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Hello!! I just recieved my Holo kotobukiya new package ver. , and i had the same troubles with her as others: there was a gap between the torso and the skirt, and at first she did not fit the base.
So as a response to Chloe-tsundere and thanks to the advice of yukinori, i found out how to get rid of that gap and make her fit in the base.

So this is the way:

- First, As yukinori said, there is a "brown bulge" in the inner side of her torso, where the connecting hole to her legs is. It seems to be some plastic residue.
What you have to do is to use a cuter knife and start removing very thin layer of plastic from that bulge.

- Second, take a look at this part: picture/1079950...
Have you tried to connect her lower part to the torso WITHOUT the skirt? if you haven't, try and you will see that this peg does not fit entirely into her torso. If you are willing to display her without the skirt, it will look ugly, because there is some plastic visible below her shirt that is supposed to be covered by it. This is the proof that the peg of the lower part has to be pushed inside her torso a little more.

So, what i did, is to file this peg with a nail file side by side, specially the TOP part, because i think it was longer than the hole's depth. Do this very carefully and try several times until the torso fits perfectly.

- Finally, there is a last thing to do with her skirt. If you look her from the side, the skirt should be almost perpendicular to the base.
This is the way it should be to get rid of the remaining gap.
I solved this by placing two small cotton balls beneath her skirt, in a part where it almost touches her legs. This way, the skirt has something that prevents it from going downwards. Here is a picture:
Regarding the base, i used some force and placed first her left foot and then the right one.

Final result: picture/1079953...


So this is it, if you have the same issues with her i hope this helps.
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Found a link to this article on this figures comment section. Why I'm 4 month's late lol.

Thanks for sharing
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Tiamat266 vuotta sitten#2315095Nice work and good shots to show what must be done to get her just right. Great tutorial.
= )

Thanks!! the shots could be better, the lighting was not the best one.
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Nice work and good shots to show what must be done to get her just right. Great tutorial.

= )

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Glad I could help^_^

And thanks for the tip about the peg, I'll try that once I get back
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