Mar 2016 Loot (Nitro+CHiRAL Special Kuji Haul)Mar 2016 Loot (Nitro+CHiRAL Special Kuji Haul)Loot

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Hello MFC! :D
SkyBlue here, back with my third loot blog post for March 2016. I've been meaning to write this loot post earlier but well, many things happened. March was supposed to be my best haul as I was really looking forward to a few of my long awaited mini-grails arrival but then some unexpected thing happen - my first car accident in six years of driving experience. I'm on the road for about three hours daily commuting to and fro work for some time now but that day was just surreal.

View spoilerHide spoiler Well, one thing lead to another and something in me died that day (not sure what that was). Life sure is one hell of a roller-coaster ride. Just a day after my accident happened, my grails arrived but for the life of me, I feel dead. Not an ounce of excitement at all. I feel kinda bad for them because if it were like any other day, I'll be jumping with joy and showing my mum what I got. Anyways, I have to move on. Please do be careful no matter what you do in the future.

For this blog post, it will cover my loot for March 2016 and at the end of the loot post, I made a mini diorama with my Nendoroids as I wanted to cheer myself up by welcoming the month of April as well as my latest addition, Shokudaikiri. It will be quite a long entry with a lot of pictures. My loot is mostly DMMd and Nitro+CHiRAL related. ^^ I love them a lot~

I started out March with the arrival of both Gintama Figuarts Zero of Gintoki and Hijikata.




I decided to bundle and ship them together from CDJapan to save on shipping but it ended up pretty much the same. ><





They are packed quite compactly, even the blister doesn't have much extra space in between and overall the box design is quite pleasing. Unboxing them~




I noticed the body painting was done quite nicely although the face could've been done better. The alternate heads were a tad disappointing too as the promotional photos shows them to be sculpted and painted much better. Maybe I was expecting too much and I ended up feeling underwhelmed by them.

I'm still glad I finally got my first Hijikata figure! (I wanted other figures apart from Gintoki, I already have three of him including this) XD I should get more of the other characters.

The next day came my first package from Jauce.


I only used Buyee for Yahoo Auctions Japan (YAJ) before this because I got used to them and was kinda lazy to set up another account for other proxies although I have been told there are other much cheaper and better proxies than Buyee (FromJapan and Big in Japan seems very popular here among MFC users).

For this auction though, the seller doesn't accept Buyee's ID so I'm forced to look for others and I stumbled upon Jauce. Since I really wanted these items, I quickly signed up with Jauce and won them.


Aoba peeking out to his new home.



I've been wanting Aoba plush for a very long time and seeing that he will be available again during the DMMd in space caiman exhibition along with the other goodies, I just can't miss it anymore. I didn't know how to get proxies to attend the event and purchase them for me so I'm pretty much left witb YAJ. T.T


Finally Aoba is home! ^^ Youji even came out to welcome him~ I'm loving plushes even more now.


The other item that was consolidated with Aoba was DMMd White Day blanket. It is really gorgeous to look at and even better to touch! It's very soft and fluffy, perfect to wrap up in cold weather. The quality is great and I adore these illustrations by Honyarara-sensei! Aoba is so adorable~~ Really love how each bear represents their owners, especially Mizuki's bear (that tear drop tattoo is too cute!!) Can't wait for the Valentine's Day blanket!




I gave in and ordered two Touken Ranbu nendos as I couldn't bear to see Jiji alone anymore. Taking into consideration that I pre-ordered Shokudaikiri, I decided to get Kogi for Jiji and Tsuru for Shokudaikiri. Both nendos are from Kokura Mandarake.

Tsuru's box was starting to peel at the side but since I don't keep boxes, I'm fine either way. Apart from that they are just like new (unopened).

Releasing them from their plastic prison!



I really love their crest as a base. These crest design never fail to amaze me.


I'm really starting to enjoy assembling and changing different parts for my nendos. It's so much fun!



I love Kogi's hair! And his cute little companion, Konnosuke!! Although he's very hard to balance sometimes. I noticed how Kogi's outfit matches the colour of my walls. XD




My AmiAmi order of Kogi's scale arrived the next day and I'm very, very pleased I got him!





He's my first long haired figure and I can't enough of his hair. The sculpt was amazing, it really looks like there's a breeze blowing through and he was froze in that pose with his majestic hair.

