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Jan-March Loot! (RIP wallet)Jan-March Loot! (RIP wallet)

sousuukessousuukes3 vuotta sittenLoot

Hello everyone! This here is my very first loot/blog post. I actually meant for this to be a Jan/Feb loot but university got in the way and well... Yeah. Now it's 3 months worth of stuff. My wallet is crying and so am I. Seriously, looking back on all the stuff I bought… Yikes.

Onto the loot! Mostly doing these in the order they arrived so it might seem a little all over the place.

My first and only package of January came from Mandarake. Pretty quiet to start off with.


Cat for size comparison. She loves rubbing her face all over these boxes which is SUPER CUTE but by the time I actually get to open the shipping boxes they’re covered in cat drool. Wonderful!


Exciting stuff.

http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/sousuukes1456194664.png http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/sousuukes1456194662.png

First off we have some cute little things. A Shizuo rubber strap and a Hinata charm thingy. Shizuo went on my pencil case and Hinata is on my wallet.

http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/sousuukes1456195174.png http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/sousuukes1456195176.png

A tiny Haikyuu!! clear file set. I’m a complete sucker for Ukai and this was the only thing I found with him on it so I had to get it. I had no idea the Nekoma boys were on the other side which was a really nice surprise!


And the last thing in this box we have probably one of my favourite figures from this loot! I got into Durarara!! recently and fell in love with Shizuo pretty much right away (oops) so this I couldn’t resist this figure. He was listed as opened and used but other than a tiny bit of dust and some minor box damage he’s pretty much in perfect condition.



[gentle screaming]


That was my only box for January, February was pretty full on though so let’s move on to the first February box!


A small order from AmiAmi this time.


Oikawa Nendoroid! This nerd is my absolute favourite and I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this for since it came out. One weird thing about this though was the suspicious lack of the infamous AmiAmi packaging. Where is the paper? Why is my recycling bin not filled to the brim with crumpled AmiAmi packing paper? Why is this box actually close to the size of the figure box inside? Alas, I have no answers, but I’m definitely not complaining as the cardboard held him in place very well.

http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/sousuukes1456194371.png http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/sousuukes1456194373.png



My very first Nendoroid and he’s perfect, I love his cute hair especially! Played around a for while deciding on how to pose him, this was too cute so I decided to go with it.


Onwards to the next box! This one arrived literally an hour after Oikawa did which was weird, but again I’m definitely not complaining. Got this one off eBay from seller in Australia getting rid of their collection, so not only was the figure decently priced, postage was only $7 and took less than a week. Rejoice!

A brief side note but OH MY GOD my cat loved this box. It’s been weeks since this arrived and she still loves it. I don’t have to the heart to throw it away, at least not yet.


WHAT A NERD. Anyway, to the contents!


And we have…


A Koujaku Nendoroid! I wouldn’t call myself a diehard fan of DMMD but Koujaku’s design is really great and this figure looked so pretty.


And here comes the weird part. Now, you’re probably looking at this thinking, ‘That’s great and all, but he’s backwards. This idiot put their Nendoroid together…. Backwards’. Well, yeah, you’re partially right. He IS backwards. Pretty much everything is either wrong or just plain weird. Now let me tell you why.

My friends were over the night before Oikawa and Koujaku were delivered. They stuck around for a bit the day after and were insistent on me opening the packages before they left, so I did. After explaining the basic premise of Nendoroids, they used the collective brain power of not one but TWO minds to put this together (breaking a bit off of one of the swords in the process, thanks guys) while I worked on putting together Oikawa.

And thus, this was created. I laugh at it every time I see it staring at me from inside my Detolf. I don’t have the heart to fix it and it still amuses me, so he’ll probably stay this way. Sorry Koujaku!


Anyway, enough weird shit, let’s move on to the next box, another from Mandarake.


No cat for size comparison here, but for what I ordered it seemed pretty big.

http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/sousuukes1456193715.png http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/sousuukes1456193717.png

And here’s what was inside! Lots of bubble wrap and no damage that I noticed, very nice.



First off we have a tiny Rei! I was surprised by how heavy this was, actually. For a prize figure he’s quite nice, but there are quite a few noticeable defects and paint issues. For 600 yen though I’m pretty happy with him.


Two Nendoroids (including backwards Koujaku again) for size comparison. He's a decent size!

http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/sousuukes1456195046.png http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/sousuukes1456195048.png

Haikyuu!! clear file set (feauturing Oikawa ofc). Currently storing some boring university files in them, hooray for practical stuff.


Last thing in this box, a few DJs by some of my favourite artists. I’ve never purchased any before so this was pretty cool!


