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The days are getting longer. The trees are growing leaves. The weather has been beautiful. Time to enjoy the great outdoors with some beautiful plastic ladies, before it gets to the point that they'll melt just by being out of the AC! Unfortunately, I also live pretty close to the turnpike, so trucks will be trucks, and planes will always be planes. I've done some noise cancellation, but it's not perfect.

Also, some of the ladies are showing lots of skin so you may want to shut and lock your door before someone walks in on you.

May Loot!

Today (well, last week really) we'll be opening my May 2016 haul containing Rory Mercury, Shiemi Ishibai, Lucy Heartilia, and Vania (or Vampy if you prefer that name).


Rory Mercury ITEM #368441

We'll start with the figure a lot of people are interested in. She was one of the top ten most ordered figures for a while. Rory Mercury is an absolutely amazing character, and just about everyone loves her. Therein lies the problem with this figure. Everyone wants an absolutely perfect figure of her, and this unfortunately is not one. HOWEVER! It is still an amazing figure. Since there are some flaws though, people are really zeroing in on them and are making a much bigger deal about it than if she was a less loved character. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and like I said, there are a few flaws, but don't be swayed by the negative comments. Look at all the user's pictures and decide for yourself.

As for my opinion of my figure, I think she is lovely. I did have one issue when I unboxed her, which I know others have had. Her tie did not appear to be properly glued into her chest, and fell off. This is a really easy fix, with just a drop of super glue and about a minute holding it in place, so to me, it's not that big of a deal. The sculpt is pretty much perfect, while the paint does suffer from the fairly standard Koto quality. For the most part it is good, but it is a little thin in a few places, and some of the lines are not as clean as they could be. As I've said in other reviews though, from a normal viewing distance, you will not see them.

Another complaint is the plastic on her hair, and how difficult it is to remove. Unfortunately, the instructions don't mention it, but even on the standard version of her (without the extra face), you can remove her bangs (and face) and then the plastic is easy to remove. However, if you did not have prior knowledge that there was another version with an extra swappable face plate, you likely wouldn't think that you could remove the hair. So for me, it wasn't an issue, but I could see how for others, it could be.

And lastly, probably the most mentioned complaint (seriously, I am getting sick of hearing it). Once assembled, Rory herself is at an upward-facing angle. If you put her at eye level, you will be looking at her chin rather than straight on at her face. Honestly, it's not the most flattering angle. If you put her, say, a shelf or two below eye level, then the angle is actually perfect, and she looks EXACTLY like her anime counter part. I don't know if this was intentional or not though, but it is in a way kind of nice. I am totally out of top shelf space, so it's good to have a figure I can put a little lower, and have a great view of without having to bend down. If you really must have her at eye level, you can prop up the back of her a little to improve the viewing angle. I think the main issue people are having, is that this was not apparent from any of the promo material. These pictures would lead you to believe that she did not have a tilt at all. So I can very well understand the gripe, but once again, to me, it's not a big issue.

I personally recommend this figure if you love Rory, with the following condition. Know what you are getting. That's a problem with pre-orders. You have to rely on the promo pics, and they are always taken at the best angles so you never truly know what you are getting until it gets to you. Now that she's released, you have more information on the actual product. If you are ok with her angle, and some minor paint issues, then she is a great figure. She looks almost exactly like her anime counterpart, and the pose is very interesting and fits her personality to a T. Several people have complained about her cost. I personally got her for under $100 US since I pre-ordered her. Due to the popularity of her character, though, I suspect her price will be going up in the after market.

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Shiemi Ishibai ITEM #261527

Shiemi Ishibai (or Calne Ca (or what ever you call her, it's different almost every where you look)) has a pretty unique look to her. She is my first Union Creative figure, and is a non-scale figure. I do find she fits in with my collection, which is primarily 1/8ths and 1/7ths, with a couple 1/6ths and 1/4ths thrown in. I do find that her head is much smaller than the typical anime head, and is more in line with a real human. She is actually much taller than the listed size, so plan for that. I'm not the biggest fan of the giant boots, but I can live with it since that is how she was originally designed.

