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Hi people of MFC ! Here is my very first review. I'm not really good at taking pictures and I'm sorry about that, but when I searched for infos about this figure when I bought it, I fought almost nothing and onlya few tiny-size pics. So I decided to do something about it once I got my hands on the box, hoping it would be helpfull to some of you.

The review will be about Yujin's SR-DX figure of I-no, a Guilty Gear XX character. Some may consider it softly NSFW (because of the breasts), personnaly I think it's okay, but you're warned. Here we go !

The character :


I-no appears for the first time in the fighting game Guilty Gear XX, as a boss. She's a servant of the series bad guy called That Man. We know very few about her, she seem to be human, but she wear a witch hat and use magical attacks, so we can assume she's a witch.

In combat, she use her guitar Marlene to strike and spare. Here's a short demonstration of her fighting :

Now that the introductions are made, let's move to the figure review.

Packaging : 5/10


As you can see, the box is pretty small, with a basic design. The only "fancy" part is the name of the character in golden letters. There's a large front window, but none on any other face of the box. Don't pay attention to the damages on the box, this one must have been stored for a while, this figure is 10 years old after all.




Top, side and bottom views of the box. As you can see, nothing much to say. No pictures of the figure, just a few illustrations and no windows, as mentionned before.


A view from the back, with a picture of the figure and some information text in Japanese.



The inner blister. Pretty well secured, he did his job well : protecting the figure through years of storage.


The content of the box unpacked. Now we can go on with the review.

Posing : 8/10



In my opinion, the best part about this figure is the pose. Very dynamic, just as she would be during a fight, right before (or after) an attack with her guitar Marlene.

Sculpting and Painting : 6/10 and 7/10

This figure, as I said, is now almost 10 years old, and have no great value, so you can't expect this part to be spectacular. It is not that bad, but not that good as well. Let's take a closer look.


I-no is a cast-off figure, she comes with two different hairstyles that allows you to display her with the hat...


... or without ^^
You can also see the painting and decals for her face. it's far from being perfect, but still decent. Here you can see the bicolor eyes; that's kinda weird but the figure is so small you have to take a closer look to see it.


Without the hat, the assembly line will of course be very visible.


Here's a closer view of the witch hat. I prefer to display her with it, since it's an important part of the character's design.





Some views of Marlene. I found the guitar pretty detailled and well painted, considering the age, scale and price range of the figure. Being an amateur musician myself, Marlene is really okay for me.








On this serie of close-ups you can see more clearly the figure's defects. Some molding lines are pretty apparent, especially on the legs. Assembly lines are very visible too on the jacket.

But some details are pretty nice. The jacket is nicely painted with some slight shadowings. The hand is well done too, with red paint on the nails and those brown lines on the arm. I don't know exactly why they're here since I never played the game, but the result is cool.


Here's a comparative picture so you can see the size of this figure. As I said, it's smaller than those I own, so I choosed the smalest one to compare, my figure of Kagamine Rin.

You can see that their size is similar, so don't expect to put this figure side-by-side with a tall one, that would make her look ridiculous.

Base : 7/10

The base consists on a simple splash of blood, with the same color as I-no's outfit. Simple, but efficient, and way better than classic black or white rounds-shaped bases. Mine have a little defect as it seems, it's a bit curved so I'll have to fix that. You can see the base on the "Packaging" part of this review.

Enjoyment : 7/10

This figure is not a high-quality release, it's old, small and have defects. But still, I like it. The pose is cool, the design of I-no as well, and I think you can give her a chance if you're looking for this item. In termes of quality, you surely can't compare this version to this one (that I hope to own as well), but the price range is very different.

I'm very satisfied with my figure right now and I recommend her to those who are looking for a cool cheap Guilty Gear figure.
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This is a really nice figure...if you look at it from a distance! :P

I like her posing, clothes and the guitar...but the face! *shivers* Reminds me of my ITEM #880 / BLOG #12236 which I mainly sold because I couldn't stand the quality of her face! D:
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Haha, that face is really making effect xD

But I can assure you she looks really better. I'm looking at her right now (she's standing on my computer tower) and with my desk lamp's light she look pretty cool actually ^^

About the guitar, I was hoping that I could turn her but as you can see on the pics there's two pegs on the neck to secure the guitar on I-no's hand, so I'm screwed ;/
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theyasminshow Militant Missionary
For me, it was actually passable until the face. Also, they detailed the guitar but then made it face backwards... I guess if you display it in front of a mirror...?
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He's not that bad for an old release, I agree, but not that good as well. Maybe you can't see it clearly on the pics but I have some black paint dots on her skin. Thankfully, they're small and not very noticeable. That's why I only give her à 7 for painting, but you're right to point that it's not a bad work :)
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The paint job is actually not bad at all, not great but for an old release, not bad.
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Moro6 vuotta sitten#2371776I'm sorry but I burst out laughing at the face closeup, it looks so weird to me. I'm casually seeking the Max Factory I-No as a companion to my Bridget since that'd be the only other Guilty Gear figure that's the same scale as he is.
Still, this one's cheap so you can't expect too much, and I do like the pose.

You're right about the face, I think they failed at reproducing her sadistic smile, so the result is indeed a bit weird. But from a distance, the figure looks way better. I'm also looking for the Max Factory version but I have no regrets since I got this figure for less than 20€ ^^
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I'm sorry but I burst out laughing at the face closeup, it looks so weird to me. I'm casually seeking the Max Factory I-No as a companion to my Bridget since that'd be the only other Guilty Gear figure that's the same scale as he is.

Still, this one's cheap so you can't expect too much, and I do like the pose.
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I am very sorry about the fact that the pictures are "cut" on the right side. This is my first review so I had no idea that the pictures wouldn't be displayed entirely ;/

If you need to see the entire picture, right click on it and select the option Show the picture.

[EDIT] : issue fixed ^^
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