I didn't get any pictures of him as it was raining out and my phone camera doesn't do him any justice. I need a digital camera to capture his full beauty one day.

Max Factory totally captures everything perfectly, his fangs, the tiny pearls hanging from his sword, his robes, his armour and the famous........fundoshi. I have to say Kogi has some serious leg muscle going for him and moving up...let's just say he lives up to his catchphrase "My name may mean 'small fox', but I'm by no means small." XD


The next shipment was my highly anticipated mini-grails previously mentioned in my Feb loot post and I was really excited for it. I managed to get the N+C Special Kuji Gothic Version plushes from YAJ along with Kotobukiya's Ciel Phantomhive scale figure.




There was a tiny surprise when I unboxed Ciel. I was taking out his box from the shipping box when I noticed a small envelope of some sort at the bottom. I gingerly took it out to see what it was and apparently it was a thank you note from the seller. A pleasant surprise indeed as this was the first time I received a thank you note among all my auctions. Thank you very much! I will take great care of Ciel from now on! ^^



I had a hard time mounting Ciel onto his chess piece and from the back; he’s literally hanging in the air! XD And that puny chess piece that he’s holding? It kept falling off just like Sebastian’s tray. Sigh~ at least they’re reunited (master and servant of falling props). Like they said, what’s a servant without his master? What’s a master without his servants? Now I am so looking forward to Aniplex+ Ciel figure! I’m really hoping Aniplex+ will make a matching Sebastian too! That’d be so epic!!! ><



The first Gothic plush I unboxed was Konoe. Really glad the seller placed an extra piece of cardboard above the plush as I tend to cut into the box during unboxing. The plush was further protected with double layers of bubblewraps and after removing the plastic from Konoe, I was very surprised at how soft his coat was!



Peeking into his hood, I can see that his ears are pink and fluffy! So adorable~~ There were even some white little furs and the earrings on the hood was a nice touch. Again, the material of the coat is very soft. No wonder Konoe looks so warm!


The buttons have these cute little kitty details which just screams kawaii~~ and I really like how they reproduced his crooked tail exactly how it was supposed to be. Konoe may hate his crooked tail but everyone else loves it! Just ask Rai or Asato. ^^



Up next, Aoba! It was very hard to get him for a reasonable price T.T Aoba is just as detailed as the other Gothic plushes with his long coat and stylish hat.


Notice those little tassel on his shoulders. Such attention to details! His hair is tied back to a ponytail and I really like how it falls freely over his back.


That hat...I want one of those~ *q* The roses and feathers really compliments the whole goth look and I can’t help but wonder if the feathers were real? They sure look and feel like one.



For Akira, I was a little baffled why did the seller decided to ship him using an envelope instead of a box. He ended up arriving somewhat flattened. It wouldn’t make that much of a difference anyway in terms of shipping cost. Poor Akira is so flat that he had a hard time sitting on his own. Even his head feels loose especially at the neck part. I’m worried it may fall off one day. T.T



I tried fixing Akira and now he always seems to look upwards. Sigh~


The DMMd Valentine’s Day blanket had also arrived and as expected the quality was great. I can’t choose which are my favourite blanket~ For now I have them on my bed and I really love how comfy it is wrapping me during my nap time but as much as I want to continue using the blankets, I’m worried about them fading / deteriorating due to use / wash. I will think of some other way to display them.


My favourite pairing of DMMd!



Cuteness overload!! ^^




The following week saw the arrival of the much delayed Gothic clear files set. It took more than two weeks for it to arrive to Buyee’s warehouse and I was a bit worried. After another week, it finally was dispatched. Phew~ thank goodness. Initially I wanted to settle for the clear files instead of the tapestries because:

1) Never bought a tapestry before.
2) Not sure where or how to display them (Space issues)
3) They’re crazy expensive (especially Aoba, seriously anything Special Kuji DMMd is the priciest of all N+C series regardless the item: e.g: plush, tapestry, keychains, can badges, etc)
However after I received my clear files, I realized that these illustrations are REALLY gorgeous and I ended up wanting the tapestries even more, especially Youji and Akira. XD Damn, my plan backfired..

