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This might be a very strange topic to post on this website, considering the majority don't want to remove themselves from this hobby, but I was looking to see if anyone has had any similar/ relatable experiences; inside or outside of this hobby?

So, I've been collecting figures for about 7 years and I had joined this community 5 years ago. Years ago, this hobby consumed most of my time and money to the point where it had become an obsession- perhaps even an unhealthy one at that- and it made me very happy. Thing is, I want out because I don't enjoy it anymore. I don't admire my figures as I used to. I find myself wishing to let go of everything I own, not even exclusively because I'd have spare money, but also because it is not fulfilling anymore. As I stated above, this hobby was a distraction from bad shit that happened in my life. It took me away from reality, temporarily healing my daily anxieties. I feel as though many can identify with these feelings.

Long sob story short, I want to let go of something that I've held onto for almost a decade and I don't know how. I've tried... believe me, I have. I sold so much within the past 2 years and have kept my wish list clean... but I've found myself coming back onto this site and fighting myself over whether I should pre-order figures or not. I was hoping I would hear about other's experiences regarding this sort of release or contemplation of such.

And I still do want to keep some significant pieces in my collection, of course... I'm still a pretty sentimental person; I want to avoid excessively collecting in general though.

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CinnamonSwirls7 kuukautta sitten#72425660Badly enough that 2 years later, I’m proud to look back at this post and say I have sold off almost all of my figures and have quit collecting! And not just figures, but everything else. It can be done! I only have 3 figures left and I’m still selling one of them.Good to hear! You did it! So i assume the last 3 is the one that's on your 'owned' list, yes?
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BHEITHIR7 kuukautta sitten#72383646I'm sure it can be done. But answer this first, 'how bad you want it?'

Badly enough that 2 years later, I’m proud to look back at this post and say I have sold off almost all of my figures and have quit collecting! And not just figures, but everything else. It can be done! I only have 3 figures left and I’m still selling one of them.
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I'm sure it can be done. But answer this first, 'how bad you want it?'
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This is long overdue, but thanks for all of the differing opinions and advice and stories and such. I will consider everything I had read. I have come to the conclusion to perhaps slowly come off of this site alone, yet completely attempt to stop buying figures by keeping myself busy elsewhere. Perhaps sell as much as I can manage to maintain collection size? I dunno. By the end, I want to be immune to making figure-related purchases.

This is pretty much what I had been doing before, but I realize cutting it off cold turkey would be painfully difficult. So I'll take it slow.
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You don't need to cut all your ties to this hobby if you still like it, just build some self restrain,if you set your mind to it nothing is impossible
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I was a heavy smoker and drinker for a number of years (6-7 years). And I quit both addictions near overnight once I decided that enough was enough.

I can tell you that it could only be accomplished through sheer willpower, iron discipline and laser focus.

So yes, it can be done. It depends on how bad you want it.
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I quite cold turkey once ... It had nothing to do with Figurine or a hobby per say.

In 2006 I was sick with the cold and I was still smoking at the time. I can still remember the coughing and the hacking in bed for 3 days. I was short of breath and that is when I decided that I was never going to smoke again. I guess when it comes down to your heath People can quit cold turkey.

Good luck with the collection and quitting. I myself in that department went from ordering about 80 figurines a year to just under 10 a year for the most part. Not saying its's easy nor am I saying that quitting cold turkey is a good thing when it comes to a hobby but if your figurines are no longer giving you enjoyment then let that be your motivation and stop ordering them.

If however, the community is a source of pleasantries then keep your account active and chat with the people that you like to.

= )

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Congratulations for acknowledging it. Knowing you have it is the first step of battling it.

If it doesn't bring you joy anymore, it's time to let go. Try selling everything you can and then hiding the remaining figures. See if you miss it. That's what I do if I wanna get rid of something, I hide it and see if I can still live without it. If I can, it's time to let it go.

Try finding something that brings you joy. Something else, another hobby. I know it's hard, I have a lot of trouble concentrating myself (thanks ADHD) and focusing on something new and absorbing all that new information but you might as well try something else since collecting won't do it for you anymore.
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You can block all the figure sites you can't stop visiting. There's a browser add-on for Firefox called LeechBlock that did it for me when I was in the middle of finals and couldn't stop trying to distract myself, but I'm sure there are similar ones for other browsers out there as well. It might be a bit of trouble setting it up, but I think it's worth it as long as you're serious about quitting.

As for the mental side, I've also been trying to drastically scale back from this hobby, for a variety of reasons, and what does it for me is thinking about why I want to quit every time I feel the urge to add more to the collection. Try to evoke that same feeling which motivated you to want to stop in the first place.

On the flip side, you can also think about how happy you'd be if you reached your goal (assuming that's what you're going to be).

I also set a rule for myself: if I experience any kind of hesitation at all, then I won't preorder, and set it aside to decide later. I noticed that I make a lot of mistakes if I'm too hasty or caught up in the hype, so delaying the decision gives me more breathing space to gauge if it's a worthy purchase.
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I'm sorry to hear about your situation, but acknowledging there's a problem is a good first step.

If you're comfortable, why not reveal this to a close friend or family member?

Think of the money saved by not pre-ordering anything. If your life is still in some Bad Shit, that saved up money may prove beneficial to crawl out of that hole. Also, ordering figures just because you "have to" cheapens the experience. Constantly tell your brain you would not get any enjoyment out of That One Figure and remind yourself your mind is trying to trick you into thinking that you somehow need the figure.

Unless you visit this site like seven hours daily while unemployed or as a form of escapism, there really isn't anything wrong with coming back here to see the community or what's new for a few minutes. I fell off a certain TV show I was into, but I still check in on these forums for the friendly people (and also for the dwindling hope the show got better.) But moderating yourself is important, and if this site is such a distraction from real life, then yes, I would consider blocking it and other problem sites asap.

You can always find a substitute hobby from the millions out there to check out: gardening, stargazing, longboarding, history, bird watching, volunteering, origami, civics, airplane spotting, etc. etc. etc. If you live in a biggish city, explore its features.

Understand it's not the end of the world if you find that quitting this hobby isn't as initially successful as you'd liked it to be. Your profile says you're 21 and a student (though I'm guessing you're about to graduate; then consider focusing on finding a worthwhile career!). There are worse things you can do at that age than collecting PVC.

Lastly, keeping your most significant pieces is, of course, all right. I don't see much harm in doing so.

Good luck and remember that it's a journey. Once you do happen to overcome your problem, then I look forward to happily reading your update.
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