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Today we'll be taking a look at another girl from native's Creators Collection series which brings to life illustrations from popular artists. The artist this time around is Korean born CuteG who has been a character designer for various manga and anime series such as Kokoro Connect, Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! and Zenryoku Otome to name a few. Looking at her various illustrations I'd say what really stands out in her creations is the eyes followed close by their hair. Looking at her body of work she does appear to do a lot of ecchi illustrations which seems to be a good match with native. The illustration being brought to life can be seen on the right. The girl in that illustration is named Kondo Yume but I don't if this is her only appearance or if she's a regular of CuteG's. I was not able to determine where the illustration came from such as being featured in some magazine or if she was specifically created for native.

The figure that is based off her is 1/7th in scale and of a limited availability as she was made to order from native's web store. She was available for pre-order in April 2014 and at this time is no longer available from native. I noticed that the illustration card was not packaged with the figure but came separately in its own envelope. Normally the illustration card is packaged and included with their figures so I think it was just an oversight. I originally thought that there might have been more to it since their web store indicated the illustration card was only included if you ordered through the website. But that made no sense since that's really the only way you can order their figures unless you went through a proxy. Also, all of their girls had that notice about the illustration card only being available from an online order. The concern though is that if you went through a proxy, you might not get the illustration card since it was packaged separately. In any case she retailed for 11,000 Yen and at this time she's probably available only on the secondary market unless you get very lucky finding one from a store that does stock native figures, note again you might not get the illustration card.

The goal today is to take a closer look at Kondo Yume to see what she has to offer and how faithful native native was to the illustration and CuteG's style.

Please understand a score of 10 will never be given as there is always room for improvement no matter how perfect a figure.

And again, Warning!!!!!! This review contains Graphic NSFW images, proceed at your own risk.
Packaging: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
native like other manufactures actually enclose their figure boxes in shipping boxes that you can see below. This helps reduce the chance the figure and figure box will be damaged before reaching the customer. As usual they used a corrugated medium weight cardboard box for this task. Normally you do not see these shipping boxes when you purchase figures from a retailer/store as they probably already have removed the figure box as well as the tissue paper to inspect the figure before selling. Depending on where you were to buy a native figure you may never see the shipping box and tissue paper. This is good and bad in that it cuts down on the shipping weight because this particular box empty comes in at 250 grams but you also lose that additional protection afforded by the box. One thing to note that I did touch on is as you can see in the picture below of an envelope. That contains the illustration card which is normally included with the figure. This means there could be a chance that if you do not purchase her directly from native that you may not get the illustration card because the seller might not know to include the illustration card with the figure.

As usual with any native figure box, you cannot see the figure within. Due to the nature of their figures this is definitely a good idea especially if you have to deal with prying eyes. Most of the time their packaging follows a theme that supports the figure within and this time around I'd say that's the case. The color scheme matches the colors found on the condom packaging as well as the brand image. I'm still not sure if this means the condoms are strawberry flavored or it's supposed to make the wearer look like he has a strawberry down there? In any case the design is simple and clean but is fitting. It almost makes me think I received a giant box of strawberry condoms.

As usual they used a lightweight corrugated cardboard for the figure box and with the way it overlaps and interlocks the strength is further amplified offering excellent protection. Combined with the shipping box, a lot of effort would need to be made to damage the figure. Overall dimensions are compact and weight is reasonable so they achieved a perfect balance with protection, weight and size. She should get to you safely and at a reasonable price.

Packaging weight and dimensions:
Weight: 500 grams
725 grams with shipping box
H: 130 mm
W: 237 mm
D: 186 mm

Upon opening the box, you should find three packages as can be seen. It may not be consistent but at least for mine, they used the included instructions to obscure the figure to again protect you from prying eyes.

I was surprised about the lack of tape for the blister. Normally they tape the pieces together to prevent separation and parts getting lose. Hopefully it was just an oversight and not a trend. The tolerances on the pockets were sufficient in keeping the various loose items in place as well as protected. The blister of course further added to the overall strength of the packaging to protect the contents and the futon resting at the bottom definitely helped as well.

As you can see they took a lot of care in protecting this figure to prevent rubbing and paint transfer. Look at the bubble wrap they used to protect her hair and every section of her had plastic sheets to prevent damage during transport.

