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Lately there's been some hiccups in MFC so I thought it would be nice to bring a change of mood around here. I'll ask a couple of questions but there's no need to answer them all! Just any typed answer would be nice.

What is something positive that recently happened to you? What is it about figure collecting that you enjoy? Do you have any plans/goals for the future?

I'll start first!

Just about two months, I reunited with a Tohru Adachi mutual on MFC. I saw them on a MFC article wanting a certain rare Persona 4 wall scroll so I messaged them a online store that was selling it. Needless to say that they were very happy to have found it! I was happy for them too. Since then, we been messaging each other on here. We talk about different topics ranges from Persona, Japanese culture, and our own lives. I have not messaged them for a long time ever since I quit Skype to join Discord so I'm very glad to meet them again here on MFC! We still message each other occasionally and every message is such a delight to read.

I went to Anime Expo this year for the first time! It was also my first time in California as well. While the convention itself wasn't that much, I finally got to meet online friends that I known for 4-5 years. I also get to meet my favorite artists in the Artist Alley!! It was a very emotional experience for me. I'm thinking about going there again next year.

I'm about to start my second year of college this year and I'm pretty excited about it. Just earlier this year, I changed my major from Engineering to Art. It's a big decision for me and my family but I'm glad that I decided to do something that I love to do. I have no plans what I actually want to do but I'm thinking about doing comics and animation. This is also the first time that I'm leasing an apartment! I'm so excited because this is a big step for me to being independent. :D

This may seem insignificant but I finally got my hands on this item/584391!! CATMAN is a flash animation from the early 2000's. It was difficult to find the english-sub episodes online and the DVD itself. I had ordered it from different stores but each time they message me back saying it was sold out. I lucky got this DVD on yahoo auctions and it's in my proxy's warehouse right now! So excited to see this anime again!! It's not a masterpiece but it helped me a lot during my teenage years.

What I enjoy about figure collecting is that I get to support my favorite series and characters from buying their merchandises. Sometimes I cry over my wallet but it's all worth it once my package arrives. I also get to meet a lot of people and new friends with this hobby! I even met a person who goes to the same college as I am on MFC and we traded stuff together. That user was very nice to me and I hope I get to meet them again later ❤

My goal right now is to save lots and lots of money. Especially since I'm leasing an apartment for the first time and thinking about going to AX next year. That means I have to limit my impulsive purchases and my preorders. Though I guilty admit that I preordered nearly all the Persona 5 and Overwatch figures x_x..I'll managed it somehow!

I apologize for the wall of text. Lately I haven't been in a good mood so a pushing a positive attitude helps me. MFC may be changing but the members here are always nice to talk to! I hope you all are having a wonderful day!
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What is something positive that recently happened to you?
Got a nice raise at my job.

What is it about figure collecting that you enjoy?
May sound weird but waiting for my packages being delivered.

Do you have any plans/goals for the future?
I'm thinking of learning how to play violin/piano. Still not sure which one.
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"What is something positive that recently happened to you?"
I finally got a part time job! It pays weekly for a decent amount of money so I went and preordered the Akko and Jibril nendoroids. I'm thinking about adding the Ice Kirby to that list.

"What is it about figure collecting that you enjoy?"
Having a character I enjoy in physical form.

"Do you have any plans/goals for the future?"
I'm starting university soon for social work but I also got a job in the bakery (which was my second career choice). I'm excited to see how both of these paths play out. I hope to get a well paying job when I graduate so that I can help my boyfriend with his career goals.
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yay, i love blogs like these!! :D

"What is something positive that recently happened to you?"

i ordered like 8 figures at once and they all came in in the last two days! also, i am meeting an internet friend for the first time on wednesday!! this is kinda cheating since it's going to happen, but we did agree on it, so the agreement happened! ^^

"What is it about figure collecting you enjoy?"

i collect figures of characters i love. figures remind me of the shows i've watched and games i've played and manga i've read...no matter how much something falls into obscurity or how long it's been since i've watched a show or played a game, etc, figures are there to remind me what i loved about it! i especially like figures that show happy characters, because i want to be surrounded by happy things. it cheers me up a lot! this may sound a bit silly, but when im looking at my figures it really does feel like i've brought them a little more closer to coming alive, haha

"Do you have any plans/goals for the future?"

i want to cover my room in posters. huge, enormous, anime posters. i love the look of a really cluttered nerd room. that's my biggest goal right now LOL
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What is something positive that recently happened to you?
i graduated high school and im about to start college in a few weeks! im the happiest ive ever been in a long while, especially with my boyfriend of almost three years <3 even when we both have to go back to school (him being two hours away) were both still so excited, when this time last year we were both filled with dread. im actually loving life and being alive, which i had so much trouble with for years when i was younger.

