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A nice Hatsune Miku to get?kommenttia • A nice Hatsune Miku to get?

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    My first ever figure was ITEM #287701 and I love it very much. The reason I got it in the first place was because it was representative of one of my favorite albums, The Greatest Idol by Mitchie M.

    That being said, since you said that you are not very familiar with the character, I would just choose whatever looks the best in your opinion since you don't seem to have any sort of attachment to particular Miku songs or anything like I had. (I would highly recommend listening to some classic Miku songs like Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru, World is Mine, Romeo and Cinderella, Ievan Polkka, Popipo, Rolling Girl, Tell Your World, etc.)

    The figure you mentioned looks very nice, and is relatively new, especially compared to quite a lot of other Miku figures.

    You mentioned that you don't want a halloween/similar style Miku figure, so you probably want to get a figure of her in her iconic outfit.

    Overall, I would just recommend looking through Miku figures on this website and just picking out any that you think look the best.

    Good luck!

    Some of my personal favorites in case you don't want to scroll through like a million pages of figures

    ITEM #581669
    ITEM #236103
    ITEM #80601
    ITEM #198541
    ITEM #29253
    ITEM #61333
    ITEM #380217
    ITEM #143923
    ITEM #144312

    I also forgot to ask about whether you have a particular price range in mind.

    EDIT 2:
    I saw a lot of people explaining that Miku is a voicebank used to make songs. I don't know how familiar you are with synthesizers, but I feel as though a more detailed explanation would be that Hatsune Miku is actually a musical computer plugin (I don't know a better term) that can be used with the Vocaloid software to create customized vocals using phonetic coding. "Her" voice is really an edited version of voice provider Saki Fujita's voice that was edited to sound characteristic.
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    As said there are many different opinions, it depends how 'adult' you want her to look, compared to the prize figures where she looks younger.
    For me I settled on this as my first one: ITEM #98976
    I enjoyed her hair and her face, because she looks more mature. I would wait a bit to see which figure you consistently go back to before diving in though.
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    Bruh, I don't want to be rude, but don't even ask... You'll get literally one hundred opinions from myself and others lmao
    Find versions that you like, and then check out reviews on MFC so you can see if it's worth buying.
    I'm dying for that 1/8 Sepang Miku but don't want to pay 4K yen on shipping, and the 1/7 EV Mirai Miku, but I don't have 200$ laying around. Fml.
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    Rajke Ca fanatic
    For some unknown reason i have a weak spot for racing Miku's.
    ITEM #199601
    ITEM #167102
    They are prize figures but they are really nicely made.
    ITEM #143923 This one is the most impressive Miku i have seen so far. This one is so recognizable. Say Miku and this is one of the first Miku's that comes to mind.
    ITEM #198415
    I really like this Figma. From her outfit to her expressions.
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    ITEM #144312 will forever be my favourite, she's big, the style is amazing, there are so many details and the colour scheme is nice.
    ITEM #604409 is also going to come out and looks really promising!
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    ITEM #78591 (Can find for a great price, Classic Miku in a stupidly adorable art style, 1 mother friggin 7 scale, still one of my favorite scales of my entire collection)

    ITEM #321897 (I love this Racing Miku design and every aspect is pulled off perfectly)

    ITEM #27602 (Holy Grail. Nuff said)

    ITEM #211405 (My favorite of all of my Miku/Snow Miku nendoroids and a great theme with awesome accessories)

    ITEM #323689 (she's so cute and even though she has her usual pigtails they're styled in such a adorable way)

    ITEM #136444 (A revamp of classic Miku with a whole lotta accessories to customize to your heart's content)
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    Aimathyst TOM Affiliate
    I personally love ITEM #287701 ^_^
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    This is what I picked : ITEM #144428
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    SkiaEsh (11 kuukautta sitten) #26542241Personally, I like scales and Snow Miku, so I went for ITEM #464599. Looking through the Mikus, some others that caught my eye are ITEM #621962, ITEM #549644, ITEM #236103, ITEM #331518, ITEM #330767, ITEM #144414, ITEM #98976, ITEM #61389, ITEM #27602, and ITEM #13763. Reading my list makes me glad I was not bitten by the Miku bug.

    ITEM #27602 looks sweet especially for the price she was released but for the aftermarket price holy and the sure expensive shipping I'll have to pass.
    Gotta ask since I have seen it in a lot of Miku's figures, any particular reason why most of her figure have her hair semi-transparent, one of the reason I'm indecisive for some of her figures are because of this particular aspect of her hair.

    ShaoMay (11 kuukautta sitten) #26542389There is so many choices. First, think about what type of figure you want, scale, prize, articulated, chibi? Do you like a particular outfit or song? I really like the theme Miku, I have ITEM #504814 and ITEM #444805 and I will get the next snow Miku ITEM #567485 and that scale ITEM #166951 as well as thi one ITEM #256472 has my attention.

