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Hey hey everyone, back with an exciting new review!
Stock up on your missiles, charge up your boost, and get ready to exterminate some Metroids as we take a look at Figma
Samus Aran

"Mission start..."

Probably one of the most anticipated Figma releases ever, Samus arrives in a-typical Figma fashion, coming packaged in a eye-catching and detailed box with a plastic window, contained within is a plastic insert for holding her figure as well as all of her accessories.




Being the first properly articulated figure to be released that isn't a 3rd party production, Samus is recreated in great detail from her most recent outting,(while probably one of her least popular games) Metroid: Other M.


Featuring an excellent selection of joints, Samus is much more poseable then past Figmas, and even has some new and rare additions to increase her range. As a side note, the ribbed detailing on her hip is actually soft plastic, and bends out of the way when posing her legs.



Her feet feature a swivel joint that allows for left right movement(a Figma first), while the Figma joint at her ankle gives her forward and back motion. She's also one of the few Figma to feature a toe joint.


When it comes to accessories, Samus has her fair share. As with all Figma releases, a clear plastic posing stand and hand storage bar are included along with five individual hands; a fist, a calmly opened hand, a fully splayed open hand, a fist in a thumbs up(or thumbs down) pose, and finally a hand for gripping.



Also packaged in is an alternate head attachment for her Cannon Arm for switching it into Missile mode, as well as two blast effects, a single shot, and a double shot.



To replace the heads, you simply unplug the one and then socket the other into its place. The peg that holds either into her arm is sturdy and holds quite well. Be warned about her blast effects however, as when plugged into her cannon they are VERY tight and require a careful hand during removal.



Lastly is Samus' 'alt mode' if you will, the Morph Ball, a nice representation of her rolling form from the games. There is also a peg hole molded into the center ring for aerial posing.


Admittedly, the Morph Ball is a bit small, leaving a bit of doubt in Samus being able to roll up THAT tightly.



Federation Note: While fully armored, Samus Aran is not proficient at Volleyball.

A welcome sight to fans of the series, Samus is a superb release, and brings the Universe's Greatest Bounty Hunter to plastic life in great detail. The first super poseable figure of a Nintendo icon to be released, Figma has really secured an amazing chance, and with Link on the horizon, here's to hoping that we may see even more classic characters receive a fully articulated figure release at long last.



All in all, Samus is a great stepping stone, and really shows what Figma is capable of. Featuring great detailing and rich painting, she is certainly a hell of a way to kick things off.



Already a hot item, I would definitely recommend snapping up Samus as soon as possible, as it seems that she is already becoming a rare commodity, not surprising considering what an iconic character she is.



If there were any problems I could think of to offer towards this stellar release, it would be how I would have preferred a missile blast effect instead of the double shot blast effect, especially since Figma went through the trouble of making an alternate Missle Mode head for her canon. Also, including a Metroid, be it normal sized, or even The Baby in its capsule to homage Super Metroid would've been a welcome addition as well.



Of course these are only personal nitpicks, and in no way detract from the overall presentation that Figma has given us. So please, if you can find her for a decent price, snap her up quick, you'll be VERY happy that you did!


In closing, I'd like to thank you as always for taking a look at my review, I hope that it was informative, and has helped you decide whether or not to own this Metroid destroying one woman army.

"See you next mission..."

'Till next time!

You can find more of my reviews here!

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Very good review, well detailed and with very nice pics.
Actually the only bad thing about this figure is the missing interchangeable head without the helmet. Awesome work Max Factory! Worth her 9.5 out of 10.
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itsame008 vuotta sitten#1027126Samus is a girl?!

No! Not at all! It's a donkey, a donkey!! XDDDD
Just a joke ^^
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itsame008 vuotta sitten#1027126Samus is a girl?!

yes she is.

just play the game and you will know it.

too bad. I dont buy her. because I prefer samus in zero suit ver beter than armor ver.

I hope figma will be release her in her zero suit
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Samus is a girl?!
8 vuotta sitten
This is my fisrt figma and i love it.... needless to say i have been waiting my entire life for a samus action figure, and im glad this one actually does her justice
8 vuotta sitten
Definitely getting one now.
8 vuotta sitten
The nose dive photo cracked me up. Nice review!
8 vuotta sitten
Great review! Can't wait for her to arrive :)
8 vuotta sitten
Wow, nice review
Her gloss looks better than I thought

Maybe I'll order her from mandarake
8 vuotta sitten
Awesome review, can't wait for mine to arrive ^^
8 vuotta sitten
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