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Box condition: do you care?Box condition: do you care?

scabbotscabbot3 vuotta sittenAsk MFC
Hi fellow collectors!

I’m curious: do you personally care about box condition? I know some people do, so even if you yourself don’t care, maybe you want them pristine if you think you might be reselling in the future...

But for me, as long as the figure is okay, I couldn’t care less. Then again, I never display boxes, they take up too much space. And I’ll never leave a figure IN a box because of the potential for “sticky figure syndrome” (or SFS as it’s known in the medical community).

If given the choice I’ll take an A-/C over an A/B for the (minimal) savings.

What about you? Are you a box fanatic?
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I care about figure boxes:

  • 7%All the time. Nothing but pristine will do.
  • 4%Yes, if I know the box is cool and I’ll display it.
  • 49%Kind of. “Minor Damage” is good enough for me.
  • 11%Only for figures I may resell.
  • 11%Hardly ever.
  • 14%Never, as long as the figure is okay.
  • 2%No, I just throw the boxes out.
  • 2%Heck, if I could, I’d rather get no boxes at all.
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Since I'm a college student, I move a lot so I keep the boxes, but they really don't mean that much to me to be honest. I buy a figure for the figure, not the box.
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Even though I have limited space for storage I do keep the boxes of my figures. Most of the boxes have unique design, nice artwork, and I don't have the heart to just throw them out. Nevertheless, it is highly appreciated if you have the original boxes when it comes to selling your figures.
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SilverJinx (3 vuotta sitten) #3856363Can't you just fold it flat? Or is your space really that limited?

I could but i dont see what the point would be, the only reason i see to keep the boxes is for resale, meaning you also need the plastic inserts.
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i prefer boxes with minimal damage but i really dont care how damaged the boxes are for mine are as long as i can still store the figure in the box when i want to. i'm always putting away some of my figures because i have such limited space, if i didn't have the boxes it would be a mess!
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SilverJinx I used to care when they did.
KaigeKrysin (3 vuotta sitten) #3837965I throw mine out, and it is simply because they take up a lot of space and i feel they are unsightly. I think a lot of people probably live in apartments or in 1 bedroom in a shared or family house which leads them to having no space for boxes. Personally i live alone in a 4bdrm house and still feel that i dont have space for them, probably because id have to buy cupboards to put them in so they don't destroy the synergy of my spare rooms. On occasion i might cut out a part of the box to keep, or i do have a few boxes from GSC's WHS selection, i threw out the plastic inserts and store cables in them lol. I really cant see myself selling my collection either though. And should i move houses ill just deal with having to bubblewrap each piece individually.

Can't you just fold it flat? Or is your space really that limited?
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I care about boxes because eventually I may resell it, and also because I have so many figures I have to rotate them on display, so I'm always re-boxing. If I didn't have the original boxes, it would be a mess of figures and bubble wrap, not unlike my Christmas ornaments (where you have no idea what ornament you're going to unwrap). Plus it definitely helps me keep track of all the parts, if there's a blank spot in the box I think, "Uh oh, what part am I forgetting??" I recently repackaged a figure that had come to me in a beaten up box, and the box literally fell apart in my hands. It took much longer to pack the figure up safely and I was definitely annoyed. Also the box is a sign of authenticity, or at least adds a few more ways to weed out fakes. Lastly, if you've ever sent a figure back to a company or store for replacement or repair, many times they like it when you send it back in original packaging.

I guess in the end, when I think about it, boxes are rather important to me! Doesn't have to be pristine, but it should work and do it's job for sure.

All that being said, my fiancée throws out all his boxes almost immediately. I had to beg him to keep the Rockman gigantic series box, which was a hard sell, but I told him he might want to have a place to put the extra head or pack him up once in a while to prevent warping. Goodness knows where all his Revoltech parts are...
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Paulichu Sailor Senshi of Wisdom
I prefer MIB figures, though I do open them (it's why I buy new), but if I buy an older figure I don't care as much. I have some Creamy Mami figures with TERRIBLE packaging condition, but the figures are in WONDERFUL condition.
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I think the box of a figure as the main part of the figure itself: so if, for example, i didn't get a box at all, i will never buy it unless i have no other choice. But as long as i still got the box, i'm still happy.

As for the damage, i have my own 'acceptable' standard. In my country, the risk of getting damaged box from shipping is quite high (3 out of 4 orders). So if the damages are at the bare minimum, and will still display fine, it's ok.
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As long as the clear window isn't damaged.
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Every time I order online, I take a risk. Whether I like it or not, the box can arrive damaged during transit and I don't have any control over it. I do keep all my boxes for practical use, but if some arrived in pristine condition, I will take extra care of them when handling them.

Here's my 2 favorite boxes:

So yeah, pristine boxes are nice, especially if I like their design, but I can pass on them for a good discount.
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