As usual native included instructions on the care of the figure which is still not done enough even for very complicated setups by other manufacturers. This attention to detail and thought for their customers is appreciated. And of course the illustration that this figure was based off of which again most manufacturers do not provide which I find very annoying.

native did a decent job with the package design and their protection offered is more than adequate as expected. The design supports the theme of the figure nicely and she should get to you safely at minimal cost. Expectations were definitely met once again.

Sculpting: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
Sculpting credits go to Fio who has been working with figures for a couple years now. I actually had some of her other figures but I sold them awhile ago so I can't show them as examples of her past work. Note I sold them because I didn't agree with manufacturing process, not her work which was very good. In the case of Kondo Yume it seems she's at the top of her game as she did an amazing job on her in regards to execution and details. Below you can see that she can be broken down into four parts minus the clothes.

As you can see each component should be fairly easy to install and there shouldn't be any confusion on how each piece fits together. The tolerances on the sockets were adequate and you shouldn't have any parts falling off on their own.

She does come with three articles of clothing that can be removed. The panties are actually pretty sturdy considering I had to constantly take them off and put them on repeatedly while shooting her. The connection tab works well and once set should stay in place. Her sweater seems to be the issue for some people but even the instructions mentioned how secure it in place. However for mine, I found that I had to put on her sweater first, then lock the arms in place before installing her legs. That made it more difficult since her curvy butt had to squeeze in there but for that was the only way I could keep the sweater locked in place. Through it all I was amazed at no paint being transferred so they prepped the pieces unlike OrchidSeed where you can count on paint transfer. The loose piece of skirt that drapes over her leg and does fit pretty closely as long the display surface if flat otherwise it will float over her leg.

I was surprised by the level of detail they put into her accessories. The bag along shows the level of detail and time they put into it. The bag is hollow and you can put her accessories in it to recreate the scene from the illustration. I loved the job they did on her glasses and was surprised on the vibrator. Based on the illustration it didn't seem like you could tell the type of dildo so I'm just wondering if that was a personal preference or a common model in Japan? I would think those spikes would hurt, I guess they tickle? The attention to detail can be also seen in the condom packaging with the condom outline clearly visible making no mistake what is in those packages.

In any case let's move on to the main attraction.



If you think she looks good in the pictures, she looks even better in person. The pictures just do not do her justice. In regards to the sculpting of this figure you can see in the comparison between the illustration that they pretty much nailed it detail per detail.

Starting at her face, you can see the jawline and her other facial features match up very nice will the illustration including her ear poking out of her hair. Even without the illustration her face by itself looks good. I really like the job they did on her mouth and nose. The transition to her neck looks natural and they did a nice job hiding the seam which you have to really look for and under normal displaying and viewing you can't even see it. Her face looks great from various profiles which is not always the case with some figures where they have a "bad side". You don't have that issue with her.

She looks like a different person with the glasses on. I liked how they set it up so you have the option of using the glasses or not. A lot of times what they force you to use the glasses on a figure due to the install points being visible. In this case they are well hidden and you can only find them if you look for them. However, it does cause some difficulty in installing the glasses without some practice. Now you do have the option of having the glasses close to her eyes but I prefer the way in the illustration where they hang down and rest on the bridge of her noses which seems cute and sexy at the same time.


I was surprised they used a magnet for the condom since you can see a little peg where the condom packaging goes into her mouth. I originally thought that was how it would go until I messed up and had the condom stuck to the side of her face. I guess could you do that if you wanted to do a more comical scene. The big thing was the magnets didn't mess up her features and she looks great whether you have everything installed or not. She just looks great anyway you have it. Fio did an amazing job.

Moving on to her hair you can see it matches up almost perfectly with the illustration. The various strands are actually somewhat flexible so they should resist damage but I wouldn't test it. Even though the typical seam can be seen at the crown of her head you also see they did a decent job hiding it among the details to where it actually looks natural. A few of the recent girls from native had an "issue" where their hair was too big as in the scale of the hair didn't match the scale of the face. Fortunately this wasn't the case for her and everything seems to fit perfectly. Her hair is nicely detailed and looks great from various angles. There isn't going to be a bad hair day for her.

