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This blog post is very very very very lewd and totally not safe for work, but something important for hentai lovers.

Recently, some personal favorite characters from hentai manga and visual novels have been getting some figure treatment. Shamsiel from Kyonyuu Fantasy got a 1/6 scale from Lechery last year in February and a second release in July.


A few months ago, Native opened pre-orders for Rocket Boy's 1/6 Alice from Omega Star's Bishoujo Mangekyou. Happoubi Jin has always been one of my top favorite hentai artists.


And two days ago, another Rocket Boy figure was opened for pre-orders: 1/6 Pole Dancing Liliana from Aoi Nagisa's "Wagaya No Liliana-san." Wagaya No Liliana-san is the first hentai I found where I developed a special interest in a certain original character or a specific artist. So I guess you could say I am almost duty bound to pre-order this.


Rocket Boy has a second Liliana figure in the works as well. Looks like Aoi Nagisa is getting some major recognition these days. :3

There is a plethora of hentai characters I would instantly pre-order high-quality figures of. At the top of my head, here are some of my most desired characters I would like to have sculptures of in my collection.

Main heroine from Youtoku Tatsunami's "Gal Ane Shachou to Harem Office" (Don't know the character's name)


Youtoku Tatsunami's Twin Milf


Lucy Menelumia & Evelyn Celebrian
Youkoso! Sukebe Elf no Mori e [Lilith-Soft]

Aoi Nagisa is a precious gem in the treasure chest of hentai. <3


There are several figures based on the works of Houtengeki being made, but I am most interested in the purple-haired demon maids.


Another blonde maid which would look great next to Alice would be Maria from the original hentai animation "Victorian Maid Maria no Houshi." There are very few animation original series I have enough interest in to nominate for a figure, but this is one of them. Of all the characters I've listed here, Maria is my top pick. She is just so elegant and wonderful. <3


What hentai characters, series or artist original illustrations would you like to have figures of? Share your nominations in the comments below. Let's support the many talented hentai artists out there by turning their amazing illustrations into sculptures. :D

Let's also see if we can get some suggestions for male characters. I know some ladies that would give a kidney for some hentai male figures. ;3
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Of the characters I selected, which would you be most interested in?

7%Gal Ane Shachou to Harem Office
8%Twin Milf
27%Youkoso! Sukebe Elf no Mori e
39%Houtengeki Demon Maids
20%Victorian Maid Maria no Houshi
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Twin Milf for me.
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I really enjoy Hakaba's work, my favorite being Kedamono no le ge (Beast House). It's a long shot but I'd love a figure of Kanna in her shrine maiden outfit here (obvious nsfw link): [url=] nhentai.net/g/1...[/url]

The outfit is both beautiful and extremely erotic.
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I also would really love to have Hajimete no Gal into figures all those hotties in my collection that is a wish I would love to see come true
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ChocolateSpider thanks they look beautiful and plus they are going to be the first 1/4 +18 figures of many ot come for BINDing
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Your wishes have been granted! :D


PICTURE #1803410

erza13 vuotta sitten#23872842I would personal love to see more of Sumeragi Kohaku work being done into figures and then more Ban specifically her other Bunny girl with the eye patch and more Oda non and then Momorino and Ishikei and I would also like to see Honey xbunny Charlotte figure made and then Fujisaki Saori and liliana made into a 1/6 scale figure together that would be hot

Vodkanroll3 vuotta sitten#23896913I would like to see more Oda-non's works became figures. I will pre-order ITEM #549584 as soon has it became available.
It would be great and also painful to my wallet if native produce the complete set of 5 figures:
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I think we need more loli hentai figures that are based on actual existing characters. I lot of loli figures are original characters or based on a cover illustration of a manga/doujin. Maybe figures of the girls from Imouto Jiru or Choisuji. Maybe even Miu from Lolita Anime (super old, I know).

As for non-loli, I don't understand why Dr. Marilyn got snubbed while the other girls from Soreyuke Marin-chan/Marine a Go Go got figures (I love Marin though. There cannot be enough Marin figures, and more South Pole One couldn't hurt either). And figures of the girls from Sei Yariman Gakuen Enkou Nikki and Namaiki: Kissuisou e Youkoso! would be nice.

Oh, and the girls from The Story of Little Monica, especially Meow. Well, all of them, really.
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My thoughts exactly and I would personally love a 1/6 scale of the cover art of Chocolate flower Aoi Nagisa special art booklet.I would preorder that in a heartbeat
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Chloe-tsundere3 vuotta sitten#23881546Gal anne or twin elfs definitly <3 but i go with the gal :) great taste i saved some pics :D
I like that more hentai figs exist, some arent super lewd and i prefer that (erotic over lewd)

That is true. Lewd is relatively cheap and easy, but erotic requires mare of an artistic flair to execute effectively. You clearly have good taste in figures of sexiness. :3
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erza13 vuotta sitten#23913495Then I would want more Wagaya No Liliana-san Liliana figures specifically Liliana in Bondage or as Neko .

No such thing as too much Liliana. Anyone who says otherwise may need some potent antipsychotics to cure the mental ailment that would make them believe such a concept.
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DarkHentaiX3 vuotta sitten#23904844What hentai characters, series or artist original illustrations would you like to have figures of?
There are so many hentai artists... I can't choose... Anyway, from top of my head I wish to have figures from Fei / 飛燕's manga "Takusan Meshiagare Go Shujin-samaa", any character from Miura Takehiro / 三浦武寛's manga and the character "Olga Discordia" from Hikage Eiji's work.
Edit: How can I forgot? "Oboro" & "Ingrid" from the Taimanin Asagi's series, "Lieri Bishop" & "Naomi Evans" from the Kangoku Senkan series.
"May the Force be with you."

So much yes to Ingrid figures. She is like a sexual humanoid version of strawberries dipped in chocolate. :3
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