There were two things that really drew me to this figure. The first is her pose. I absolutely love it. It's very unique with the positioning of the hands. Kinda gives of a evil vibe, though I'm pretty sure she's not meant to be evil. Could be wrong, don't really know anything about her. You can also remove her skirt, revealing the fact that she's not wearing any underwear. She is a barbie down there, so it's not as naughty as it could be. Being bare down there does lead to a pretty obvious seam where her main supporting leg attaches to her body. There's no underwear to hide this joint. I'm suspecting the leg is actually made of a different, more sturdy material as well, so a seam would be unavoidable. It kinda fits with her theme though since I do believe she's kind of a cyborg, and can morph into a robotic crab creature.

The second thing that drew me to the figure was her hair. I love the colorization of it. It's a deep pink over all with really great darker and lighter shading. I also love how its sculpted with the two big pony tails up top, and the twin tail tendrils flying out at the bottom.

One more thing of note, that kind of gets lost in the overall figure, is her necklace. It's kind of a skull and crossbones pendant, and is attached by what appears to be a super fine metal chain. It's a very nice little detail. I do recommend not letting it get wet though, as I have read stories about figures with metal chains that rusted and basically ruined the figure.

This figure is a variation of ITEM #260969 (or ITEM #260969 is a variation of this figure). I do like the other one as well. She looks amazing, but I just couldn't get past the belts as the only covering down there. That was one of the deciding factors in picking Shiemi up over her.

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Lucy Heartfilia White Cat Gravure style ITEM #353318

Lucy's sex appeal attack finally succeeded. I remember as I was looking at the promo pics on AmiAmi, the blood started flowing, and certain organs began reacting. So there was no passing her up! This figure is actually a variant of the Black Cat version ITEM #244038. I really like the coloring and the facial expression on this version so much more. A smile fits Lucy! After being delayed since January (or last September for the Black version), she finally came home and let me smile with her.

Lucy is a very busty girl, and it really shows here. As is common in the anime/figure world, her bikini is several sizes too small, and while hiding just enough, leaves little to the imagination. Though this is called the White cat version, it really should be called Gray cat as the bikini, gloves, and tail are very gray. Her stockings have some wrinkles in them, but are otherwise very smooth. I personally prefer the painted stockings of the fishnets that adorn so many figures, so I'm very pleased here.

Lucy has in interchangeable hand. One hand is holding a large pillow. This pillow is fairly heavy, so to account for this, Orca put a metal rod in Lucy's arm. I have watched another review, and that person said they could not get her pillow hand to stay on. I did not have this issue, but did have to apply a decent amount of force to attach the hand to the arm. Her other hand is open, and not holding anything. After thinking about it, this will probably be my primary way of displaying her, as the pillow does hide her shapely butt.

Lucy does come with an instruction sheet, and this is the first time I've seen a set of instructions recommend wrapping parts of the figure in the protective plastic while assembling it. This is actually a very helpful tip in preventing paint transfers. Here, you wrap her arm that the interchangeable hand attaches to, before you attach the tail. The tail is very thin and requires a fair bit of force to put into it's hole. There is very little space between her arm and the tail, so it is very likely, no matter how careful you are, that you would scrape the tail against the arm while putting it in place. Putting a little bit of the packing plastic there prevents any nasty paint transfers.

She lives up to my expectations, and while I hated the delay, I can understand it. Orca posted several updates to their twitter account detailing the quality check issues. In one of the pictures posted, more than half the figures were rejected. So I am willing to accept the delay if the alternative would be a bad figure. Props to Orca for updating the customers as well. I really wish more companies would do that, rather than leaving you wondering if they've even started working on the figures.

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Little Queen Vania (Vampy) ITEM #287820

Getting it out of the way, this character has different names in different localizations of "The Rage of Bahamut." I prefer the original name of Vania, compared to the name Vampy. So I'm going to call her Vania.

