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I've been a part of this community for a while, but I just realized I haven't really contributed with any blog posts or anything...lol.

So here's to the first of hopefully many blogs! :'D

I thought it would be appropriate to start with a loot post ^^ I'll try to do one for every month as I usually receive figures every month anyway!

So...without further ado. All ordered from Mandarake, for reference.

Up first is Phat's Anastasia!

To be honest, I'm actually a little disappointed with this figure. While her face is gorgeous, the rest of the figure kinda looks like prize figure quality. -3- The good news is she wasn't expensive so I can't really complain. May or may not buy the matching Minami if I can find her for cheap enough like this one.


Nendoroid Azusa Nakano! She's so cute. I really love K-On and she's my favorite girl, so when I saw her at such a good price I just had to snatch her. Old nendoroid stands are stupid though.


SCALE RIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ah she's perfect. No complaints. Posed her next to the nendo :3

Next loot batch...


Melty~ She was pretty dusty coming out of the box ;-; Had to clean her up quite a bit but it wasn't anything a tissue couldn't handle. Makes me wonder how long her past owner went without dusting her... o_o


Hotaru nendo... I am obsessed with her crying vulnerable face. So yummy ( ͡⚆ل͜ ͡⚆)


Aaand some other K-on nendos. Almost have a full set, just missing Mio!! :3

That's it! Overall very pleased with my loot.

Hopefully I will have another blog post next month for Phat's Ankira scale! (if it doesn't get delayed again....>_>)

Thanks for reading ^^
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ty for the nice comments everyone ;w;
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Nice loot! *w*
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freezermilk Cute Girl Enthusiast
soooo much cute!! <3
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Nice loot, you got some really cute figures!
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Such lovely loot! I love every single thing you got here, so cute! :D I have the other version of that Rin but the bloomers version is so nice.
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So many good figures.. especially the Rin!
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Awesome loot! Everything is so cute/adorable!
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Sweet loot! :D I like your pink PC tower heheh. :3
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Nakano Azusa is my favorite for your collection. Great collection and thanks for sharing.
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Everything is so cute!! Also nice get with the rin scale!! She's one of my dream figs :) I agree old nendoroid bases are horrible it took me forever to pose my mimi usa grr
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