Next we have a few small ones, all of them from Mandarake.


Oikawa Creator X Creator Recolour! I have the original as well but this one looked far too nice to pass up.


He’s super pretty, I love how the colouring is reminiscent of the manga. Honestly, I think I might like this one better than the normal colour.

Also got two other Oikawa's lmao.

http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/sousuukes1458210824.png http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/sousuukes1458210826.png

First off we have the original Vol.3 DXF Figure which I somehow nabbed from Mandarake Kokura for 800 yen! I'd seen a few going for about 3k so I waited for a bit, which was definitely worth it.



http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/sousuukes1458898410.png http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/sousuukes1458899138.png

Yet another Oikawa DXF figure, this time the recolour.


I think I like the recolour the most!


I absolutely don't have a favourite... Nope... No idea what you're talking about...


Anyway, moving on. Next, a box from AmiAmi.


Cat is here to rub her face all over the shipping box of course (Featuring the Koujaku shipping box in the background still lmao).


Celty! So pleased to finally have her!



She’s absolutely gorgeous! One thing I will note is that her base is a lot bigger than Shizuo or Izaya's and takes up a lot of room in my Detolf, but it's worth it. She looks amazing, I'm very glad that I finally decided to get her.


And moving on we have another box from Mandarake. Do you think they’re sick of me yet?


Kageyama Master Stars Piece! He was listed as opened and used but here he is in the original plastic so… Mandarake what is the truth (not that I’m complaining though).


I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this figure since I bought the Hinata one, so finally, finally Kags is here with him. He’s nicely sized for a prize figure and great quality too. Very happy with this one!


Moving on. Mandarake again. I’m addicted, guys.

http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/sousuukes1458210687.png http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/sousuukes1458210685.png

Another Kageyama, Nendoroid version this time! Got him for 3k, which I thought was pretty good but with shipping turned out to be about the same price as what he was from AmiAmi.


He’s amazing though, I love the tiny crown. I have the Hinata Nendoroid on the way too, can't wait to pose them together!


And guess what? Yet another box from Mandrake, lmao.


Small(ish) box this time.


First off we have Haru by Alter!



He's super gorgeous! Bought him unopened and used so there's not a mark on him, no paint flaws either. Love him!


And some more DJs because... Yeah. I only planned on buying the Ukatake one, but SAHRA had a lot of cute cheap ones and might've I lost control of the situation slightly, oops.


Moving onto a bigger one this time! I got a small scholarship recently so I figured could knock a couple of things off my wishlist.

http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/sousuukes1458273543.png http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/sousuukes1458273545.png

Cat for size comparison again. Pretty sure my mother almost killed me when this (comparatively) huge thing arrived.


Right, small stuff first. A set of Haikyuu!! posters featuring Oikawa, Kuroo and Kenma & another poster that I bought purely because of the fact it had Akaashi lol.


The lighting here really doesn't do them justice but believe me they're fantastic!


This one is above my bed surrounded by pretty lanterns. The poster is kinda see through so the lights have a really nice effect!

http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/sousuukes1458273672.png http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/sousuukes1458273674.png

One other little thing, an Ennoshita rubber strap. He's my underappreciated fave so I couldn't resist!


Next in this box, Mako by Alter.

http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/sousuukes1458273443.png http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/sousuukes1458273349.png

He was listed as opened/used for 6k yen, but here's the piece of tape showing that he's clearly still sealed, as well as all the plastic stuff still on the figure itself. The original tape was on the blister, too. Not sure why he was listed as used but as you can imagine I was pretty happy getting an unopened figure for 6k!



He's perfect, not a misplaced spot of paint that I could find! Now I have all 3 Free! boys on display, hopefully the new Sousuke figure turns out nicely so I can add him to my collection soon too.


Lastly, we have Izaya by Alter, which completes my set of DRRR!! scales.


Loveeee this figure. I'm fond of his coat in particular, it looks amazing!


Mako and Izaya side by side for height comparison. I giggled at the height difference, Mako is a titan!


Another small one from Mandarake.

http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/sousuukes1459218082.png http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/sousuukes1459218141.png

Lev DXF figure!


His head looks awkward in every photo I took of him, but believe me it looks fine in person. Been waiting for this figure for ages and he's super cute. I need to get Yaku now!


And to finish off we have one last figure. I had some TOM points left over that I figured I'd use so I went with Tokyo Otaku Mode for this one.


Nendoroid Kogitsunemaru! I've haven't played Touken Ranbu (yet!)but all the Nendoroids are super pretty so I couldn't resist, especially since he was 20% off.


