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I need help. What is the name of the character, which is depicted in this image and from where is he?

Thank you. ^^
I really appreciate your help. ))

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Thank you all for your answers! =)))
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NaiyruChan ❤ Keyblade Master
Thanks to Timeless linking to that ebay add... I found out that apparently he is Dr. Taima from Taimashin, but normally he has red hair? I never read the manga either, and thus far I could only find these 2 volumes mangafox.me/man... on mangafox (not sure if volume 2 is complete and the last update was in 2008) and it was (kind of ... ) released in English.. all the way in 2004. ( "Taimashin had one volume published in English by ADV Manga on November 9, 2004 before the license was dropped and the publisher went defunct." ). There are 6 manga volumes in total (in Japan). It does seem interesting though :3

Summary thingy with some copypasta! Hmmm!
View spoilerHide spoilerWith a strange plague of demonic possession slowly taking over the bodies of unsuspecting victims, there's only one man to call - the acupuncturist, Dr. Taima. His knowledge of the obscure ability to wield the taimahin - needles not only used to banish malevolent and lecherous demons, but that can control the flow of chi in all things - makes him a force to be reckoned with! Having found its way to Dunwich. Massachusetts, Dr. Taima and his lovely assistant, Maki Togetsu, make their way to America to combat this repulsive plague that turns people into rapacious monsters that devour anything within their grasp! When an ally joins dr. Taima, how will these taimashin masters bait their prey into their piercing trap? Find out in the story that chronicles their campaign against evil, in Taimashin! (Source: Manga)
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Reverse image search gave me this www.ebay.ca/itm...
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