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Figure & goods boxes question?Figure & goods boxes question?

Orange713NijiOrange713Niji1 vuotta sittenAsk MFC
I'm trying to figure out how to make more room. As a collector I like too keep the boxes, but after so many years I want to get rid of some of them. My biggest reason for not wanting to get rid of them, is if I ever choose to sell different items. For figures (at least for me) I value the boxes since they show the proof of the it being legit & for protection for the figure when moving. So I don't plan to through these away. But trading figures (etc.) & keychain boxes (among others) I do want to get rid of.

As someone who has bought a lot of pre-owned stuff I don't mind when keychains, Omanju's, little Tsums & so on are sold with no box. I know most feel the same so those boxes are the first I plan to through away. The trading figures I'm more hesitant, because I worry if later in the future I wish to sell them will people still buy them without the box?

As fellow collectors do you value the box of keychains?

Do you care if you buy trading figures with no box?

Should I at least keep the outter boxes to sell with the items to show as proof they are legit?

Do you value the box as much as the item?

How do you save space as a collector?

Any responses or any additional information will be very much appreciated! Thank you! (:
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Do you care for trading figure boxes when purchasing them?

  • 39%Yes?
  • 55%No?
  • 5%Depends on the Series/ Character/ Rarity
  • 2%Depends on the popularity of the figure.
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I always keep figure boxes but will scrap keychain boxes unless the keychain is a limited edition/event item.
1 vuotta sitten
I actually started throwing some boxes away for pvc figures (non-prize). As for trading figures I have kept some because i use them as risers for my figures.
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Rajke Ca fanatic
For me it varies from figure to figure (Doens't matter for me if it is about scales or prize).
I really want a box when:
-When the bootleg looks almost identical to the original. ITEM #209601 is a good example. I have seen the bootleg and wasn't able to tell the bootleg and original apart from each other. The box has an important big difference and for that reason this is a figure i want a box with it.
-When the figure is a (numbered) limited edition.
-When the box looks too nice and can be diplayed with the figure. ITEM #166902
-Figma's and Nendoroid. Because i keep the accesoires in their original boxes.
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While I highly value boxes, I unfortunately, just flat out do not have the space to keep them. This is mainly due to the fact that our house has absolutely minimal closet/storage space and we struggle to keep even essential things.
I never kept keychain/trading boxes and had no problem selling them without boxes. They are easier to store tho, since they typically dont have blistering so can be folded flat.
If we ever move, Ill have to invest in some bubble wrap for moving my figures.
I really dont see myself selling my figures in the foreseeable future tho as Ive carefully chosen each one and have a dedicated space/detolf for them.
1 vuotta sitten
Trading figures? Yes. Boxes for keychains? Not so much.

I will say keeping boxes helps so much if you intend to move, so keep that in mind for items that can't be easily moved from one place to another (small parts, delicate pieces, etc).

As for saving space, I used to play tetris with my closet. Eventually I ran out of room and stored figure boxes inside boxes at my Mum's place which was very nice of her. If you have family close enough, ask if you could possibly store a box or two in their attic, basement, garage, spare closet, etc.

Eventually I just moved house, so I don't have that problem anymore. But if you're completely out of space, you could maybe flatten the boxes to try and improve the situation. I'm not sure what your current storage situation is like, but there's always somewhere you can put them. If not, then you may have to seek out additional storage.
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I keep the boxes as to me, they are part of the figures.
1 vuotta sitten
It's just not for reselling, it's also for when you decide to move.. Those boxes will come in handy then. That's the biggest reason I'm keeping them, but then again, I don't have enough figures that space is becoming a problem.
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Kelseydelallave (눈‸눈)
I keep boxes of anything that is or is near scale.. like most sonico prize figures, I keep those boxes. I threw out all the boxes to my KNB chibi-kyun trading and prize figures. I honestly dont like boxes, I only keep in case of resale and moving (which I do a lot of >.>)
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I honestly don't mind if the trading figure does not have a box. The only thing I would worry more about are prize figure boxes. For these, I would throw away the inside packaging and just keep the outter box, in case you want to sell it in the future.

You can unfold the box and store it while it's flat. This won't take up very much space.
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I have the mindset that I'm buying it to display in my home with no immediate intent of reselling. I'm not really a "professional" collector yet, I don't have a display shelf or anything so I'm not worried about it. I figure, in the long run if I DO decide to sell my figures, I'll just sell them w no box... oh well, I'm out $20-30 extra? Meh. I guess just cause I don't plan on selling stuff like... ever. So that's why I think that way. *shrug*
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