He's gorgeous! So many ways to pose him, I think I'd be changing him around pretty often.


And that's it!

Phew, loot posts are hard? I hope you enjoyed my first loot, sorry for rambling on. It was nice to chill, take photos and document the experience rather than opening packages with reckless abandon and screaming like an overexcited kid. I know it's still quite a small loot compared to others but I'm happy to have shared it with you all!

Thanks for reading, until next time!
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sousuukes walking disaster
Shoujo (3 vuotta sitten) #8189225it is a great loot you have

Thank you!!! :)

tohoeshinki (3 vuotta sitten) #8193130hmmmm.... I got a feeling you like Oikawa the most in Haikyuu. I don't know, just a wild guess.

:O !!!! I've been found out!!! Lmao Oikawa is probably my fave out of everything tbh. :P
3 vuotta sitten
hmmmm.... I got a feeling you like Oikawa the most in Haikyuu. I don't know, just a wild guess.

3 vuotta sitten
it is a great loot you have
3 vuotta sitten
sousuukes walking disaster
MugenTenshinFRD (3 vuotta sitten) #8159947Nice and big loot! Scrolling down took forever. And I love your cat pics!
Interesting to see how well Amiami packed that Nendo too.

Thank you!! Glad you liked the loot/cat pics. :')

Definitely was some weird packaging compared to usual. All other Nendos I've gotten from Amiami have the standard packaging overflowing with paper, so this was a nice surprise!
3 vuotta sitten
Nice and big loot! Scrolling down took forever. And I love your cat pics!
Interesting to see how well Amiami packed that Nendo too.
3 vuotta sitten
sousuukes walking disaster
Also wow ok I log in and my very first article is at the top of the Reader's Selection section? Insane!

Just wanna say thanks to everyone who read this and enjoyed it, it means a lot! :)
3 vuotta sitten
sousuukes walking disaster
SO MANY REPLIES OMG IM SORRY FOR THIS HUGE COMMENT THING. Thank you all for your lovely comments, I really appreciate them! <3

purinbun (3 vuotta sitten) #8114801My tablet froze halfway through because it couldn't take it hahha
/jk it did really happen but that's because it's 5 years old
Great stuff! Once you get into hq!!, you never get out. Never. Σ(ಠิωಠิ|||)
Oikawa is my fav too, along with Kuroo and Suga! I love the whole cast and even though I have these three as favs, it's so hard to limit myself to buying merch. x'D Your cat is so adorable aww! I love how the colours fit in the background, especially Oikawa's. o w o
The dxf line caught my interest recently dem thighs though I wanted to get the creatorxcreator Oikawa (and Kageyama but I can't get over his too short fringe orz) but haven't managed to buy him yet. The both figure lines look really nice for what they are, I'll probably grab Kuroo and Oikawa(s) at some point. Maybe Suga. Akaashi one looks great but the price right now is too high for me. ; v ; The Nendoroids are really well made and I can't wait for next announcement.
Tourabu is nice, the game is very simple but fun (collect all the swords~!) but the biggest point to it are the designs and characters. I limited myself to my favs because there's just too many of them. orz
also, your writing style is really enjoyable, hope you do more loots/blog posts! ww

Omg sorry for freezing your tablet! I might've gone slightly overboard with the pictures... Slightly. :P

There's no escape from Haikyuu!! hell, once you're in it you're in it forever! Seems to be that way with most sports anime lmao.

Kuroo and Suga are my other faves as well! It's super hard not to buy all the HQ figures/merch, there's just so much to collect. Hehe thank you! She's super tiny so the box size comparisons are probably exaggerated a bit but honestly I'll take any excuse to take cat pictures lmao.

The DXF figures are really great! Fantastic thighs quality. I'm trying to think of a particular one to recommend but they're great it's hard to choose just one! That Creator X Creator Kags was a pretty big letdown. The prototype looked so good, what happened to his hair and face omg? Ah well, hopefully we'll get some more Haikyuu!! Nendoroid announcements in the near future, there's some good ones coming though! Can't wait for Noya omg.

There are so many pretty characters from Touken Ranbu it's unreal! I wanna collect all the Nendoroids but my wallet is sobbing already, lmao.

