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1/8 Psychedelic Orihara Izaya - ALTAiR (Alter)1/8 Psychedelic Orihara Izaya - ALTAiR (Alter)

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Greetings, everyone! Today, I want to share my review of the Alter 1/8 Psychadelic Izaya (ITEM #364200)! Since there isn't currently one written, I hope this can help any prospective buyers make a more informed decision!

Izaya was my favorite character in Durarara! I liked his chaotic personality and how he was always meddling with and manipulating others for his own entertainment and gain. He's such a smart, powerful, and aggravating guy! (>▽<人)

There will be a lot of images up ahead!

✪ ✪ ✪

Let's begin with the box! It's quite small, so I was able to ship it with SAL shipping! It's also made of plastic, not cardboard. On one hand, that makes it somewhat more durable since it's less likely to rip or get dented compared to cardboard boxes, but it also feels a bit flimsy since it doesn't have the same weight as a cardboard box.

Overall, it complements the figurine very nicely. There's a window cut into the blister that lets us get a good look at his face. I'm a fan of how sleek and hip it looks, from the clear plastic to the audio/volume bars around the edges! Just like the figurine, the packaging really pops with color and energy!

▲ It's an eye-catching, sleek-looking box!

▲ On both sides of the box, there are more Izayas!

✪ ✪ ✪

Now we finally get a look at Izaya himself! Unfortunately, my desk was completely cluttered with other things, so I decided to open him up on my bed. Here he is inside the blister. He really stands out against the floral pattern of my sheets, doesn't he? ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ

▲ Hello, Izaya! ☆

▲ Finally out of that confining plastic, lounging on my soft bed!

The box contains Izaya, his base, his pink headphone cord, and a small metal rod to connect him to the base. There are also instructions to assemble him, although it's not really necessary. I wasn't able to get good photos of him mid-assembly, but it's very simple. You'll need to connect his headphone cord to a small hole in his collar, the back of his hood, his foot, and finally place his phone/mp3 player in his hand. Then, pop him on the rod and base, and you're done!

▲ It's a wee bit blurry, but here is his base.

As you can see, the base is a circular, translucent base with the words "Orihara Izaya Psycahdelic Ver." written around it. You can also see the small hole where you insert the supporting rod. The rod allows you to spin Izaya around, so you can reposition him if you desire. But be careful since the rod can come out of the base pretty easily as well. I wish the rod had been part of the base instead of a separate part!

▲ Welcome to your new home, surrounded by women!

Here he is inside my Detolf! The dim lighting and LED lights make it almost feel like he's in a nightclub or something, doesn't it? ( ´ ω ` ); I quite like how the lights reflect off his clothes in this shot!

My only tiny complaint is that the pose is very cool, but it seems like he's just...falling through the air. It would have been nice if he came with a small prop, like a chair to lounge in, rather than just floating in the air like that. On the other hand, it's also nice that the base is simplistic and chic!

Edit: the lovely franjandar explained in the comments the origin of Psychadelic ver. I Izaya, and I must say the pose makes much more sense now! Thank you! (=´∀`)

✪ ✪ ✪

Let's get a bit more into his sculpt/appearance, shall we? I wanted to get a figurine of Izaya for a while, but many of his scale figurines are a bit simple in terms of their pose. This one really stuck out with its color scheme and dynamic pose! Psychadelic Izaya looks a bit different from how we’re used to seeing him, but he still has his signature crafty smirk.

▲ What is he plotting, I wonder?

▲ His fashionable headphones!

▲ Other side of his headphones

▲ Touch the butt! (╯✧▽✧)╯

I love the little details in this figurine! I like how his shirt is tucked in a bit in the back, as well as all the wrinkles where it floats up above his torso. You can see in the images above that his boxers peep out of his pants just a bit, and they've got "Psychadelic" written on them! It's a very cool touch. ☆ ~('▽^人) The trim on his sleeves and collar looks very nice and fluffy, although they're actually quite sharp and spiky to the touch! He looks very chic and hip! His headphones are also nicely detailed, although his hand covers up the left one. If I had one small complaint, it would be that his phone/mp3 player is quite boring. It would have been nice if Alter added a bit of detail to the screen or some buttons on it.

I've said this many times before, but I am absolutely in love with the white and pink colors! It's refreshing to see him in the complete opposite of his usual dark attire. It really gives him a mischievous, flirty/playful vibe!

✪ ✪ ✪

If I had to give him an overall score, it would be a solid 9/10!

+ Very unique, dynamic pose
+ Colorful and eyecatching
+ Easy to assemble
+ Many wonderful small details

- Pose feels a bit odd, like he's simply falling through the air
- Can be a bit unstable since the supporting rod is not firmly attached to the base
- His phone/mp3 player could be a bit more detailed

+/- Plastic box compared to cardboard, depending on your preference

I hope you all enjoyed this review! (@´ー`)ノ゙ Please leave me any feedback or suggestions in the comments!
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sharuuri shadz the destroyer
nice review! i have this figure too and i absolutely love him!
i haven't had any problems with bending so far and he's been
out for a few months..
i'd like to see them make a Psychedelic Shizuo to go with him though.. ; v ;
1 vuotta sitten
stars_n_kisses (1 vuotta sitten) #27115495Thanks for the review. While I left the Durarara 'Party' I might plan to get him for nostalgia kicks.
Only Problem, though: I do not know if he will bend with that one poll.
I might need to get a second random poll to keep him balanced.

Funny to read this review because I sold mine a week or two ago :D
Anyways, I had him for over a year and during all this time he never bent once. I thought he would but then I saw the pole wasn't correctly placed in the bases hole but this was super easily fixed: I put it back in. The pole is quite sturdy and imho the figure has a good balance :)
1 vuotta sitten
stars_n_kisses (1 vuotta sitten) #27115495
Hmm, I haven't heard anyone talk about him leaning or bending in the comments on his page. I believe those issues are more prevalent in older figurines, and this is a fairly new figurine (release 07/07/2016), so I wouldn't be too worried. :)
1 vuotta sitten
Thanks for the review. While I left the Durarara 'Party' I might plan to get him for nostalgia kicks.
Only Problem, though: I do not know if he will bend with that one poll.
I might need to get a second random poll to keep him balanced.
1 vuotta sitten
franjandar (1 vuotta sitten) #27106729
Thank you! I have to admit I was a little lazy and never looked up the origin of Psychadelic ver., so that explains a lot! Thanks for taking the time to let me know! (=´∀`)
1 vuotta sitten
Nice review! I especially like the little negatives and positives at the end, but one thing kind of seemed odd to me about your critism with his pose. So I thiugh that I coul explain to you why he has that pose. Phsychedelic Izaya is a version of Izaya that originated from multiple doujinshi. Izaya (and Shizuo) in this doujinshi are basically software. They get update and are the imbodiment the software inside an electronic.
The reason he floats instead of standing is because the world were Physechedelic Izaya exist is within the computer, so his surrounding are basically a white void where nothing exists except for Shiuzo and Izaya.
I hope this was helpfull ( ^∀^)
1 vuotta sitten
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