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(Whoops, I never actually knew about image hosting issues on MFC so I had to upload them all on MFC instead, sorry!!)
(Hello! I'm Leesha!)

This is my first ever blog post, and probably my only one for a while. As this is my first post, I am extremely nervous about it. I've looked at so many collection blog posts and always wanted to do my own, so here it is! Please treat me well!

I'm a long time lurker here, but after taking photos of my current K Project collection, I decided: why not post here?

While I did mention this is my K Project collection, I actually focused mainly on one, namely Yata Misaki, then slowly collecting Fushimi Saruhiko's goods. Fushimi is super expensive, which hurts my heart because I'm left without a Fushimi counterpart for nearly all of my Yata merch. I'm sure by now it's a little obvious who my main 'ship' is.

Sadly, I'm pretty sure the K Project fandom is pretty much dead even with the new theatre series thingy getting debuted next Summer (which I'll be in Japan for!!), which is why I'm sure this won't get a lot of attention. But! This is also a progress post of my collection after two years, and I plan on doing this yearly (even if it's another fandom by then), so even if nobody notices at least I have something to look back at.

I have other merch of other series, but since I only took a photo of my K collection that'll be what's here. Besides, my 'others' collection is so small it'd only be two or three pictures. (And if anyone's interested in K box splits and doesn't mind handing Yata/Fushimi to me, let me know lel)

Be warned that this is photo-heavy!

I'm going to break this up by parts in which everything resides in, so I'll first take a look at what is (or was) on my bed:
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My Yata Lyctron Pillow Cover! Unfortunately I had to remove him from my bed because he was starting to get those fuzzy little thingies when the thread gets pulled, so now he's going to (sadly) sit in a box or something until I can find enough space to properly display him, which is probably when I move out of my parent's house...
Also fun fact: It's taller than me. By like an inch or two. Yeah. It's life-sized.
Then there's these three pillows! Nothing much to say except I keep all of them on the side where Yata is, since he's my favorite and all.

Onto the clothes I never wear because I'm afraid of ruining them!
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Here's Yata's pajama set from SuperGroupies. I also have the headband thingy that completes the set (and the bromide that comes with it), but it'll be shown later on since I'm using it for something else. I have photos wearing it too, which I may or may not edit into here eventually. ^^;
This one is the Fushimi Dream Daily Closet cardigan! I was going to buy Yata's shirt, but I forgot and I keep forgetting to...

Up next is the stuff I keep in a box for lack of ideas/space to display them!
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A pencil board, buttons, charms, pouches, and a SuperGroupies bromide I managed to find off of Yahoo! Auctions (so no, I don't have the bag or shoes or watch that you otherwise would have needed to get for it)
The top right ashtray thing is a special item from a doujin event in Japan that I managed to snag from suruga-ya, as is the pouch one item over (to its left). The ashtray thing's art is drawn by Fuukatei and the pouch is by DoubleSlash!
Postcards, postcard sets, and bromides! The special bromide from the pajama set shown earlier is here!
These last couple photos are bromides I'm trying to complete! If you by any chance have one I don't have yet and are willing to sell to to me, please do! Especially seeking Yata, Fushimi, the Silver Clan, and Suoh.

Wall stuff, like posters:
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v These are the posters and other things that are by my bookshelf. v
These are Prism Connect cards and cards that came with can badges.
Posters! And a sticker sheet! And pencil boards! And a clear file!
Fun fact: The clear file was one of the very first, if not the first, K related item I ever bought.
And here's more stuff from a doujin event! I love these to death; the little chocolate in the middle was from one of my absolute favorite artists, HERBST. On the left is KanameEX, and on the right is apoepo-sha.
My first and only wall tapestry. I love the design, and I like to think Fushimi has his hand on Yata's waist and that's why Yata's pouting at the viewer (what a shy guy).

v Stuff close to my door! v
The poster of them on the couch (it's a little beat up, sadly) is from AniMage's (might've spelled that wrong) Valentines 2017 issue!
A canvas thing! And my cousin's Christmas present to me in 2016. I love it so much!
v And clear files on my door! I like to consider clear files as small and sometimes cheap alternatives to actual posters. v

My shelf!
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Bigger plushes! And a 300-dollar (with the shipping) pair of headphones! I love them so much, but I'm also terrified of scratching them so I never use them anymore. They came with a poster I keep still rolled up and in a poster box because there's no space and it's super precious!
The poster design is this without the info on the bottom:
Anyways, onwards!
I only have six charms of them. Weird, right?
Oh, geez. I need another Yata figure. One of his buttons are missing! Someone help! It's apparently been lost for almost a year actually LOL (I didn't even notice until I cleaned up a little a while ago), and it's making me so upset knowing there's an imperfection on it. I angled it so that it's not noticeable, but it's his bottom left (viewer side) button thingy.
Anyways! You'll also see a few of Yata's figurines, as well as some standees of some of the characters! I was so dumb and didn't put the winter Yata figurine on the stand with care, so I managed to get the paint to transfer to the base...
Also that glass to the right, I thought it was shot glass sized and they're apparently a lot bigger. XD To think I got three of these for 300 yen on suruga-ya... my cousin has the Shiro/Kuro version and I'm selling the Munakata/Suoh one.
Other side! The little bird nest is actually the headpiece for the pajamas. Chun-colles are adorable, and we all should have at least one, even if it's a naked one so it doesn't necessarily represent a character.
The tiny calendar is KanameEX's 2017 desk calendar! The live action postcard thingy came with my pre-order of Lost Small World stage play DVD from CDJapan. Then the little square picture is the Animate exclusive from the Return of Kings Vol. 2 manga!
Manga (+a novel) and doujinshi! The link to all my doujin is at the very bottom. Also shown here are my two DVDs, one for the LSW stage play and the other is of the movie, K: Missing Kings. The two tins on top of those are candy tins that have a can badge on them! I still haven't eaten the candy yet...
I do a little translating in my free time, which is why I love collecting manga and doujinshi. My Japanese isn't the best, but it's so fun learning to read a new story while learning new characters to remember for another time. (I'm not in a specific level because I know basic and advanced things and also don't know some basic and advanced things, hooray for completely self-teaching after my first Japanese class)
Magazines, posters, and a clear file also in/on my shelf:
The one with the Free! design is the large poster for the second-to-the-top-Spoon-2Di magazine. I love the poster, and I'm terrified of displaying it without a proper frame, so it'll stay like that for a while longer.

