Buying Woody purely for a photo shoot?Buying Woody purely for a photo shoot?Ask MFC

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Hey MFC! How you all doing?

Well as the title of this blog say's, I've been thinking for a while now about buying the Revoltech Woody figure purely for hilarious photo shoots! ITEM #30387

There's so many weird and fun pics I would like to take using him but I don't know if I could justify buying him purely because I want to do that!

For me I love Toy Story and I don't know if buying him would sour me on the film as I would watch it than keep thinking of these pics I've taken with him! I know he's kind of been tainted for me as some of the pics on here are truly genius and I do think about them when I see him.

Here's some of the pics that have made me belly laugh a lot! (Some are NSFW)

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Anyway would you buy him just to take funny pics?

Thanks for reading! (^v^)
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Would you buy Woody just for a photo shoot?

84%Yes! That perverted look is comedy gold!
16%No! He's a beloved character and those photo's ruin his image.
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I only bought Woody to mess around with, is there any other reason people are buying him, then? Hahaha!

Anyway, next to photo's, I like to have mine displayed in a creepy way (creeping behind other figures or partially hidden behind some minatures on my action figure display lol).

I didn't make (IMO) enough pictures with him yet, but here are a few:

PICTURE #1020381

PICTURE #1019386

PICTURE #1016056

PICTURE #1017222

PICTURE #1018670

Seriously, he's worth the 20 euros just for the lolz, buy him!
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I too, collect meme toys and bought this for the sole purpose of taking epic photos
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>hilarious photo shoots

That's the reason he's had 8 re-releases.
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gundamuk Lewd, but never uncouth...
I'm a big fan of incorporating auxiliary figures into photo shots so on principle I say go for it, but adrikyn is right that the meme is getting a bit tired.
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Buy stuff that you'll enjoy having, and if you'll enjoy taking pics of him in funny situations, then by all means buy him!
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The poll needs a "no, because the joke's over done" option. I thought they were funny at first but it's old meme now.
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The BIGGEST reason to buy revoltech "hentai-Woody" is for hilarious pics!
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ZoidsFanatic5 vuotta sitten#3474424Woody does in fact make that face in the first movie (at the beginning for a brief moment).
You're right. I believe the alternate faceplate was created exactly to recreate that scene View spoilerHide spoiler(him trolling Buzz)
What is beyond me is, I can't really believe Kaiyodo (and especially Disney as right holders) didn't see all of this coming.

The pics crack me up anyway.
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Why else buy Woody if not for that? I bet he got so many re-releases only because he is fun to play with an make hilarious photos :D
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I'm so tired of the Woody joke photos, they're always of the sexual harassment/assault nature. Woody may not have been my favorite character when I was little but now I've started to hate him and honestly feel a little sick every time I see a picture of the figure.
I have nothing against humor photo shoots but there are so many better things to joke about that are actually funny.
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