Here’s all four of the N+C Gothic clear files. There are three files for each series which makes it a total of 12 clear files. I forgot to take all of them as I was too absorbed in admiring them. My favourite has to be the one with Gunji. That blood red colour is so attractive and Gunji is weirdly sexy in a way even if he’s a little crazy. ><






I finally decided to get the Gothic tapestries from YAJ as well as a Free! Eternal Summer prize figure from Taito from HLJ. They arrived together so here’s a box shot of them.


Really glad the (box?) was very sturdy and there was not a single damage to the tapestries. Taking them out I noticed they are quite fragile so again I’m grateful for this (box? What are you called, my savior?) for protecting them from shipping damages. My local post is notorious for throwing parcels around. ><


And here it is! The tapestries are here!! I found them for a pretty decent price so I’m happy I decided to get them.


Oh look at those smexy eyes~ My poor heart can barely take it..


I now understand why some collectors love tapestries. The sheer size of a full blown up illustration is really a sight to behold. I’m used to illustrations the size of a regular art book or A3 sized posters so I was really surprised at the size of a tapestry.

Never expected it to be this huge! I seriously just sat there for some time just admiring and taking in all the details of these illustrations. Simply beautiful...







I will be getting a large frame to hang it in my room. It will not do to keep these stunning illustrations rolled up in storage. Like how a bird should be soaring high above the skies and be free~ Speaking of which, after I received my Alter figures, I’ve re-watched Free! again and I feel like having more of their figures particularly Haru and Makoto (best pairing imho ^^).

So I hunted a little and found HLJ still having Taito prize figure of Haru (with the cute sailor uniform and a playful expression to go with it). I actually bought Makoto from Mandarake but unfortunately it was sold out (storefront item) T.T I ended up getting him from YAJ. I also got a few more Free! prize figures and picked up the Yontengo trading figures. But that will be covered in the next blog ;)


I love how Haru sticks his tongue out in such a cute way which is really rare for him as he’s normally calm and indifferent in the anime.


There’s some sloppy paint job near his hat and clothes but overall he looks great for a prize figure. One thing I really dislike is the base. Does it really have to be that big? He’ll only be that much further from Makoto when I place him beside! I have to make a custom base one day. They’ll look so cute close together!


And here’s a group shot of that day’s loot (Haru is so tiny).


The Gothic tapestry for Aoba arrived the next day right before I’m leaving for my Saturday classes so I quickly took some pictures and left for classes.


It wasn’t as well protected as the previous tapestries but at least it arrived safely. I find it amusing how different people pack their items for shipping. I have my fair share of purchasing from individuals on YAJ and this is one of the most careless packing methods.

It’s as if the seller went like this: ‘Oh someone bought my item. Let’s see’ *Grabs any empty box, throws some random newspaper and magazine pages inside. Get a random plastic lying about which obviously doesn’t fit the tapestry and throws it in* ‘There, let’s ship it tomorrow.’ And for the record, there was a strand of hair stuck to the box tape. (Please don’t ask what type of hair it was). XD



The things I go through for you, Aoba (and my other collections too) :D


A close-up of Ren and Aoba respectively:



Another late arrival of my items from Buyee as I wanted to consolidate these two items to save on shipping (half the shipping cost!). Can you guess what it is?


Yup, it’s THE CHiRAL NIGHT – Dive into DMMd – clear file sets of Naitou-kun and sexy Aoba! I got these clear files because I can’t seem to find their tapestries anywhere and it was selling quite cheaply so I thought why not?



And the juicy part of the loot: DMMd Original Picture Card Collection. The actual illustrations are placed under the spoiler tag. Although there isn’t any explicit content, I guess it’s still NSFW.

These are how the cards are stored individually with a stylish mysterious black envelope, presumably to avoid prying eyes. XD



The back of each card is gold in colour. You can never go wrong with black and gold colour combinations.


View spoilerHide spoiler And welcome to the forbidden world of yaoi! Just joking. The art cards are basically divided into two: the good and bad endings. I really love Honyarara-sensei works. She draws great man-on-man action and Aoba looks very sultry in most scenes.

There's even a meme on the various (sexy) face of Aoba during those smexy scenes. Fortunately (or unfortunately?) it was black and white because if it was coloured, I’d die from severe nosebleeds.


With this, I ended March with the cute Shokudaikiri from AmiAmi. Glad I pre-ordered him as he is so cute!



