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Picture heavy!

I took time this week to see how much Atelier merch I own.It turns out, I've collected a ton without realizing.

All pictures grow in size if you right click to View Image

The collection room is dedicated for all my goods and figures. I keep it locked away at other times so it doesn't get dusty.


At first I thought to simply paste the posters on the wall but then my mother insisted they need to be in frames. And she was right, they look far better in frames.


Meruru-hime greets me every time ^ v ^
One day I hope to make a figure of her wedding, even if it means I must custom order it and will cost me a few thousand.


Everything started with me collecting Arland figures: Rorona, Totori, and Meruru they made a large hole in my wallet
Still, I can't stop myself from smiling every time whenever I see my girls.


Full list of all Atelier games/bonuses I own:
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Atelier Elie (JP Limited Edition, bonus only)

Atelier Judie (JP)
Atelier Violet (JP)
Mana Khemia Portable (JP Limited Edition)

Atelier Annie (NA)

Atelier Marie & Elie (JP Limited Edition, bonus only)
Atelier Lilie (JP Limited Edition, bonus only)
Atelier Iris 1 (NA)
Atelier Iris 1 (JP Limited Edition, bonus only)
Atelier Iris 2 (NA)
Atelier Iris 2 (JP Limited Edition, bonus only)
Atelier Iris 3 (NA)
Mana Khemia (NA Launch Edition)
Mana Khemia (JP Limited Edition)
Mana Khemia 2 (NA Launch Edition)
Mana Khemia 2 (JP Limited Edition)

Atelier Rorona (NA)
Atelier Rorona Plus (NA)
Atelier Totori (Japan import from Korea)
Atelier Meruru (Japan import from Korea)
Atelier Meruru (NA Limited Edition)
Atelier Meruru (JP Limited Edition)
Atelier Ayesha (NA)
Atelier Escha & Logy (NA)
Atelier Shallie (NA Limited Edition)

PS Vita
Atelier Rorona Plus (NA Digital)
Atelier Totori Plus (NA Digital)
Atelier Meruru Plus (NA Digital)
Atelier Ayesha Plus (NA Digital)
Atelier Escha & Logy Plus (Korean, with bonus blanket)

I didn't know I had so many games until I took them all out. But the thing is I'm still missing a number of them, especially the early Atelier games. Hopefully their prices stay low as they are now so I can collect them all.


Atelier series always have beautiful artwork, and luckily they've been releasing artbooks for almost all of them.


Some magazines and books published. Atelier Elie was drawn by the illustrator of Elie (I think?) so it really feels like it's cannon.


I can't read Japanese so I don't understand most of them, but they're fun to read regardless.


And this AyeshaXKeith post card was included in one of the doujinshi's and I LOVE IT. Too bad Ayesha never showed up in future Dusk series, I would love to see some more teacher-student relationship between Ayesha and Keith

Random Goods

I am still searching for Atelier Straps Vol.1 with no luck. It's so frustrating that I saw the set for sale and I let that slide right through my fingers.


The puzzles were much more difficult than what I thought. I can't imagine how hard those 1000-pieces puzzle would be D:
The last one is... honestly I don't know what it is. I thought it was an arm rest when using a mouse but it's too flat to be useful.


Three alchemist stands were bonuses from a magazine, and the calendar was given as Gust Shop bonus.


Random telephone cards and post cards!


Gust Calendar 2012. Rorona & Astrid frame I have on display was one of the sheets.


Atelier posters! I want to get Mana Khemia posters on display but my room has no more place to put them up. I have to switch the photos for one of the frames... still debating on it.


Lastly, Atelier Escha & Logy Plus Limited Edition from Korea included a whole new Escha & Logy blanket. I lost the pre-order fight for the Premium Box combo set but managed to grab myself the blanket.

I've sidetracked to other series but ultimately Atelier series was the love of my life and I've started selling unrelated figures/goods to make up for Atelier loots. But Atelier series have been getting less merch each year (most made during Arland) which is disappointing. Hopefully Sophie adds more fanbase so additional items can be released.
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Wow! Amazing collection! <3
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I think i love you. xD I don't have much Atelier series stuff. I have all the atelier ps3 games(so thats 6) I really want to get like the keychains/straps you have and those cute tiny figures! omg you have a fabulous collection
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amy6164 vuotta sitten#4885518Thanks! I've been meaning to find them! Just wish there was something else I could buy together to waive the handling fee... I'll be buying them sometime soon though even if I can't find anything to combine with. Thank you! <3

Welcome :) I tend to add up to 5k to my orders on Mandarake too though my wallet doesn't always approve :D Good luck expanding your collection, it's really pretty :)
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amy616 Let's DANCE
mikki-malu4 vuotta sitten#4885513Hi :) I came across this nice clear file on Mandarake order.mandarake... and thought I share the link just in case coz you're a big fan of the series :)
Thanks! I've been meaning to find them! Just wish there was something else I could buy together to waive the handling fee... I'll be buying them sometime soon though even if I can't find anything to combine with. Thank you! <3
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Hi :) I came across this nice clear file on Mandarake order.mandarake... and thought I share the link just in case coz you're a big fan of the series :)
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My goodness, that room is almost dreamlike for me. Absolutely beautiful. So envious of those Atelier Annie minis, I've been trying to track down the premium set NISA released for a while but aftermarket prices are quite extorniate these days (or have been whenever I've looked!)
Also, I had no idea there were keyrings of Gust and the lovely Homunculus from the Dusk series, I think I've found new keyring grails, uh-oh!
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your room is pretty *A*
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I'm sooo envious right now!! What a beautiful collection!! Your room looks like a dream ♥
I really love the framed pics! Props to your mom for the awesome idea~! And the blanket is so damn cool!!

I hope i can get my hands on a copy of dusk's artbooks soon. Hidari's art is too good to pass ;w;
*enters prayer circle for lots of sophie merch*
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amy616 Let's DANCE
CraxBui4 vuotta sitten#4722551Can I ask where you got the Arland Series artwork that you framed as well as the Meruru wedding dress tapestry and poster? I need them in my life.
Do you mean the posters? Poster 1 (3 alchemists) is a large poster (A2 or B2, the larger one) that came on auctions; poster 2 (Meruru) is a tapestry I got off surugaya; poster 3 (Rorona & Astrid) is part of Gust Calendar 2012.

And Meruru wedding is also a tapestry from surugaya, poster is given as a bonus for the magazine (the magazine in the photos with Meruru wedding as the cover) which is on Amazon.jp.

Oh and the smaller frame with 3 girls (like the cover page of Arland Memorial Works) was a bonus for Arland Fanbook.
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Can I ask where you got the Arland Series artwork that you framed as well as the Meruru wedding dress tapestry and poster? I need them in my life.
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Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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