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Hello people! I'm a noob to this site and figure collecting, but without further adeu.....tada! My loot for Oct-Nov!!

This is my first time ordering so many figures in such a short amount of time. I've gotten a few figures over the years, but they were mostly con souvenirs. As you can see from the picture I have developed a weakness for figmas which I blame it on my first figma (Asuna) for being so well made. I bought most of the figmas as part of lots and got ones I normally wouldn't buy such as Nagisa and Yomi but they're both still great. (Although Nagisa's articulation is limited due to it's size) Sinon (The holy grail of figmas for me) and Kirito were difficult to find at a good price, but it worked out in the end.

I bought the monogatari figures together as a set for an amazing price and the seller even included a mini Kaiki figure. The size and quality are well worth the price.

I saw the announcement for Umaru, admire the pictures, and that was it at the time. I never thought I'd buy it but because of a small opportunity....and a $50 eBay coupon, I got it! Umaru is the one nendoroid that I really wanted and it was as adorable as I expected it be.

I ended up ordering a ton of monogatari clear files and a towel but so far only these have come. Despite being lower tier prizes for Ichiban Kuji lotteries, they are really nice to look at and use.

I still have a few things still on the way, but this is it for my Oct-Nov loot! I'm still a noob to this site and my loot was fairly large so I'm sorry that this article was super long -__- I hoped you enjoyed reading my article and feel free to comment!

Oh, Yomi and Nagisa are for sale so pm me if you're interested ^_^
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Did I go too overboard....

4%you bought half of eBay....
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Weeacvnt4 vuotta sitten#5070975I have a question. What can you do with clear files?

I use them as mini posters and collect the less rare ones in folders to flip through them. :)
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amazing loot!
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Weeacvnt4 vuotta sitten#5070975I have a question. What can you do with clear files?
They're pretty much like folders so I was planning on using one and decorate my room with the rest

haha now that I know I didn't go too overboard.....time to find some larger prize figures! >:D
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sharuuri shadz the destroyer
there's no such thing as going overboard! heheheh..

awesome loot!
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Weeacvnt4 vuotta sitten#5070975I have a question. What can you do with clear files?
I've seen some people place them behind figures of the same series or tape them onto their wall.
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I have a question. What can you do with clear files?
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My november order was 53146 yen, 64225 posted ($750 AUD), so no i dont think you went overboard xD

Sinon is definitely a great figma, grats on finding one! I only have 3 figmas and thats Sinon, Asuna and Kirito haha
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AHH nice loot!
I don't think you went overboard , If I had the funds I would but just as much as you did (laughs)
(Looks at Umaru) I have yet to buy her,, congrats!
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You didn't go overboard :) it's a very nice loot!! COngrats! I'm so jealous of your Kirito and Sinon figmas XD they're like my Figma grails, one day I'll get them for a decent price, one day!
But yeah, fabulous loot!
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haha thats good to know. I've never spent as much on a hobby as I did recently so I've been a little anxious about it, but it has been pretty fun. I'm honestly glad scaled figures and statues are out of my reach or I'd seriously go broke
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