    Really hate articulated due to joints but I don't mind chibi one's, although for a first of a character chibi no.
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    victorviper (11 kuukautta sitten) #26541830I'd recommend:
    Max Factory's Tell Your World Miku ITEM #236245 , as that's one of my favorite Miku songs and the outfit is so cool.
    GSC's Lat type Miku ITEM #61333 . The cuteness level is high, and the figure can be found for a very good price these days.
    Sega's Ribbon Girl Miku ITEM #514087. The gal-like outfit is a neat look for Miku, and the fact that she's got her hair in a ponytail and not her usual twintails mixes up her look. While it's just a prize figure, its quality is pretty good, too.

    ITEM #236245 Definitely an option for the outfit although her face doesn't convince me.
    ITEM #61333 Nice for the price but since I'll probably end up buying only one I'll go with a higher quality one. Btw she looks childish.
    ITEM #514087 Gotta say she look pretty nice but not gonna lie, her using a ponytail instead of her usual twintails feel like you're taking apart something that defines her.

    agentmozell (11 kuukautta sitten) #26542037If you want a scale I'd recommend this one: ITEM #380217
    If you want a prize figure: ITEM #443408

    Totally forgot this scale figure existed, she would go be perfect to add to my collection of yukata-haregi-kimono scale figures.
    For the taito one not an option, nos the best quality, already own some figures from that company, prefer to spend a little bit more.

    Glueblade (11 kuukautta sitten) #26542079If you want something unique and eye-catching, I recommend this one: ITEM #256472

    She's really stunning but her pose is too much dynamic/detailed for my kind of taste.

    WanderingWastrel (11 kuukautta sitten) #26542152I suggest ITEM #236103 or the Snow Miku variant (my preference) ITEM #380025. They're 1/4 scale so they take up a lot of room. This is fine, though, as you will of course be setting her up on a shrine for daily worship of Miku, your new goddess. Right?
    Okay, maybe that's just me.
    Still, though, 1/4 scale figures (and larger, of course) are quite impressive. You should seriously consider worshipping acquiring one; I think you'll enjoy it.

    You want my debt to get bigger! O:
    Was considering on getting her 1/4 really like her pose, something simple. I also own some 1/4 figures, bunny's from FREEing also, but they are quite pricey, can almost buy two normal scales of her.

    Solarstormflare (11 kuukautta sitten) #26542162I was in the same boat as you until quite recently; wanting a miku figure, but being kind of overwhelmed by all the choices. I ended up getting ITEM #12053 really cheap because it's old, but it's a lovely big figure and I'm happy with her. I guess it depends what size you want, what uniform you want; default vs racing etc

    Her face looks weird, but well 2009 is quite old so I wouldn't expect for her to be exactly as they now draw her.
    Mostly I'm looking for none swimsuit, costumes like halloween or those that make her look like she's not her although I would still accept a racing one.

    franjandar (11 kuukautta sitten) #26542163If you are searcing for something of a high qaulity but cheap prise, then I'd advise getting: ITEM #440687
    If you want something of a higher qaulity, for instince a scale figure or nendoroid, I would buy: ITEM #581731

    Prefer the higher quality but buying a nendoroid for my figure of a character don't feel like it.

    Josine (11 kuukautta sitten) #26542164The one you linked is nice, if you really want a plain clothes version I would go for that one as well (or keep an eye out for the upcoming ITEM #604385) or a Winter variant ITEM #464599.
    Personally, I really like the Racing designs, I own ITEM #236204 as my only Miku and I think she looks really cool ^^
    Btw I'm also really curious how ITEM #604409 will turn out

    ITEM #604385 Has caught my attention although I will feel like having a rainbow after seeing picture/1802687...[]=itemId%3A604385
    ITEM #464599 like the concept but not really my preference where the hair feel like it's to important
    ITEM #236204 At first I thought she wasn't Miku
    ITEM #604409 Another one that caught my attention although she might compete with ITEM #380217

    Caylm (11 kuukautta sitten) #26542173That one recently got a re-release as a 10th anniverary item ITEM #581669. I personally started with ITEM #236245 as I love that song. Not sure what to recommend as I don't know if you have a favorite module, do you like the Snow Miku or Racing Miku line, or do you like nendos or figmas. ITEM #548722 does look really nice for your first Miku. Maybe also look into ITEM #143923 as she is getting a re-release.

    Like I said I really don't know much about the character, basically I only know she sings and that she's very popular (I guess this is common knowledge). Do like nendos but as first of character not really and figmas not really my thing, don't like how the joint can be seen and feel like they are too expensive, although nendos are the same but nendos make the character look cute.
    ITEM #143923 does like interesting but I don't want a miku figure where her hair stands out, at least I feel it does with this figure.

    Coffee (11 kuukautta sitten) #26542183There really isn't much to know about Miku.
    She's a voice bank used to make songs.
    Her personality can be whatever the creators want it to be.
    My favorite Miku figure that I own is probably ITEM #144312, but it takes up quite some space and the style is probably a bit "not Miku"-ish.
    Other than that, I like ITEM #80601.
    There's a whole sea full of Miku figures in various styles.
    If you find one you like, go for it.

    Space is my least of problems, I keep almost everything inside their original boxes (don't want to bother with dusting) Really like the first one, her face looks like from the characters of one of Tim burton's motion picture movies, especially with those eyes.
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