What is it about figure collecting you enjoy?
ive always loved having a collection of items. i loved my aunts snowglobe collection, my dads trading card collection, and my grandmothers china collection. having a collection, especially one that i can display how i like and arrange how i see fit, is something very pleasing to me. i also view most figures as works of art and beauty. someone had to design, sculpt, and paint them after all! and i think that is a wonderful talent that should be respected and observed, just like any other medium of art (painting, sketching, makeup, or even music or theatrical arts). it gives me an outlet to show my support for art and for the series and characters that i adore.

Do you have any plans/goals for the future?
definitely! im going to college for pharmacy, and when i enroll in an actual pharmacy school ill most likely move in with my boyfriend and well be at the same university. ive visited the city/campus a few times now, and each time i go i love it more. not to mention ill be able to quit my serving job and get a nice job at a pharmacy (:
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Haven't had anything to positive happen to me in the past years ... nothing notable at least.

I've always liked collecting something. I liked having a full "arsenal" of things that interest me.
A little problem that did came along with collecting, especially with figures, is that I like a lot of different genres, a lot of different things, but they don't all fit together. This makes me feel rather unhappy about my collection back when I had everything I owned set up. Unlike how I'm doing it now.
The biggest reason for me to collect things (aside from liking something) is as a memory piece. I have a horrible memory, it's been degrading quite a bit in the past 5 years or so. I'm only able to remember things well from when I was younger and nothing more recent. So figures help me remember what I liked a lot and often also, why I liked it.

The only goals/plans I have is to finally move out of this cardboard box I live in now to a place I can hopefully call "home". This has actually resulted in me saving up quite a bit as well. While I was already saving up a lot with stopping pre-orders and well nothing decent coming out helps that as well, I'm now saving up even more just because I don't want to move it along with me. I also have no idea when, where or what I'll be moving to yet so I'm also saving up for new furniture and stuff
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What is something positive that recently happened to you?

I just got promoted to full time!
The story on this(I'll make it short and sweet):
I lost my job due to cut backs sometime in January,
And for about three months I was searching for a new job... And I finally got one in May, but it was part time only.
However just this week the Manager called me in and offered me full time!
Needless to say I was so grateful/elated!

What is it about figure collecting that you enjoy?

I enjoy the artistry of the figure it self, as well as I'm a sucker for cute things...

Do you have any plans/goals for the future?

There are things I'd really like to do, But I just never get around to doing them...
But maybe one day I will... XD
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What is something positive that recently happened to you?

I fell in love, it's never happened in my life that hardly so I'm really happy (even if I'm unsure about what will happen with this relationship)

What is it about figure collecting that you enjoy?

The beautifulles of figures. Actually I'm selling a lot of my collection, but there is still that figures which I really love and I'll never let them go xD!

Do you have any plans/goals for the future?

Yeah, I plan a trip to Japan!
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What is something positive that recently happened to you?
I pre-ordered Collar x Malice from a shop based in England that imports things from America because it looks like Germany and the rest of Europe won't get a physical release for the game after all. So I kind of made my peace with the fact that I won't get it before a week after release - but SURPRISE the shop actually shipped it on the 21st, despite the release date being the 28th. So if I'm super lucky I might get it before the official release!

In non-nerdy news, my grandparents arrived yesterday and will stay for three weeks! I rarely get to see them since they live very far away from us, so this is AWESOME. We're going to spend a day at the ocean, which will be so much fun! ^-^

What is it about figure collecting that you enjoy?
As a huge art nerd who loves anime nothing could be better than owning highly detailed figures of my favorite characters! Sometimes I just sit before my shelf and look at them for more than ten minutes. I also plan to get into figure photography one day.

Do you have any plans/goals for the future?
Finally learning a job would be nice. ._. Thanks outside circumstances that I have no power over. I have the highest school degree that you can get in my country but so far tumbled from one disappointing circumstance to another. At least I've got a job soon so I can make some money after my internship is over.
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What an awesome idea for a blog :)! I love hearing about positive things that are happening in people's lives right now! It makes my day a lot better haha
Something positive for me is that I'm planning on buying my first scale! ITEM #466670
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Positive: I'm in a much happier place in my life currently. I live in a place I love for its diversity and weather (reminds me of my hometown), quit a crummy job, I'm starting to get serious with this guy (ง ´͈౪`͈)ว, AND my birthday is coming up!

Collecting: I kinda went overboard the last few days ordering used figures (and I know not everyone buys used) but isn't that part of the fun? Searching and finding a great deal on something you've really wanted. Also, seeing a physical form of something I love, knowing it's my possession, makes me feel fuzzy ( ´ ▽ ` ).

Plans/Goals: I want to buy a home big enough to share with my family and get another cat and a dog. (I've got their names picked and everything.)

Thanks for making this article!
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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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