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PedropinillaPedropinilla8 vuotta sitten
I'm over 18

Well, as many of you I'm also exciting a few hours away from the start of the Wonder Festival Summer 2012 but as before, I'm with many doubts of what my favorite company, OrchidSeed is going to show because they're so damn slow.

Next the figures than I'm so waiting since I don't know when, some of them unpainted and some other just with an illustration so far.

1.-Chouhi Ekitoku. ITEM #29307

2.-Manami Ichijou. ITEM #61455

3.-Princess Milk. ITEM #27701

4.-Yuki. ITEM #42386

5.-Nishikawa Chiharu. ITEM #29312

6.-alleyne. ITEM #117205

7.-Leviathan. ITEM #97001

8.-Mammon. ITEM #97005

9.-Angel. ITEM #27957

10.-Snow. ITEM #15689

...and many more! xD

So, I just hope this WonFest the best ever for everyone and of course, for me ^^.

C'mon OrchidSeed, give us want we want!
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OrchidSeed, the most wanted for you?

1%Chouhi Ekitoku.
5%Manami Ichijou.
9%Princess Milk.
6%Nishikawa Chiharu.
9%All of them!
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
i was waiting for the class maid / chihiru <3 but I like them all tbh =P beside the big breasted girl called angel

yuki and ichijou looking great too
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aeonblue SHSL Procrastinator
I'm most looking forward to ITEM #78623 and Lucifer from the Seven Deadly Sins series!
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So is Leviathan next? Makes me a bit sad since I wanted Lucifer and Satan, but her pose doesn't actually look that bad! She looks a lot better than her original art, but I'll wait until she's in color before deciding.
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Rin_Asano8 vuotta sitten#1054149Orchid Seed is fast with Ecchi figures..
I wanna my Kureha ._.

Oh yeah, that Kureka is gonna be a beauty but it'll take a while to see her, maybe at the next WonFest cause right now is Blanc Neige the chosen one ^^
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Orchid Seed is fast with Ecchi figures..
I wanna my Kureha ._.
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I'm interested in the Menkui and Alleyne ones. Maybe also the Hime to boin figure as well.
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Thworsh Blacksmith Legend
Zukin-Man8 vuotta sitten#1053822Alleyne, with Yuki at second and Chouhi in third.

Everyone else is just kinda left in the dust to me.
Those would be my top 3 choices as well. Man, I better start saving for 2013. God does my wallet hate Orchid Seed.
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Alleyne, with Yuki at second and Chouhi in third.

Everyone else is just kinda left in the dust to me.
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Pedropinilla8 vuotta sitten#1053800You're right ^^ ...done! xD

Much appreciated! ^_^
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I really like Manami Ichijou, but Angel might be nice, too. I wish I could buy these, but I just can't bring myself to do it. lol
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