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It's always nice when figure manufacturers take a chance and aren't shy about making figures from less than mainstream properties. Today, we'll be reviewing such a figure, namely Tomoka Minato from the Ro-Kyu-Bu franchise in wedding mode. There might be a couple of shots below that could be considered a little bit NSFW.

About the character: Tomoka Minato is the main character from the Ro-Kyu-Bu! media franchise. Ro-Kyu-Bu follows the adventures of the girls' basketball team at Keishin Academy, and Tomoka is the team's star player. She is something of a natural when it comes to her basketball skill, but she also comes to appreciate the friendships made with her teammates as well as her coach Subaru-san.

About this figure: In the summer/fall of 2015, Plum put out a poll asking fans what figure they might like to see next from the Ro-Kyu-Bu franchise, giving a choice of four possibilities. This figure's design was the winner, and it was subsequently teased at the Winter 2015/16 WonFes. A few months later, a prototype appeared, and then the figure was officially released in July 2016. In a hobby where you can wait years for wished items, that's a pretty snappy production schedule that other manufacturers could learn from (*cough cough* Orchid Seed *cough cough*).

Now on to the figure!


Plum went to great lengths to make the packaging complement the wedding theme of the figure. The clean white box with the cherry blossoms and the steeple-shaped window all seem deliberately chosen towards this end.


When this figure was announced, Plum released some rather crummy promo photos of the figure where a very muted Tomoka almost blended right into an off-white backdrop. It looks like Plum recycled one of those shots to use on the side panel.


The other side panel features a larger window, but you don't get much of a view of the figure.


I really like the fact that Plum devotes the entire back panel to the illustration on which the figure is based!


This figure also comes with a little booklet containing a 27 page mini light novel. The text is all Japanese, and so the novel is lost on me, and I'm not sure if the wedding theme has anything to do with the content of the light novel. Maybe someone will translate all that text someday...


This is not a small figure, and as we'll see, Minato's wedding dress is big and heavy, so the box is correspondingly large, measuring 27 by 22 by 20 cm, and figure+box weights just shy of 800 grams, so shipping this figure will not be cheap.


Tomoka's pose is quite energetic, as it appears that she's twirling around. Maybe she's getting ready to toss her bouquet, too.

Whatever she's doing, let's have a look at her.






The pose is quite energetic, but there are a couple of negatives associated with the pose. She displays best from a limited range of angles unless you opt to display her facing backwards with the dress flailing behind her. Further, her pose makes her a bit of a space hog; the dress spans about 6 inches (15 cm) at its widest point.

However, I think these concerns are minimal, and the pose is quite eye catching!


Plum seems to have stepped up their game with this figure, as generally the overall finish of the figure is excellent. We'll see a couple of isolated quirks, but overall I'd say Plum did fine.

When I first saw this figure in person, I was taken aback by Tomoka's amazing level of cuteness! Her eyes are extremely expressive and I like how she looks so happy. The subtle blush is an appropriate feature and it doesn't completely overwhelm her face. Plum also didn't neglect to include her beauty mark so I'd have to say that they did a great job sculpting and painting Tomoka's face.


Those roses are the kind of thing that could be a potential trouble spot, but overall the sculpting of the roses is fine. The veil also helps to hide any seams that might be lurking in Tomoka's hair.


The translucent effect on the veil is pulled off well. Sometimes translucent parts like this end up looking very unnatural and plasticky in person, but I think the veil looks natural enough. However, in the photo below you can see a couple of scuffs on the veil. I guess the problem with clear plastic is you can't just paint over these kinds of imperfections...


As I indicated earlier, Plum did not really do a very good job with their promo shots of this figure, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that Tomoka's outfit has quite a bit of color. The red ribbon, and the various shades of pink and purple on her outfit really make her outfit stand out. By comparison with official promo shots like PICTURE #1515454, you can see how the figure looks much better in person! I also like how Plum sculpted some creases in her gloves, as well as the subtle pink color gradient in her gloves. When I saw some of the prototypes of this figure, I was concerned about how Plum would handle the point where she's grabbing her skirt, but that turned out just fine.


Again, the sculpting of the roses is quite good, and I hadn't paid too much attention to this until seeing the figure in person, but her bouquet is shaped like a heart. This just ups the kawaii factor of the figure one more notch. The way the ribbons attached to the bouquet are sculpted, this gives a suggestion of movement, and so that is another nice detail.


I like how Plum gave Tomoka a ring on her finger, but I can't help thinking she has a case of "man hands", to channel a Seinfeld meme. The good news is that this is probably the biggest flaw I could find with the figure.


I guess this garment could be described as a hybrid of a garterbelt and a skirt, and note the very elaborate diamond pattern there. The little blue accents on the garterbelt/skirt really pop, too. If you look at the box illustration, you can just barely see these, but Plum makes these accents a little larger, and that was a good decision IMO. I also like how her stockings are very shiny as opposed to just a flat color!


This figure was released after Plum completed a set of bunny figures of the Ro-Kyu-Bu main cast, and I'd noticed that on each of those figures they got a little lazy sculpting the tops of the characters' stockings (see
PICTURE #1404376 for an example from ITEM #320011). However, Plum did a fine job with the stocking tops on this figure, as they are not sloppy or jaggy. You can see a little bit of a gap in the band of the stocking, but you'll really have to be looking close to see that. You can see however, some gaps where one of her garters meets her leg and also where the garter attaches to the rest of the garterbelt.


The way her dress is sweeping around is quite impressive! Also note the heart pattern on the trim of the skirt.


