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Hey guys~

So, it's my first time doing a loot blog like this, since I don't really like to brag ;u; and I usually keep to myself, but despite that I'd like to show you a small Kud loot I received this last Friday~

It all started after I ordered two small Kud things from AmiAmi (a mug and the mousepad), and then decided to place an order from Suruga-ya using Proxy Rabbit (my favourite proxy) - and as luck would have it, both of those orders arrived exactly at the same time, and that's how this loot blog came to be! OuO

So, without further delay:

~ Part 1 ~


I really like the Little Busters! Card Mission illustrations (already managed to get the artbook), so back in February when I saw new items go up on AmiAmi, I had to snag the Kud mousepad and the mug - I wish I'd been able to grab the wall scroll as well, but with it being a bit over 6.000 yen it was way out of pocket for me at the time, so I didn't. ;u;

~ Part 2 ~


And here's the Suruga-ya loot~ It's basically a mug, a glass, a rubber key chain or strap, a cardboard pop-out stand, a clear poster, and that big illustration. Let's look at stuff one at a time~


This is the clear poster (that I initially thought it was a clear file)~ Kud looks so adorable here >u< Like I said I thought this was a clear file when I bought it, one of the few I'm still missing, but now it appears I need to collect these posters too!


I was lucky enough to receive the actual cardboard folder these clear posters come in, apparently there's 12 of them, and I really want a few, so if they're not too hard to find I might as well get them all~ Thankfully the folder came in really good condition, opened but not creased or anything.

Moving on to this illustration... ...I still don't really know what's supposed to be~ Here's the Suruga-ya link: www.suruga-ya.j... The title is [単品] 能美クドリャフカ 色紙 「PCソフト クドわふたーソフマップLimited Editon」同梱特典, and that auto-translates to " [Separately] Nomi Kudryavka colored paper "PC software Kudwafter Sofmap Limited Editon" bundled benefits ", so I assume it's something that's bundled with the Kud Wafter Sofmap limited edition, like a limited bonus - but I might be wrong, so if anyone knows please enlighten me! Either way, it was only 280 yen when I bought it, so I had to have it - at least now I can pretend I have an illustration of Kud actually signed by Na-ga! (if only >u<;; )

Now the mug <3 So cute, at this rate I'm going to end up with a small collection of mugs and glasses, for sure~ (strangely the label on the box said "Mag Cup" instead of mug cup, oops?)



Now the glass~ Judging by the side of the box, apparently there's one of these glasses for each character, but for now I grabbed the Kud one. It comes with a little cork base, and it might just be my favourite item from this loot, the illustration is just so fine and well printed, and the glass is so tiny, I just love it~ Of course, I'll never actually use it, for fear of damaging the print when washing it, or worse, break it, so I'll just display it together with my mugs~



Adorable key chain next, another one for my collection~ Still have a few Kud ones to get, though ;u;

I've been looking for this cardboard stand pop, even going as far as posting a "wanted" ad here on MFC, but thankfully I found it on Suru, and it was only 700 yen - a bargain, in my opinion~ Now I just need to find this one ITEM #67314 >u<;

Now let's take a closer look at the AmiAmi things~ First the mousepad:


...and next the mug! My second favourite item, I just love that illustration of Kud~

And that's pretty much it OuO I spent 2150 yen on the mug and mousepad from AmiAmi, plus shipping; and 4380 yen from Suruga-ya, plus the proxy fees~ If you're planning on doing the same, I'd recommend using Proxy-Rabbit as your proxy, I've been using them for a few months, I've placed quite a few orders with them already, both from Suruga-ya and from Yahoo! JP Auctions, and they've just been perfect, very quick replies, very good customer service, great packaging, and their fees are very reasonably priced in my opinion.

Bonus pics!



Sakura arrived at the same time as my Kud loot~ >u<

That's it, hope you've enjoyed reading a bit about the stuff I got, and I look forward to posting another loot blog the next time I get some stuff! See you then~ OuO/
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Very nice! Kud has been a favorite of mine just for her character design for a long time. Seeing the anime made me love her more. I am really hoping Sekai Project does an official release of the Little Busters & Kud Wafter visual novels.
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Wow, that mousepad and mug are just too adorable! Wish I have it too. Though I'm glad I have one Kud item at the very least, ITEM #60570.
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victorviper5 vuotta sitten#2982277ITEM #285461 is so cute! The blue outfit really suits Kudryavka.
Thank you! I think so too, I love that illustration~ >u<
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ITEM #285461 is so cute! The blue outfit really suits Kudryavka.
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AndreZolwe was Kero-chan previously
WanderingWastrel5 vuotta sitten#2982027ooo, that clear poster looks wonderful. I'm fighting (and losting) a growing addiction to Kudryavka myself... just ordered ITEM #66489 from AmiAmi's used section and it's on the way and I can't wait and I...
I'm going to go lie down. Too much cute to handle.

Thank you very much! Pff, same here, same here~ Can't ever get enough Kud, she's just too adorable! Good buy, that figure is one of my favourites of her~
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ooo, that clear poster looks wonderful. I'm fighting (and losting) a growing addiction to Kudryavka myself... just ordered ITEM #66489 from AmiAmi's used section and it's on the way and I can't wait and I...

I'm going to go lie down. Too much cute to handle.
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