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So this is a poll on who you guys think would win in an all out brawl between the succubus nobility, Morrigan Aensland and the time traveling magical girl, Homura Akemi! Say that Morrigan is at her peak with all three parts of her soul (including the Lilith side of her) and Homura is at her peak power too (probably went back in time 1000 times by now) and Homura can also become Devil Homura if she's in a bind. Also I'll list all of the powers each character has to the best of my knowledge so please feel free to comment below on some powers I didn't think of and comment below after you vote, who and why you think that person would win!

Morrigan's Powers/Abilities
Morrigan is one of the strongest beings in the Darkstalkers universe. In addition to traditional punches and kicks, she can reshape her wings into spikes, tentacles, and blades when attacking her enemies, as well as using them to shield herself from enemy attacks. She can also channel her own ki energy into her attacks, making them much stronger. Her wings can also separate from her, and form into a cloud of bats. During her dashing manuevers, her wings can boost like a rocket booster and give off visible thrust. She can increase this thrust by expelling a large amount of ki during her Valkyrie Turn and rebound her opponent by forming her wings into a drill. Her hair can also be used as a weapon, as seen in her basic punch. She is best known for her Soul Fist, a blast of ki from her fists. If she uses it with regular power, it will appear as a large glowing yellow bat but if used with more power in an EX move, it will appear as a beam with a ghostly skull at the apex. She can also create a temporary doppelganger in her Darkness Illusion spell who will mimic her movements and attacks. In her Finishing Shower move, her wings form cannon-like protrusions and expel multiple ki blasts. Her body can also be a lethal weapon, as when she performs double Deep Crescendo as her finishing attack in Darkness Illusion hyper combo; her kicks appear with a blade-like afterimage, implying her extremely powerful kick.

She can also change her costume instantly into whatever she desires at the moment. When doing this, she will always hide her wings. Presumably, this is for when she travels into the human world to avoid attention. Being a succubus, she can draw out the life force of a human (unknown if it is through sex like traditional succubi or through some other means) and can also feed on dreams. She may also be the only Darkstalker that is capable of crossing into the human dimension without the use of the "Gate", simply relying on her own translocation ability. She can also change herself into a cloud of bats to avoid enemies' attack which is performed when she fights against Iron Man in the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 intro. She is also quite athletic and flexible which is visible in some of her attacks as she retains flexibility, doing rolling kicks in midair.

It's implied that if she were to combine with Lilith, her powers would be much stronger. While this has not been seen in the Darkstalkers games, this incarnation has appeared in the Vs. series. In this form, some of Morrigan's attacks look different and she's also much faster (though this could also be due to the game's engine). Her Finish Shower attack is replaced with the Soul Eraser, where her wings form a giant laser cannon and she also gains the Silhoutte Blade, where she creates multiple Lilith clones that all use Lilith's Shining Blade attack. In Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom, when Morrigan uses Darkness Illusion Hyper Combo, instead of a mirror image of herself appearing and attacking the enemy from the other side, Lilith appears instead.

Homura Akemi's Powers/Abilities
▪ A smart, graceful, athletically-talented girl. Cool if not chilly, her personality even can even be seen in her posture. Her primary ability is to stop time, all her other abilities and attacks seem to come from non-magical items, such as firearms and bombs. Her time manipulation device can also allow her to travel back in time, act as a shield, and seems to act as a limitless storage facility.
▪ She seems to be a magical girl, but there are a lot of mysteries surrounding the way she acts. Her fighting style is also unidentified.
▪ Homura's special ability is revealed to be some kind of time-travel, which explains why she knows so much to the point of knowing exactly when and where certain things will happen. This also may be why she can move at blistering speed.
▪ Homura can stop time. However, anyone she touches while the ability is under effect will not be stopped.
▪ According to an interview in Otona Anime Vol. 20, translated by symbv, here is what Gen Urobuchi said on more of Homura's power: "The weapon that looks like Homura's shield is actually a sand timer. When the flow of the sand is blocked, time is stopped. And when there is no sand on the upper part of the sand timer and then the timer is reverted, one month's worth of time is turned back. But before that stage is reached, only time stopping is possible. This means the special power of Homura is the ability to manipulate one month's time's worth of sand in the sand timer. As for the time passed and then turned back, since it was not the focus in this work I did not think it through very thoroughly. I think you can say that the world split up and became parallel worlds there." In episode 11, we see Homura's sand run out in the middle of her fight with Walpurgisnacht, verifying this limitation of her time stop powers.
▪ Along with stopping time, Homura can also reverse time to before her meeting with Madoka.
▪ Homura uses her magic to heal her heart condition
▪ Homura is the strongest of the magical girls as long as no one discovers the nature of her power.
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23%Morrigan Aensland
77%Homura Akemi
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Retro8bit Old School Gamer
This was a pretty creative match up man. :)
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FL45H89 It happens to you.
don't know homura but still voted her cause morrigan sucks, anything she has a role in its always her blown up massive image used on the cover or the ads it's as if she were the only character
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No need to lol me, mate. I was just stating my honest opinion.
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Well as the creator of this poll,even though I agree with all of you that Homura could probably kick ass, and maybe I shouldn't have added devil Homura lol. BUT, I feel that I need to play devil's Advocate and side with Morrgan because if we are talking about a fight that wouldn't span many battles (time travel a whole bunch to figure out how to defeat Morrigan) I feel that Morrigan has a pretty good shot. And once again I want to make sure that you guys know that I can totally see how Homura could be the winner. Morrigan, although can't stop time, could attach one of her wings/bats onto Homura to prevent Homura from freezing her. Then before Homura can react, Morrigan could overwhelm Homura with her speed and barrage of missiles to counter Homura's barrage of bullets/torpedos etc. Morrigan can then split into two or by using Silhouette Blade with multiple Lilith attacking and confuse Homura followed by some quick blows here and there maybe even a soul eraser (big laser canon) and then smash Homura's Soul Gem before Homura could become a witch. So although I could argue the other side of it, I wouldn't say the post is a completely useless or pointless like one person suggested, lol. Anyways I appreciate the feedback, I love both characters ALOT! :)
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alterian5 vuotta sitten#3146537Homura chan has guns AND time travel. That beginning to the battle with the walpurgis night shows what would happen to Morrigan
Time travel without wordline travel is just pointless. ヽ(*゚д゚)ノ

But i tend to think that Cirno is the strongest…
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No offense, but this post is kinda point- and useless
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.___. ?
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If you're including DeviHomu then Morrigan stands no chance; Homu could just re-shape the world to wipe out her existance
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Homura chan has guns AND time travel. That beginning to the battle with the walpurgis night shows what would happen to Morrigan
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