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We had 19 differents persons nominate figures for November, a total of 57 nominations. 25 differents figures were nominated. Here is the final nomination list, it's time to vote for the top five and determine the monthly winner!

[Number of nomination] (Database link) Character Name [Manufacturer Name][Hit(s) Tie Breaker]
[09] ITEM #186847 Kasugano Sora [Alter]
[07] ITEM #166978 Levi [Kotobukiya]
[05] ITEM #198359 Mikasa Ackerman [Kotobukiya]
[03] ITEM #196529 Akemi Homura [Aniplex][27823]
[03] ITEM #183971 "Rakuen no Otome" Sugie Sun [Skytube][18284]

[03] ITEM #198413 I-58 [Max Factory][9634]
[03] ITEM #195709 Magical Emi [Alter][5518]
[02] ITEM #144368 Kousaka Honoka [Good Smile Company][21786]
[02] ITEM #165805 Tiki [Vertex][19365]
[02] ITEM #183921 Kamishiro Kotone [Skytube][15976]
[02] ITEM #163514 Roronoa Zoro [Tsume][11803]
[02] ITEM #227088 Iriza [Dragon Toy][9973]
[02] ITEM #182676 Hozuki Ferrari [Alter][7858]
[01] ITEM #198470 Ikari Shinji, Nagisa Kaworu [Vertex][19327]
[01] ITEM #167032 Tako [Ques Q][12526]
[01] ITEM #227004 Oshino Shinobu [Kotobukiya][6823]
[01] ITEM #222548 Kirisaki Chitoge [SEGA][6736]
[01] ITEM #218371 Astaroth [MegaHouse][6496]
[01] ITEM #199729 Donquixote Doflamingo [Banpresto][5336]
[01] ITEM #220949 Thunder Soldier [MegaHouse][3067]
[01] ITEM #236454 Souryuu Asuka Langley [SEGA][4836]
[01] ITEM #226148 Nanami Ao [Kotobukiya][2210]
[01] ITEM #220999 Haramura Nodoka [MegaHouse][2177]
[01] ITEM #220991 Misumi Nagisa [MEgaHouse][2045]
[01] ITEM #186894 Feed Me [Good Smile Company][1021]

Next Month Schedule
ScheduleNomination: Saturday January 3rd 2014, 12:00 UTC time
Poll: Monday January 5th 2014, 12:00 UTC time
Poll End: Monday January12th 2014, 12:00 UTC time
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Monthy Poll [November]

23%Kasugano Sora [Alter]
31%Levi [Kotobukiya]
6%Mikasa Ackerman [Kotobukiya]
29%Akemi Homura [Aniplex]
11%"Rakuen no Otome" Sugie Sun [Skytube]
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Final results, with 183 votes,

[57] ITEM #166978 Levi [Kotobukiya]
[53] ITEM #196529 Akemi Homura [Aniplex]
[43] ITEM #186847 Kasugano Sora [Alter]
[20] ITEM #183971 "Rakuen no Otome" Sugie Sun [Skytube]
[10] ITEM #198359 Mikasa Ackerman [Kotobukiya]
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Still a little bit over 7 hours to vote!
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Even though she is losing, I gotta go with Sugie Sun. My favorite statue of 2014.
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This month was a tough choice. I own this Homura and Sugie Sun, but I also have Koto's Levi and Mikasa on order. Sora's admittedly a beautiful figure but was eliminated since I really have no attachment to her. Out of the remaining four, I had to give it to Levi. I just think he's the most impressive overall and probably the best Levi scale available for the foreseeable future, IMO. Plus, being the only male figure on the poll gave him the edge for me. Homura is a strong runner up though. Her base, likeness, and accessories are really well done. Kind of surprised Mikasa is dead last but there was some stiff competition this month.
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Levi for sure! <3 He looks amazing!
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lusciouscookies left shark
c'mon homura!! you can do it!!!
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Hard to beat the Levi train
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Aaaaand Homura wins, though at least Levi is a fairly close second. Disappointing, I thought for once a figure I liked best would win but I guess not XD It's my curse.
HA. I come back to see and Levi's won by a thread!
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ZoroZoldyck7 vuotta sitten#2502788The doflamingo figure should say banpresto next to it not megahouse..

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lesbian CEO of obsessive merch buying
I was in love with Homura the second I saw her. My second choice would have to be Sugie, she's absolutely stellar. ;;
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