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Hello! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

As I informed in my last article, I am officially starting the Secret Santa 2017!
If you don't know what this is about but you are interested in joining us, please take some time to learn more about the event rules. I'm linking the rules to this club because mods informed that we are not allowed to post this article due to some new website guidelines.

Anyway once you join us, you will receive more instructions.
Check the pictures of our last Santa here!

What is the Secret Santa thing?
- It is a xmas gift exchange, everyone who joins will get a gift from a "secret friend" and also send one to someone you will randomly pick through drawnames.com tool. More info about drawnames.com here.

● You may join until next sunday, june 25th
● Exchange (shipping your package): October 1st~10th. Further details will come later!

Also, I wanted to inform that our first Santa was four years ago! We started small, but now we have lots of people interested in joining us. That's amazing. I didn't even notice it's been that much time.
As always, I'm excited to start a new Santa! Thank you guys, for always being interested in participating in such nice event!

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ntrekie3 vuotta sitten#22616939why is xmas in october?
or am i a spoiled american who expects all shipping to resolve in less than a couple weeks...

We ship packages in october so they can make in time for xmas, since you are sending overseas.
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why is xmas in october?
or am i a spoiled american who expects all shipping to resolve in less than a couple weeks...
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Kazamir Savage Elitist Scum
I'm in again!
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Nagara_Venteel3 vuotta sitten#22598975Is registration open through today or is it closed?

It is still open!
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Is registration open through today or is it closed?
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Ellime3 vuotta sitten#22462645I just want to say, I was in last year's and I thoroughly enjoyed it! If I weren't so worried about future costs (school) I would join again this year.
I saw you were gathering pictures of last year's gifts and I've been swamped, but I don't want my gifter's efforts to go to waste, so I can send what I have this week.
If I can suggest an improvement, I would've liked it if more updates were posted on the MFC group vs. the Secret Santa site; it makes more sense since everyone that joins uses MFC already. Not sure if there's a reason not to.

Hello, honey. Too bad you can't join us this year, but I hope to see you again in the near future!
Thanks for your suggestion. So far I just didn't think of what I could update despite the members and the shipping status, but you have any ideas please let me know. :D

Edit: Also, depending on the info, people wouldn't read it in the club x SS site that send notifications to everyone's email.
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Please add me!
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This sounds like so much fun. I'd love to join! ^^
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I am interested in joining again :3
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I would like to participate again this year. ^_^
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