And omg thank you so much I'm glad you enjoyed it. :') Definitely going to do more of these, April/May are shaping up to be expensive already so look forward to another long loot post. :D

Titan_Scientist (3 vuotta sitten) #8134205Ah, so you're the one who bought that 6k Makoto. :P I was trying to decide whether or not to buy him (I like Makoto, but I don't want to get the scales if we're not going to get Rei or Nagisa, since Nagisa's my favourite) and I was so happy when he went out of stock at 6k, since 8k's too much to pay for something I'm not sure about! :) He looks so good, though, and no defects is awesome.
Cute Oikawa collection - he's not my favourite, but he's snuck surprisingly high after the last few episodes. His nendoroid is adorable.
Poor Koujaku, indeed. He does look hilarious, though. :D

Hopefully we get Rei and Nagisa! I'm surprised they haven't made them already to be honest. We get a Mako & Haru rerelease but no butterfly or penguin boys... Cmon Alter! D:

Thank you! Those last few episodes just about killed me emotionally I think. Only 6 months until the third season but feels like a lifetime!

Lmao poor Koujaku... It's so tempting to fix him but I just don't have the heart lmao. 2 months later and I'm still getting a giggle out of it. Maybe one day! :P

applepi5 (3 vuotta sitten) #8142357omg I'm glad I'm not the only one who hoard bunch of Haikyuu stuff on Mandarake :P. That Oikawa collection looks really great tho!

Mandarake is like 90% responsible for my wallet's tears tbh. They have way too much Haikyuu!! stuff it's had not to not buy it... all of it. :P
And thanks heaps!

SuzukiLina (3 vuotta sitten) #8145009As someone who has not much knowledge of DMMD, I couldn't tell Koujaku was put on backwards =XX

LMAO I'm hoping most of the people that see it are the same, don't wanna embarrass myself with a super messed up Nendo! Curse my weird friends. :P

talithacs (3 vuotta sitten) #8147083Ahh your loot is amazing! Your taste in figures is pretty damn awesome! :D
To get Makoto for that price is an amazing deal and that Rei figure is just the absolute cutest!

Thank you heaps! :') I still can't believe Mako was only 6k? That day I must've been blessed by the Mandarake gods... Rei is super cute and tiny, seriously considering getting the others to complete the set. :O

nicoangelo (3 vuotta sitten) #8148427You had the first version of Izaya and Shizuo? That's great. Lots of people are saying that those are better than the rerelease version. Nice loot!

Thank you! :D
Personally I like the original releases better, especially Shizuo. Took me a while to find them both for decent prices but I'm glad I waited instead of just getting the renewal versions, they look a lot nicer. I'd definitely recommend them if you're deciding between the original/renewal versions! :)

KawaiiSlowpoke (3 vuotta sitten) #8152892Dont forget about the new Izaya scale coming out!!
I want him so bad but Im scared since I move in July and dont want the package lost.
However, I am taking the risk with Snow Miku nendo 2016 since its only going to be released then
and will be hard to find probably after.
She looks so beautiful and would look amazing next to her nendoroid haha

Ooooh yes the Psychedelic Izaya! Preordered him immediately on Amiami as soon as he went up, oops. :P Might be best to move first and get settled before ordering him, it'd be terrible if he ended up lost somewhere. I'm sure that Miku will get to you fine though!

Definitely look into getting the Celty scale, she's super pretty. The huge base makes it a little hard to display her but it's worth it!

Rychi (3 vuotta sitten) #8155960I love long loots!^^ you have great taste in figures by the way xD

Me too haha! Idk but seeing heaps of figure boxes and pictures is always so exciting, even if I'm not unboxing them myself. :P
Thank you so much!!!!

sharuuri (3 vuotta sitten) #8157558i saw trashykawa as the blog picture so i had to look~ nyehehe
don't apologise about the big haul, i'm sure the majority of MFC members LOVE it!
i really like this loot! good job!
(i'm a huge fan of haiyku, drrr!! and free too.. SQUEEEE)

Yeeeesssss, no one can resist the Trashykawa. :D
I hope so! Long loots are always so fun to read so I thought I'd make one myself, I'm really glad you and a lot of others liked it!
(It's always great meeting other HQ, DRRR!!, and Free! fans, I feel so at home lmao)
3 vuotta sitten
sharuuri shadz the destroyer
i saw trashykawa as the blog picture so i had to look~ nyehehe
don't apologise about the big haul, i'm sure the majority of MFC members LOVE it!

i really like this loot! good job!
(i'm a huge fan of haiyku, drrr!! and free too.. SQUEEEE)
3 vuotta sitten
I love long loots!^^ you have great taste in figures by the way xD
3 vuotta sitten
Dont forget about the new Izaya scale coming out!!
I want him so bad but Im scared since I move in July and dont want the package lost.
However, I am taking the risk with Snow Miku nendo 2016 since its only going to be released then
and will be hard to find probably after.

She looks so beautiful and would look amazing next to her nendoroid haha
3 vuotta sitten
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