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Just thought I'd share with you my ideas and my currently in progress Portrait Of Pirates section! I have big plans for this but before I go into them, here's some pics of it's current state:


As you can see it's already starting to take shape!
I plan to replace the blue wallpaper on the stair box with blue lino, as this will be easier to clean and not get torn and will look more sea like, next I plan to have my flying Merry hanging from ceiling, not sure how that's going to work yet but I know I can do it! lol For the background for the ships I'm going to have a blue sky wrap around with the sea hopefully like this:

https://secure.static.tumblr.com/865d4aee0d0c9ab839f7d4928070fde2/ugicigu/OzPo5r4gg/tumblr_static_erza845py40swo8cco8gg0so8_640_v2.gif obviously it won't be moving! lol

OK for the main section I have printed out a lot of A1 size ships decking which will look fantastic once it's all together! I also have some really cool transparent One Piece logos which will look really cool too! However I'm not stopping there! I plan to take this section to the top of my computer cabinet and the shelf next to it too! Can't wait to share with you how this will look as it grows and changes! I really want to incorporate the wanted posters but sadly there aren't any ones the size I have these sadly are unofficial.

Anyway just thought I'd share a little of what I'm up to! :D

Thanks for reading! ^^ If you have any ideas that could help enhance it then let me know. :)

Oh and yes my red boarder is Chinese and yes it's upside down! XD
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AdrienAgreste3 vuotta sitten#18281544awesome!

Thanks! :D

Lillinettix3 vuotta sitten#18282182It looks awesome! :D

Well this is juts the beginning! Hopefully I can make it look really cool! I'm taking inspiration from a few of the displays I saw in MIX in Switzerland when I was on holiday, it really opened my eyes to how my collection has strayed and what I truly want for my computer room!

leahemilylarkin13 vuotta sitten#18317311Looking good!

Thanks Leah! :D

amy6163 vuotta sitten#18321590Looks super awesome, fan's dream display!

Thank you! More to do yet but I'll keep MFC posted on progress! :D
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amy616 Let's DANCE
Looks super awesome, fan's dream display!
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Looking good!
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It looks awesome! :D
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