My temporary ita-bag (plus a new item I got that I haven't yet put on it), because I keep forgetting to buy an actual ita-bag that has a protective cover for them:
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I got the bag for free from the Gay Pride event a long time ago in Seattle, Washington. It was from a FIAT booth, and that's literally all I remember about it. I hope to someday get the backpack itabags, so that way they look a lot nicer. Or even a shadow photo frame! I'm still not sure which I'll decide to use as a display method.
I just got this the same day I took the photos, so it's not yet up on my ita-bag!

And last but not least, my ultimate treasures, my nuis!
They're so small and cute, and I recently started making little felt clothes for them. Someday I want to be able to sew better ones, like their middle school uniforms.

For those who are curious about my doujinshi collection that's sitting on my bookshelf, here's the imgur album containing all of them.

Another reason why I created this blog post was so that I knew what I had before jumping on OtaMart, Yahoo! Auctions, suruga-ya, and the likes and going on buying sprees. I've accidentally bought duplicates I didn't want duplicates of so many times now that taking photos like this was inevitable...

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this quickly done blog post! I hope it's not too cluttered or messy for enjoyable viewing.

(See you again!)

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You should make additional awesome itabags with the stuff you keep in the box! :D

Nice collection tour!
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moonlight1192 vuotta sitten#26380002Those nuis!! <3 I've been wanting to get my hands on both ever since I saw them in a OneRoom doujinshi haha. I'm not the biggest fan of K tho I'm very much interested in it. And, sarumi is actually one of my otp's haha!

Ohh I know which you're talking about! I've just wanted these since forever, I have a second Yata nui coming soon too xD suruga-ya recently had them on sale so if you wanna pick them up I can suggest watching their prices there! I think Fushimi's the only one available there right now (oops)
K's one of those series where you have to get into the side stories to fully enjoy haha xD I do translations when people ask me to, there's a lot already done if you ever want to start reading them though!
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Those nuis!! <3 I've been wanting to get my hands on both ever since I saw them in a OneRoom doujinshi haha. I'm not the biggest fan of K tho I'm very much interested in it. And, sarumi is actually one of my otp's haha!
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Vaiyoretto2 vuotta sitten#26321994Woow nice collection! I love your little doodles!
I'm a huge Yata fan myself (mainly because he is voiced by JunJun!)
My most expensive item is definitely the Kotobukiya fried rice rubber strap that was the pre-order bonus orz

I love JunJun so much! I've noticed that a lot of the characters I tend to like are actually voiced by him... xD
Ooh I know that one! I've wanted it but it hasn't shown up anywhere yet... and I hope it's an okay price when it does orz

Mewsie2 vuotta sitten#26326385Your enthusiasm for a seemingly-dead fandom is inspirational. (My fave show is from '99 and is also seemingly-dead).
What a great collection~
And I've heard that Ebay has some reasonably priced ita bags.

Thank you! It's sad to see fandoms come and go, but I guess it's only natural :( We can only hope for some sort of revival...
Ah yes, I've seen those! I was a bit iffy on them but I might snag one that isn't heart-shaped anyways sometime next month so I can finally decide if I want to start using ita-bags or opt for the shadow box frames the next time I organize my stuff.

bomhat2 vuotta sitten#26334302oh my god you're really intense
I guess you can say that... xD I've slowed down considerably in the past 6 months though, mainly because I'm starting to focus more on straps and doujin of both K and other series I like

noctisity2 vuotta sitten#26340546Your collection is incredible! I admire your dedication. Fushimi is my favorite from K so I definitely understand the pain of trying to collect his merch. ;__;
Thank you! Yeah, I've been meaning to get so many of his merch but every time I look at the price I think... I could get so much more of Yata's merch with the price of just one of Fushimi's... ;__; So I sit and wait for timesales and hope it becomes a price I'm okay with, then usually forget to checkout before it ends LOL
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Your collection is incredible! I admire your dedication. Fushimi is my favorite from K so I definitely understand the pain of trying to collect his merch. ;__;
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bomhat because I'm batman
oh my god you're really intense
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Mewsie The magi-cooliest✧
Your enthusiasm for a seemingly-dead fandom is inspirational. (My fave show is from '99 and is also seemingly-dead).
What a great collection~
And I've heard that Ebay has some reasonably priced ita bags.
2 vuotta sitten
Woow nice collection! I love your little doodles!
I'm a huge Yata fan myself (mainly because he is voiced by JunJun!)
My most expensive item is definitely the Kotobukiya fried rice rubber strap that was the pre-order bonus orz
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