This is another instance of me not knowing the character. What I do know, however, is every time I was just browsing through AmiAmi, and I saw her face, I clicked on it. So she definitely caught my interest. After doing that for a few weeks, I knew she was holding my interest, so I picked her up. And I can say that was a very good decision. I tend to go for bustier figures, so her body type, being more of a loli, is very different from the majority of my collection. Doesn't mean I don't love the figure, and some variation is good.

Kotobukiya did a very good job on Vania. The majority of their normal issues are absent. The paint is nice and clean. She's still not perfect though, as I've noticed some roughness in her hair, and after taking the pictures, I noticed in the palm of her hand near her mouth, it appears a hair of some sort got caught under the paint. The only other place that could have been better are the holes the bats use to attach to the base. The paint was very poor around the holes, but once assembled, you will never see it.

The assembly instructions do not mention it, but you can remove the two pillars holding her up from the base and from her dress, completely freeing her. I actually found this to be very useful. I had difficulty attaching the plastic "glass" piece to the base. Once I removed the pillar, I was able to get a better angle and apply force in the right places to get it to slot into the holes.

This figure is a good example of what Koto can do when they really try. I really love her floating pose, and the way her face looks. The paint is really good. It took me a while to notice, but I really like the shading on her hair. It really helps to frame in the face and keeps it from feeling like a yellow blob. Koto is also known for making some amazing bases, and this is no exception. She's not your typical looking vampire, but I don't think there are many people that would mind letting her suck a little blood!

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May was another fairly large and expensive month for me. While all the figures have their issues, I am very happy with this haul. I would recommend these figures to anyone that is interested in them. They were not outrageously priced at all, though that may change now that they are released and in the after market. I don't have anything on order until August, but I'm always on the hunt for the next sister to join my collection, so hopefully it won't be too long.

BTW, here is a playlists with all my unboxing videos. Check them out if you are interested! www.youtube.com...
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murialita4 vuotta sitten#12384331From the front, the seam isn't really noticeable because it's hidden by the normal folds of the skin. From the back, you can clearly see the seam running over the top of her butt cheek PICTURE #1558811. While I agree, it could be completely intentional because of how Ca's joints work, I think Shiemi is supposed to be more "normal" as indicated by the lack of seam on the other side. I don't really mind it though, because I know it is almost impossible to properly mold a piece like her lower body in one piece, plus I suspect the one leg is ABS instead of PVC to provided more support. And it really doesn't look that bad either, and is under her skirt unless you decide to take it off.

Ah man I didn't even see that seam from the back! X_X Only saw the two on the front that look intentional.

Your guess about a different material in the leg sounds pretty good, considering her pose it's really nice if UC did that with this figure!

I haven't openened mine yet, but I guess Calra will have a likewise seam, but it's hidden as she can't be cast-off.
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Maakie4 vuotta sitten#12363499I actually think the seams you are talking about near her crotch-area s1.tsuki-board.... were on purpose like that? "Regular" Calne also has an interesting loose hip design PICTURE #1171696

From the front, the seam isn't really noticeable because it's hidden by the normal folds of the skin. From the back, you can clearly see the seam running over the top of her butt cheek PICTURE #1558811. While I agree, it could be completely intentional because of how Ca's joints work, I think Shiemi is supposed to be more "normal" as indicated by the lack of seam on the other side. I don't really mind it though, because I know it is almost impossible to properly mold a piece like her lower body in one piece, plus I suspect the one leg is ABS instead of PVC to provided more support. And it really doesn't look that bad either, and is under her skirt unless you decide to take it off.
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I actually think the seams you are talking about near her crotch-area s1.tsuki-board.... were on purpose like that? "Regular" Calne also has an interesting loose hip design PICTURE #1171696

Nice loot btw! ^^ I got ITEM #260969 myself, but didn't have time to unbox her yet!
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So this pretty much cemented me wanting to nab me a Kitty Lucy XD Going to get white cat Erza so I will CERTAINLY need a Lucy given my character bias for her XD
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I actually don't know who any of these are, but Rory and Vania are absolutely adorable! ^^
Nice loot!
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I've already got Rory Mercury.....but the Vania, and especially Shiemi figures have caught my eye more than once. I'll probably pick up Shiemi at the end of the month if available. I love her hair and eyes.
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