Super Lamento Loot (and more) Sept. 2015Super Lamento Loot (and more) Sept. 2015Loot

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Hey there fellow MFCers! It's been a while since I made a blog/loot post- a whole year in fact! Since that time I went to Japan for a month and a half, and had an absolutely amazing time. I've been meaning to do write-ups on some of the places I went, so look out for those one day. (I've been delaying because I keep looking at the thousands of pictures I took and am like "O.O Where do I start?!")

So this loot all arrived at my place within a span of two weeks! I recently sold some figures and other things, and instead of being smart and saving all of it, I took most and bought a ton of Lamento things! I've been aware of the game for so long, but my Japanese is not good enough for such a long text-based game, so when the English patch came out I was ecstatic! I've been following the translation for updates for many years and am so happy for the team's hard work. They did a fantastic job! One day my Japanese will be good enough to play games when they come out, not 9-10 years later. >.<

Anyways, before I ramble too much, here's the collective loot picture with *mostly* everything in it!


Thanks to Surugaya and a proxy, I got so many things for fantastic prices! (Complete Togainu no Chi One Coin set, new in packaging, for about 2200 yen? Yes please!)


They look so dramatic(al), like the cover of an album or something, haha. I managed to get 3/4 of the Lamento boys, for very reasonable prices! Asato is on his way right now. He's my favourite, so I hope he arrives soon! :3


Asato and Bardo Pop Stands! I will have to try to hunt down Konoe and Rai one day. I saw a listing on eBay, but no way did I want to pay $60+ CAD for them (that's the price of a 3D figure)!


Konoe fullsize plush that I got from lucy4! Thank you! ^.^ He's adorable! I love his little tail and bow on his back!


Lamento One Coins! They were a tad dusty when I opened them up, but are as good as new! I really love One Coin figs- probably my favourite trading line. They're so small, but they're really detailed and painted well!



Forgot to take a pic of the Togainu One Coins all together, but here are some quick close-ups of the wonderful details on these guys!

Metal straps! I'm missing Konoe and Razel sadly, but glad I have Asato, Tokino, and Shui!






The Nitro+CHiRAL 10th Anniversary Book Volume 1! I ordered it from Nitro+'s online store, along with the Shui stained glass panel. It's got some great guest illustrations in the back for the 10th anniversary, along with other artwork from TnC and Lamento. I definitely recommend it for fans!
Also, please see the very important picture of Konoe and Tokino, as well as Mink. :3

The beautiful acrylic stained glass panel of Shui! Too bad I'll never be displaying it fulltime in a window like this, but it still looks great with a light behind it in my detolf.



I also managed to get N+C's 10th anniversary towel! It's beautiful! I wasn't sure if the towel would be fluffy and ruin the detail, but luckily it's really nice and smooth. Very happy to have it even though I overpaid a bit (because the Canadian dollar is absolute crap right now *cries).


Now for some other figures! Bootyful Rin and Jiji!


New Sakura Miku! I had a horrible time putting her stand in her back, but after I managed that, I'm really happy to have her! She looks great in person, even with the weird faceplate plastic texture.


Drinking party!



Very important game release! This game has been super fun so far- seeing your favourite P4 characters dance is so funny! Sometimes I fail a song because I try to watch them dance in the background. >.< Also, fabulous free poster that I got with my pre-order at EB Games. I will *definitely* be framing it- I *love* the artwork!


New Espurr/Meowstic goods! Just too cute! /I say as I type from my laptop covered in Espurr stickers. I have a problem...



Tales of Graces clear files! I love using these as backdrops in my detolf displays.




I have also now devoted an entire detolf to N+C games, so here's the progress so far. Need room for Native's Aoba at some point! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Anyways, hope you enjoyed the loot pics! Thanks for reading!
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Your loot is so awesome!!! *OOO* Love your displays :3
I started to play Lamento and it's beautiful, hopefully I will get some goods soon ^_^
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This sure is an awesome loot, wow~ Hello there fellow fujoshi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Completely in love with the N+C towel. And oh my god, that picture of Mink. _(┐「ε:)_♡ It's always nice to find people that don't "ugh" at Mink... you have my respect.
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your detolfs displays are crazy good! i want more pics of those!! the inspiration. *_*
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wow your displays are impressive !!!
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Hey, why don't you go to the supermarket for a bit? I promise nothing will be missing from your house when you come back, especially not your Lamento goodies :D
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you have the lamento collection i dream of having one day and i love your display
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Leosach Born this way
Love your displays! great look! congrats!
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awesome loot and N+C display o0o gazes in awe. That stained glass is bigger than i thought! You sure did get a great price for the one coin set. I love one coins too! They're my favorite set to chibi figures to collect =] and usually the only ones i want the full set of XD.
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Wow, amazing loot and display!! *__* I love the stained glass, it really did look beautiful in your window but I understand why you wouldn't want to display it there all the time
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Really love your loot. Looking at all the stained acrylic glass panel lot have made me regret not ordering them when they were back on sale ;_; They're all so pretty.
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