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This is D.Va from Overwatch and Blizzards Collectables, also known as the world renowned Esports champion Hana Song. She comes in a 29.5 by 18 by 15.5 inch box that weights 40 Lbs or about 18 kgs. The figure itself is about 20 inches tall when fully assembled, and has magnetic joints to make everything a bit easier, but some joints might need glue added to them just in case. The whole thing sits atop a heavily weighted base with solid connections to ensure that it won’t fall over. This being accompanied with the trademark Overwatch logo engraved into it. The pose of the figure is modeled after the Sitting victory pose in game and it is a nice balance between how cute, badass and sassy D.va is. It does a good job of both showcasing the character as well as her Meka in its idle pose. The sculpting and details are pretty good, but not great. That said we will start with all the things that work pretty well. The Meka has silver bots throughout its construction that show how it is all held together, and pistons in the joints indicating how it maneuvers. Chipped paint, scratches and dirt can be found throughout the figure to show the ware of the mech. This can also be found on the two turrets but with a burn tone around the barrels to show the artillery that travels through them. This leading to the detailed triggers/joysticks that control the Meka and guns. The mech also features a large clear plastic windshield that allows you to peer into the modeled interior that show how Hana is held in place as she pilots. D.va and the mech are also covered in detailed sponsorships that are easily legible. Unfortunately, even with all these details there is still a lot to be loathed about this figure. This is mostly found in the painting, which is inconsistent and messy to say the least. The mech doesn’t really have any gloss to it, which is somewhat fine seeing how the in-game model is similar, but even the parts that are shown to be brushed metal lack a shine. Some of the chips and dirt along the paint are also messy and unconvincing. Paints bleed over onto one another throughout the model too. Hana’s gloves and face are a mess up close, and this is also hindered by the lack of gradient and shading throughout. All this adds up to come across as a flat paint job, there isn’t really any differences between the materials and it all kind of melds together looking the same. That said the figure isn’t terrible at a distance and because of its scale most of the time you won’t be viewing it super up close.

Once again, with the Blizzard Collectables the overall piece ends up with a garage kit feel to it, which isn’t for everyone. And coupled with the $450 dollar price tag this figure is pretty much for no one. While I am not angry with having this figure in my collection I can’t really recommend it to anyone due to the paint job and the price tag. The overall scale of it helps and its guaranteed to wow anyone who sees it, but it is still a hard sell to be made. All I can say is that I hope Blizzards Overwatch figures become better, but with this being the second in my collection and both of them having a lot of the same issues it is tough for me to see things changing in the future.

How many of you bought this figure? Did it break your back when you carried it in? Are you no longer interested in the Overwatch collection due to their quality? Tell me in a comment! Want to help me make more reviews? Become a Patron!
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I remember seeing a spot on overwatch yt promoting this figure, while of course the price immediately was no -go, even on promo shots for me she felts like you said more like garage kit and I though they put more job into robot than on her or her face details.
Great review!
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Rajke Ca Fanatic
Nice review. At first i think this figure doesn't look bad. But the paintjob of her face and handglove are too much messed up. This figure could be a lot better. The design and pose are great.
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Yeah I hope it is just cuz of the size too, cuz when Mei comes out I will have to buy that one haha xD

TheKillerAngel2 vuotta sitten#29008917I checked out your Widowmaker review, and I'd agree that figure was done better. I think Blizzard might have gotten a bit lost with the size on the D.va one.
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TheKillerAngel Vigilo Confido
I checked out your Widowmaker review, and I'd agree that figure was done better. I think Blizzard might have gotten a bit lost with the size on the D.va one.
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I agree with this review. The qc is... ugh.

I hope we see another D.Va figure made in the future. *looks at goodsmile*
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I love your closeup shots and camera work, but I do have a bit of constructive criticism: I don't care for the "news reporter" style of talking that you have in your videos. I can't watch Mecha Gaikotsu for the same reason. I appreciate that you have a script so you can stay concise and on topic, but consider speaking in a more natural manner for your next video. ^^

(Of course, this is just my opinion. Do whatever you like in your videos.)
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OtakuReviews2 vuotta sitten#28979189Can you sent me the page that has this info, I have not seen anything that says otherwise.

In the FAQ under blog guidelines: Sale posts are NOT allowed! e.g. promoting collection sales, trading requests, commissions or anything for financial gain or involving financial transactions.
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Can you sent me the page that has this info, I have not seen anything that says otherwise.

KalasRaven2 vuotta sitten#28979070I don't think you're allowed to have a Patreon link, since it's asking for money.
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I don't think you're allowed to have a Patreon link, since it's asking for money.
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Wow, some of the paint flaws on that figure... I'd rather a figure have a 'pristine' look, than a terrible 'weathered' effect. The gun barrel bits were well done, but man, the other bits were slapped on paint.

If I had such money to afford something like this, it'd probably one of those figures that lurks in a corner partially hidden for awhile, until I get 'used' to the flaws.

One general comment about your videos: I like the content, but I find your voice a bit too slow and rehearsed to truly enjoy/get into the video. The shots you show of figures is nice, but imo the voiceover could do with some work.
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