she is kinda air-headed, I'm really loving these characters and they deserve more, thanks for the info.
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Anarista appeared very briefly in Menace's flashback (5th episode of the 1st season of the anime). I doubt that she'll ever get a figure because she's a very minor character...

At first, I wasn't really fond of Menace, but after some time she has grown on me. Even though you got her overpriced, I'm sure you'll find her very worthy of it!
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Just order it overpriced as hell >.> but couldn't just miss her love that sort of ancient Egypt theme, those bracelets, the sandals I mean look a those legs!! when it was released I didn't really like how big her "lower eyes" were but I don't have problem with it now (don't know I guess people change ^^;)

I'm about to watch the anime series, is that other girl Anarista on it? I hope they release a figure of her, again love that theme, Menace might be my favorite just for that.

Saw your other review on your blog and actually help a little to make my decision, haven't really seen good pics of her. Great Review!!(Hate MH QB bases as well, at least this round seems more space effective than the oval ones)
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Ashlotte Full-time Reviewer
Yea it seems no matter how much MH improves sculpt wise they stick to those horrible bases...Nice quick review though and she does look positively smexy. ~_^
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