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  • Really nice figure, and also a really nice review with very pretty pictures!

    So tempting to buy this figure~
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    Thank you!
    I can't wait mine.
    I love EoSD and Touhouvania so much, but I haven't had Remilia.
    Sakuya and Flan are waiting for her.
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    Nice review, thank you! I did enjoy your pictures, but if I'm allowed to say something, I would recommend using a brighter background to help us appreciate all the little details a bit better.

    Anyway, regarding the figure, I was so very tempted to get her, but she is indeed so expensive and I just feel she will stay that way (or she will even get pricier in a short term). And she looks like she will get a big chunk out of your display space, which I happen to have very little right now xP. So no money + no space = one sad collector.
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    Figure photo shoots featuring a drink suggestion - this needs to be an actual coffee table book.
    This review makes me look forward to getting her can't wait ^_^
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    I keep telling myself I don't want her because she's too edgy. But I actually want her for that reason. :|

    Great review, thanks (but no, thanks, it made me want her even more).
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    Wow those eyes looked very real!
    Nice pics and a great review!
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    awesome review with wonderful pics <3
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    Well, guess I'm definitely buying her now. I'm pressing that nuclear button tonight, and I'm not going to regret it one bit.
    QuesQ is a great company. Their Koishi was also magnificent. As a rabid Touhou fan I approve!
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    Dayum, my dream fig, and hopefully one day my first scale fig! Hope she doesn't go up in price, shes almost unnatainable as is right now
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    theyasminshow Militant Missionary
    Damn, I want her.
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