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Dear blog,

After long-long years, countless outbids and missing chances, finally I managed to grab the oldest items on my wishlist:

Unfortunately the girls are in very-very bad shape:
Ugly dark stains all over the white parts on their clothes. If I can't clean them, the long hunt will continue... T_T

Anyone know a powerful stain remover?
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This looks like red mold, you can try rubbing a bit of vinegar or baking soda mixed with lukewarm water (can use a toothbrush for that) on some spot and see what happens, it helps a lot with red mold.
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I'm no fabric expert so don't just run off and do this without getting confirmation, but I wonder if taking them to a drycleaner would work
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ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
Can you undress the plushies? Washing them with aggressive cleaners as is might ruin their eyes and it's not easy to hand wash stuffed things anyway...

Also, different cleaners can react differently with colored cloth so be careful! Colored plushies can be dyed with unstabilized paint so it can become a huge mess once put in water.

The most efficient and safe cleaner I know is gall soap. You can get it literally anywhere and it's perfectly safe for use with color and delicate cloths unlike most bleaches and other aggressive cleaners.

P.S. I wonder what those stains are. Looks like some rust or mold...
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The strongest stain remover I'm familiar with has got to be Folex. It's for carpet stains, so I'm not sure if it'll be too abrasive or not for plush material. But it works really well and doesn't leave bleach spots like spot shot and other stain removers do.
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Personally, I would start with a little cold water and soap, and work up to more aggressive cleaning methods if necessary.
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If the stains are only on the white portions of their clothes, then bleach is probably the answer. Mix with water (roughly a 2:1 water:bleach ratio seems to work well) and apply to the stains with a washcloth. Let it sit for a while. Then wash it out with regular water.
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