Just like the illustration only one nipple can be seen from her bountiful breasts. Now without the illustration some may argue that she has balloon breasts but you have to realize she is squeezing them together with her arms so if she wasn't doing it they would be appear to be the typical teardrop shape if on the large side. I love the details put into her exposed nipple. If you look from the breast to the areola you can see it start to raise until you transition to her nipple. My only real criticism would be the under boob but I think that is more to do with the manufacturing process then the actual sculpt. When you look at her under boobs up close it looks like she has scars but I think it was just the case they weren't prepped as cleanly as they could be out of the mold. Otherwise her breasts look great and match up nicely with the illustration.

As mentioned her arms are squeezing her boobs but they also serve another function which was mentioned before. They are used to keep her sweater locked in place as the sweater has guide grooves for her arms to rest in. For mine I had to install the sweater first before installing her legs because her big rump was getting in the way of the sweater locking securely. Now one issue people might have is her hands may or may not touch the bottom of her shirt which she is tugging on. Results may vary but I don't think it really matters if they touch or not as long as her hands are close enough to it that it looks like she's tugging on her shirt. Speaking of her shirt, they did a nice job replicating the details from the illustration. It really looks like the shirt is being pulled taught against her body as she bursts out of it. Look at how the material stretches and wrinkles as well as how it conforms to her body leaving little to the imagination.

Where the she strays from the illustration would be the position of her panties. In the illustration her panties are much higher up her thigh but that's really not possible with these panties. However that's really not a deal breaker and I doubt anyone will notice as there are other things to distract you.

As mentioned her curvy romp does get in the way when you're trying to secure the sweater or at least for me it does. It's nicely detailed and quite realistic looking. I do want to note when examining her legs they felt somewhat rough instead of uniform. That's actually a good thing because it made her feel more realistic in regards to musculature. And of course she is detailed and anatomically correct. Depending on the viewing angle you can see her clitoris sticking out between her lips.

As mentioned I liked what they did with her legs but there is one issue that I won't subtract for since it's really minor. The transition from her calf to the socks was not as natural and seamless as it could have been. At least for mine it was rather disruptive and distracting. I don't think I've ever seen native do something like that before. However, she's meant to be seen from the front and the times you would even see it wouldn't be from viewing her out on display and there are more pleasant distractions on her. It's not a deal breaker but that's something I would expect from another manufacture that didn't pay attention to the details.

All in all native did an amazing job with her. As indicated she looks better in person and the pictures do her no justice at all. Fio did an amazing job breathing the illustration to life. The attention to detail and overall execution definitely exceeded my expectations. The last few girls from native really concerned me with the drop in quality but they definitely redeemed themselves with her. I really hope Fio signs on with native to do another girl.

Painting: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
native usually uses all tools they have available to color figures. They usually do a great job with the flesh tone of their girls but the past few recent girls had me concerned. Fortunately enough it wasn't the case for this figure. As touched on before the picture does not do the figure justice. In person she matches up pretty well with the illustration in regards to the palette. Is there really more that needs to be said as you can see for your self the great job they did coloring the figure. In any case let's take a closer look at what they did and didn't do.

My only one gripe that I will get out of the way. In the illustration you can see the halo at the crown of her head showing the sunlight reflecting off her hair. A lot of manufacturers when recreating a figure from illustration or character design do not include that feature and native being one of them. However in this case they did include the halo but it's too low and not complete. At least they actually included the halo which does show they are paying attention to details if not perfectly. Another pet peeve of mine is when an illustration shows a character blushing but the manufacturer doesn't include it for whatever reason. Again native has been guilty of this numerous times in the past. However their past few recent girls were blushing including this one. It doesn't happen enough that it still gets my attention when someone actually puts in the effort to do it. As mentioned the pictures do not do her justice and her flesh looks just like the illustration down to her nipple and naught bits. The use of shading and accents is subtle and works well in bringing her flesh to life. The various parts of her that are hand painted was done very precisely. As mentioned before, the parts of her that you have to constantly rub seem to have been prepped to prevent paint transfer which is definitely appreciated. I just love the job they did on her eyes which I just find so hypnotic. Look at the detail and work they put into her hair, excluding the misplaced halo they did a fantastic job. From head to toe you can see they put a lot of effort into bringing her to life.

They even put a lot of effort into her accessories. Look at the faded look on the bag to show wear and give it more depth and dimension. The condom packages received a similar treatment.

I just can't say it enough that the pictures do not do this figure justice. She looks fantastic in person and she matches up very well with the illustration. Expectations were definitely met and exceeded.