I don’t think I ever released a figure from its plastic prison that fast. XD


Omg, just look how adorable he is~ I immediately changed his faceplate to this as it is my absolute favourite! I had him with this faceplate for very long before deciding to change it to suit the rest.


And that’s it for March 2016. It was a very rough ride for me (literally) and I hope things improve gradually but certain things have definitely changed for better or worse. I have decided to take a break from YAJ and keeping my pre-orders to only those I really want. So here’s to hoping I can stick to my resolution.

April will be very quiet for me as I only have my mentioned Free! prize and trading figures (which had arrived yesterday) and Raiden nendo (he was 40% off on AmiAmi and I always wanted him ><) who’ll probably reach home soon.

Here’s the mini diorama I made to welcome Shokudaikiri (and to cheer myself up :D). Hope you guys like it!


Jiji: ‘Hmm, this looks like an interesting place.’
Distant voice: ‘Hey, look who’s there!’
Jiji: ‘?’


Tsuru: ‘Over here!’
Kogi: ‘Oh, we finally found him!’


Jiji: ‘You finally made it! Kogi, Tsuru, I’m so glad to see you!’
Tsuru and Kogi: ‘JIJI!’

The Touken Ranbu trio explored the place and ran into others.


Jiji: ‘Oh, hello there. Nice to meet you. My name is Mikazuki but you can call me Jiji.’
Noiz: ‘...’


Turns to Usagimodoki.
Noiz: ‘Who is this weirdo calling himself Jiji?’
Jiji: *Thinks silently* ‘Can I strike him down?’


Kogi: ‘Oh, what a cute dog! What’s his name?’
Aoba: ‘He’s Ren. Ren, say hello to our new friends.’
Ren: ‘Nice to meet you. I’m Ren.’
Kogi: ‘Oh, pardon Konnosuke. He’s very shy’


Ren: ‘ I’ll bring you to meet others. Come with me, Konnosuke.’
Konnosuke quietly follows behind Ren.

Beni: ‘Hmm? Ren, who is that beside you?’
Ren: ‘He’s called Konnosuke. Konnosuke, meet Beni and Usagimodoki.’


Although Konnosuke remained quiet, he slowly warms up to his new friends especially Beni.


Shokudaikiri: ‘Eh? Ahaha I think I’m lost. They said they’ll be here anytime now..’
Kogi, Tsuru and Jiji slowly crept behind Shokudaikiri and surprise him.


Shokudaikiri: ‘Ah! Don’t scare me like that.’
Kogi: ‘Hahaha, welcome home Shokudaikiri!’
Tsuru: ‘Still easily surprised eh, Shoku?’
Shokudaikiri: *weak laugh* ‘Don’t tease me anymore, Tsuru.’
Jiji: ‘All’s well that ends well.’ *sips tea*
Tsuru: ‘By the way, where’s Konnosuke?’
They left to look for Konnosuke and was pleasantly surprised he made new friends.


Kogi: ‘Oh, glad he gets along well with the others.’
Jiji: ‘They look adorable together!’



Tsuru: ‘Hey, check out the bird’s geta sandals!’
Kogi: ‘That’s so cool! Who made them for you?’
Beni: ‘Koujaku did.’
Tsuru and Kogi: ‘Koujaku?’

And off they went to meet Koujaku when they saw Noiz and Koujaku squabbling again.


Noiz: ‘You really piss me off, old man!’
Koujaku: ‘Bring it on, kid. I’ll teach you some manners.’
Beni: ‘How many times has it been today?’
Usagimodoki: ‘I’ve lost count. Aren’t they tired doing this everday?’
Beni: ‘Tell me about it.’


The Touken Ranbu boys were excited seeing Koujaku was a fellow swordsman.
Kogi: ‘Are you thinking what I’m thinking, Jiji?’
Jiji: ‘I can use some sparring. I’m getting rusty from all this waiting.’
Tsuru: ‘Well, then. Shall we?’
Shokudaikiri: ‘Let’s me make the first greeting.’

While the fellow swordsmen were busy testing their skills, the two love birds were busy catching up.


Aoba: ‘Noiz! I’ve been looking for you!’
*Runs to Noiz to give him a hug*
Noiz: ‘Tch, don’t get so close.’ *blushing*
Aoba: ‘Aww, don’t say that! Look, you’re blushing!’
Noiz: ‘...’


