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By this blog post, we hope to generate and gauge interest in male figures of all varieties. Please do not flood this page with comments of “the series isn’t popular anymore” or “no one wants X figure” or “it’s never going to happen.” While everyone is obviously entitled to your own thoughts and views on a particular figure, this post is to generate and gauge interest in more male figures and to bring the right information forward so we can all do what we wish with that information. However, knocking someone for a particular figure they wish for or saying it’s never going to happen is, unrealistic and rude, and calls for foresight into the future which none of us have.

Native just announced the first 18+ male figure ITEM #293234 So I decided to email them to the above address to show my support and ask they continue with this trend and they responded in English.

For reference, their response to me is in the spoiler below:
View spoilerHide spoiler Dear XXXX,

We appreciate your patronage towards our products.
This is native customer support.

We appreciate for your purchase of "Tomoe Nakahara".

We are pleased to be supported by you regarding of Aoba figure.
We will consider farther male figure series positively as much as we could.
If you will give us continuous support, it would be very appreciated.

Again, we thank you for your feedback.
We will do our best to create the products to make our customer happy
as much as possible.

Sincerely yours,

native customer support

Union Creative has really been stepping it up with male figures lately, even making some from the otome world ITEM #287937 & ITEM #287935. I emailed them to show my support and they responded in English.

For reference, their response is in spoiler below:
View spoilerHide spoiler Dear XXXX

Thank you for your e-mail.
We are very happy to hear your comment on our figure.

We hope to continue to make male figures as long as we can… !

Union Creative

I emailed WAVE, the creator of the Beach Queens line and asked if they would consider making a Beach Kings line and while they responded only in Japanese, they gave me hope.

Once again, their response in spoiler:
View spoilerHide spoiler




(株)ウェーブ営業部 中村
Google Translate translation-
This time, you excuse me I received valuable opinions.

Also, Thanks for choosing patronage from our daily.

With regard to the I was opinions received, you will be considered to convey to the responsible person.

There is indeed simple, but to reply.

Ltd. Wave sales department Nakamura

GoodSmile English Support Form
GoodSmile Company seems to be the go to company for a lot of people because of their English support page, and as they are delving into the world of BL with all their Dramatical Murder figures as of late, above is their support page to ask for more male figures of your choosing.

I had emailed Alter about re-releasing some male figures and while they gave a short response of passing it on to the proper person, they did respond in English.

Kotobukiya has been providing us with many male figures as well, and emailing their Japanese support did yield an answer in English.

Asking for more male figures of every variety only helps the cause of letting these companies know we want more and making it happen. Please answer the poll and questionnaire below so I can send it to these fine companies above but don’t forget to email them on your own as a mass email about a particular item/series/character will only help the cause!

Questionnaire (results to be compiled and sent to all companies mentioned above):

1. Name what variation of male figure you want (like OCs, otome, 18+, etc. Do NOT name what you don’t want to see; that will cause unnecessary arguments)
2. Which 3 male characters would you like to see created (from ANY series, or a mix of series):
3. Which 3 series would you like to see the whole cast created from (Example: Touken Ranbu, Dramatical Murder, Amnesia, etc.)
4. Do you prefer a set of matching figures, or singular figures? (An example of this would be the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Goodsmile, where the bases intertwine picture/1215248...)
5. If you prefer scale figures, what scale do you prefer them as 1/8, 1/10 (having both as an option of the same character in a different pose or some variation?)
6. Do you want variations or multiples of the same male characters from the same company? Think of Miku; GoodSmile alone has tons of figures of her out there in different outfits and/or variations of the same figure. Is one figure of a particular character enough? Or do you want more of the same character of your choosing?
7. Is there a particular line you want to see more of in terms of male figures? Such as from Altair, UC Mens Hdge, etc.

Please be as specific as possible! We all want more male figures, but being more specific to these companies may help them realize what they need to do to get the ball rolling! If you feel confused by the questions or want to elaborate more, please do so in the comments!

As always, thank you KITAH for helping me with this post as without your help my lazy self would not have been able to make this possible ^.^

Comments now closed!~ Please head over to the following clubs for more information on getting more male figures made!

DRAMAtical Murder Club CLUB #1364
Union Creative Club CLUB #1396
Let's Make it Happen!! Club CLUB #583
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What classification of male figures would you like to see more of?

69%Scales (Like http://myfigurecollection.net/item/116883 --Dynamic Figure with elaborate base)
10%Scales (Like http://myfigurecollection.net/item/287777 --Not Dynamic, simple pose)
9%Poseable Figures (Like Figmas)
11%Small poseable figures (Like Nendoroids and Cu-puche)
1%Small figures (like Petit Chara Land & One Coins)
1%Other (please explain in comments)
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