Posing: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
native and Fio did an absolute amazing job bringing the illustration to life. If I would have put in the effort I would have been able to recreate the illustration almost perfectly. There isn't much more that needs to be said as you can see yourself if you can forgive my bad angle and setup.

What I really loved is you have a ton of display options. Originally I thought I got all the display options because there were so many I forgot 4 of them but you get the idea on the display options!

Now I know she was based off of an illustration but the pose is used all the time that you can see in other figures down to the placement of the feet. I think one of the reasons you see that pose all the time is the graceful lines are just aesthetically pleasing. Just look at emphasis on those curvy hips and narrow waist and that gentle arch in their backs. However look at how things change if she were to lower herself. It would present a more erotic stance and more aggressive lines with the transition from her back to hips. I think I would love to see an alternate version with that pose.

In any case native and Fio nailed it. They successfully brought the illustration to life and I really hope they collaborate on another girl.

Base: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
My hats off to native for actually giving you a futon and little pillows to recreate the illustration. I mean they could have just done it with a PVC base which probably would have been cheaper? Now as great as the futon and pillows look they are a pain to actually use since you would need to flatten/smooth out the futon as well as the pillows for everything to rest correctly on it. This does leave me the dilemma of how I'm going to display her since I rather not use the base since it would make the figure unstable. I'm thinking they probably could have just done a plastic base instead and people wouldn't have minded. The idea was great but the execution wasn't well through out since I just don't see anyone willing to risk using the base for long term display purposes.

As you can see if you put some effort into it you can basically recreate the illustration which I didn't do so well at but close enough! Note her skirt isn't resting on her calf because the futon isn't perfectly even due to the figure sinking in meaning she's not stable.

I appreciate the thought but I think I would have preferred a plastic futon instead so I don't have to worry about her falling over when being displayed. In any case the base does look great if you take the time to prep it but as mentioned the only downside is that it's not safe to use for display purposes long term. In any case I have to give them top marks for the attention to detail in providing a base that supports the theme of the figure as well as allowing you to recreate the illustration.

Enjoyment: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
Enjoyment of a figure is subjective and normally for the purposes of my reviews I would base it on whether I think the figure was worth whatever I paid for her. But in this case it really is the enjoyment of the figure, whether she makes me happy or not that I got her. I have basically every native figure to date. Now I still have a few that I didn't unbox, some being a few years old. But I'd have to say this is definitely one of my most favorite girl from native. She easily ties or beats the others. The overall execution was top notch. The attention to detail could not be ignored nor the accuracy used to recreate the illustration. I can't say it enough that the pictures do not do her justice. When I look at her in person she just puts a smile on my face a spring in my step. I'm so glad I got her and if I had to do it again, i would not hesitate. I really mean it when I say I hope native and Fio collaborate on another girl. My expectations were met and exceeded.

See you later.

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My favorite picture was the sonico at the end ~
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Great review !
5 vuotta sitten
I only have ordered one native figure (Nakahara Tomoe), but I have viewed a few of your review articles. I definitely love the amount of details you provided, as well as the design of the article itself. The pictures is also a major plus.

I'm looking forward to seeing your review of Nakahara Tomoe in the future.
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great review *w* she was my 2nd native figure and absolutely one of my favorites, she hits so many moe points and is just so flawless in person<3

i had to box mine up since i'm moving soon but seeing this review has me itching to open her again TwT
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The amount of details in this review is over 9000!!!

Not that I am complaining through hahaha. I love how you take note of every small details. Keep up with the good work!
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She is one of the few NSFw figures I would purchase, she is so adorable aside from being sexy as hell. I love her glasses and expression ^^
5 vuotta sitten
Wow, she turned out much cuter than the prototype. I still don't like her breasts though, even squeezed together at that angle, boobs don't have that shape unless she has implants.
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dakimakuraqueen5 vuotta sitten#2934480I love how your reviews always look so perfect ;^; Amazing photos as always. Keep up the great work! Although I still don't understand how you are able to get your photos to be next to each other.. It looks so nice and professional the way you do your reviews.

Thanks, it actually takes a long time to format. That's one of the reasons I'm not doing reviews fast because it takes a while to put one together. Glad you like them.
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haert haerts
I love how your reviews always look so perfect ;^; Amazing photos as always. Keep up the great work! Although I still don't understand how you are able to get your photos to be next to each other.. It looks so nice and professional the way you do your reviews.
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