Noiz abruptly tackles Aoba.
Aoba: ‘Whoa! Wait, what are you doing, Noiz? There are others here.’
Noiz: ‘Yeah? You came to me first, Aoba.’
Aoba: ‘I did not..!’
Noiz: ‘Are you saying you don’t want it?’


Aoba: *blushes* ‘...Don’t tease me, Noiz...’


Thanks for reading. Till next time, MFC! Take care :D

08 April 2016
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Cloudy_Cat4 vuotta sitten#8382547Awesome loot! Sorry to hear about your accident :( I with you a swift recovery though :D
I've never gotten a tapestry before, but I've always wanted one. Yours look awesome! I think my first one will be a Mikazuki one. Ugh that Mitsutada nendo, I preordered him from Tokyo Otaku Mode and they won't get him in until may... I'm so jelly >.<

Thank you! This is the first time I bought a tapestry and I love it! You should get one too! A Mikazuki one sounds great. Hope you can receive Shoku soon! He will be worth the wait because he is so adorable! ^^

Kaito5704 vuotta sitten#8382735woah, XD things were starting to get Rated R towards the end lol.

Ahaha I know right..reading through it again I noticed this too like woah it suddenly got hot here. XD

shiroiusagi4 vuotta sitten#8386183Nice!!!! All those N+C stuff are awesome!
The plushes are so cute :)

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :D

Gabmag104 vuotta sitten#8387276Love it! You always get such lovely things <3

Thanks. I'm still jelly of your luck though! XD

ipwnboyz4 vuotta sitten#8387740Very sexy loot!

Thank you. Haha I really wanted to include Koujaku more in the diorama but because I broke his sword before, I dare not move him too much. I'll probably need a second Koujaku to play diorama with Aoba. ;)

Heiyun4 vuotta sitten#8389797That ending!!! lol Nice little story although I'm not a noiao shipper xD
Oh and those tapestries look just awesome!!

Glad you enjoyed it! I was afraid it might be boring as I didn't have any fancy props. Thank you! :D

KaigeKrysin4 vuotta sitten#8401753Damn thats a lot of loot. I know id certainly be happy getting all of that love it all!!!

Thank you for your kind words! :)

raychur4 vuotta sitten#8416366Ren's little shoes!!

So adorable~♡

cocosole4 vuotta sitten#8421890All the DMMD *q*)!
This is a very nice loot! Glad everything came intact :)

When it comes to DMMd, I can get a little crazy. >< Ahaha thanks! Yup really glad it all arrived safely despite a few hiccups here and there. :)

Sekhmet4 vuotta sitten#8432210I never get tired of looking at those art cards! They are so pretty *_* I could stare at Aoba's crying face all day XD Too bad they aren't colored.......and show no peen ;A; And LOL picture of the day award goes to you for that last pic of Noiz and Aoba I love it XD

Thanks to you, I decided to get them too! Really love to display them but for now, they are buried deep within my drawers. >< I really can't help feeling that Trip is looking at Virus instead of Aoba in the DP scene. Haha yeah unfortunately it was cleverly cropped out. XD I gratefully accept your award! Thank you so much! ^^
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Sekhmet Killing Stalking
I never get tired of looking at those art cards! They are so pretty *_* I could stare at Aoba's crying face all day XD Too bad they aren't colored.......and show no peen ;A; And LOL picture of the day award goes to you for that last pic of Noiz and Aoba I love it XD
4 vuotta sitten
All the DMMD *q*)!
This is a very nice loot! Glad everything came intact :)
4 vuotta sitten
Ren's little shoes!!
4 vuotta sitten
Damn thats a lot of loot. I know id certainly be happy getting all of that love it all!!!
4 vuotta sitten
That ending!!! lol Nice little story although I'm not a noiao shipper xD

Oh and those tapestries look just awesome!!
4 vuotta sitten
Very sexy loot!
4 vuotta sitten
Gabmag10 Bishie Collector
Love it! You always get such lovely things <3
4 vuotta sitten
Nice!!!! All those N+C stuff are awesome!
The plushes are so cute :)
4 vuotta sitten
woah, XD things were starting to get Rated R towards the end lol.
4 vuotta sitten
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