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  • VioMariner and tomoko, thank you for your comments! I appreciate the feedback.

    Moro, yes, the shipping fee was a little hefty for this month's haul. The glasses did account for most of the weight. I chose FromJapan's 'Regular' shipping option, and all of my items were meticulously wrapped and fully intact when the box arrived. Considering how much I yearned for this entire glass set, however, I was willing to shoulder the expenses just this once. :)
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    Was the shipping really painful on that proxy order with the set of 12 glasses? Glass is heavy and also needs packing to prevent breakage so the box couldn't have been small.
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    Wow great loot! I love all the idol master items, and that mask from bakemongatari made me laugh lol
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    VioMariner PLATINUM Disco~
    Amazing haul! I especially love all your Monogatari items. That Kyun-Chara of Hitagi in her date night dress is a beauty that I'll need to pick up myself. Yukata Shinobu is quite the cutie herself, I was tempted to get her just a night ago. I'm envious of your Kyun-Chara collection, I wish I could have more since they're so well made for their prize quality, but alas, space issues ;(

    Awesome get on the Alt. Color Tsukihi! I still have yet to get her, only have the original. She's quite the pricey catch, but stunning and well worth it :3
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