Plum did a fine job with that big puffy bow, too. The pink and white shading is particularly well-done. If you really look carefully, there are a couple of tiny spots on the bow where either it didn't get painted completely, or some paint chipped off. YMMV here though, and it's not that big of a deal anyway...


One thing that is a little bit weird is that while (I think!) Tomoka's skirt is supposed to be made of a very light material, from the underside you would think the material is very thick and heavy!


The silver heels on Tomoka's shoes are a little unconventional, but that color complements the overall color scheme of the figure.



This is not a small figure, but the base is not inordinately large. The base measures approximately 5 inches (13 cm) in diameter. Normally I'm not a fan of white bases, but given the theme of the figure, it's appropriate. Also, the rose petals/cherry blossoms and the cursive script with the name of the character are perfectly in keeping with the wedding motif.


Plum wisely uses a piece of rigid plastic to keep Tomoka's foot propped up.


Overall, the base is not flashy but it complements the figure well, it makes Tomoka stable, and it doesn't distract the eye from the figure. That's pretty good, right?

Scale Comparison

This figure is approximately 8.75 inches (22.25 cm) in height at its tallest point, and I'd estimate that if Tomoka was standing upright, she'd be about 9 inches (23 cm) tall. She's established to be 4'7" (142 cm) tall, and even factoring in her heels, I'd say that this figure is at the large side of 1/7 scale.

Here we have 2 times the Tomoka with Plum's bunny of the character ITEM #250831. Plum's Ro-Kyu-Bu bunnies were also at the large side of 1/7 scale, so I'm happy to see they kept the scale of this Tomoka just about the same, so she'll look just fine displayed side by side with her bunnified self.


Tomoka with the queen of the vampires, Mina Tepes ITEM #27853. I'd assume that Tomoka and Mina are pretty similar in stature, and Mina is 1/6 scale.


Tomoka with another beautiful bride, Max Factory's Haruna Sairenji ITEM #287789. Haruna is 1/6 scale for comparison, and I was a little surprised to see how much fairer Tomoka's skin tone is compared to Haruna!


Tomoka with another Plum figure of one of my favorite characters, Sakura Kinomoto ITEM #270949. That figure has quite a few issues with paint and sculpt, so I was pleased to see how much better Tomoka turned out in those respects!


Tomoka with an ancient Sega prize figure of Asuka Langley Soryu in goddess mode ITEM #889. Asuka is 1/8-ish in scale, but they still look quite good together!


Despite being radically different figures in many respects, Tomoka and Yui Nitta ITEM #117973 complement each other pretty well! Yui is a small 1/7 scale.


Every wedding needs a photographer, and Yotsuba is up to the task!


Overall verdict and enjoyment----------9.5/10

Arguments for: Tomoka is insanely cute, cool box illustration, lots of subtle details in the design of her outfit, excellent overall finish, and considering the fact that Ro-Kyu-Bu+wedding+lingerie could have gone very, very wrong, Plum applied a light touch in that regard.

Arguments against: Gigantic box, this figure will occupy a nontrivial amount of space on your shelf, and I have to wonder if the "big heavy box factor" will lead to a big price drop later on.

Overall, the positives far outweigh the negatives, and Plum has produced quite a winner here; I might even rearrange some of my shelves so that Tomoka is a centerpiece. I also appreciate Plum's willingness to keep churning out Ro-Kyu-Bu figures, as that's not exactly the most mainstream anime franchise out there.

Availability (as of this writing)

Still available new.

As I write this, Tomoka can still be found new at a number of stores. Her suggested price is 12960 yen, but if you shop around, it'll be more like 10000 yen and some change. AmiAmi also still has some Tomokas that come with a mini wallscroll for 12100 yen.


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victorviper3 vuotta sitten#14160122It's funny how little things like that can be the difference between a good figure and a great figure :).
This figure also makes me glad that I got the black bunny Tomoka instead of the pink one. The white and pastel wedding outfit contrasts so nicely with the black bunny suit!

Yes, she's a great combination with the black bunny suit Tomoka! I still haven't seen Ro-Kyu-Bu!, but I'm liking what Plum is churning out with the huge amount of figures from this series!
3 vuotta sitten
Maakie3 vuotta sitten#14157088What a cutie! When I saw that the bouquet was heart-shaped (I didn't see that before) I went "awwww"... :) Nice review! ^^

It's funny how little things like that can be the difference between a good figure and a great figure :).

This figure also makes me glad that I got the black bunny Tomoka instead of the pink one. The white and pastel wedding outfit contrasts so nicely with the black bunny suit!
3 vuotta sitten
What a cutie! When I saw that the bouquet was heart-shaped (I didn't see that before) I went "awwww"... :) Nice review! ^^
3 vuotta sitten
solluxcaptor3 vuotta sitten#14026475Wow, she is lovely and so cute!! I have a weak spot for wedding figures aswell as cute lolis so this hits a lot of moe points for me, makes me want her but I might have to take the plunge into watching the series first!

I probably never would have watched the Ro-Kyu-Bu anime had the Plum bunny figures of the characters not caught me eye. It's not a landmark anime to be sure, but it is a cute and funny sports/slice of life anime.

mickeydeerho3 vuotta sitten#14027224Pretty darn good review. I enjoyed the read and the photo quality.

Why, thank you!

weiwere3 vuotta sitten#14027569Nice review!

And thanks for the comment!
3 vuotta sitten
Nice review!
3 vuotta sitten
Pretty darn good review. I enjoyed the read and the photo quality.
3 vuotta sitten
Wow, she is lovely and so cute!! I have a weak spot for wedding figures aswell as cute lolis so this hits a lot of moe points for me, makes me want her but I might have to take the plunge into watching the series first!
3 vuotta sitten
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