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On a brighter noteOn a brighter note

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So a few people read my blog about getting my new cat Miku as a while back.


She is doing great and has grown so much which is great as 2 of the kittens from that litter died due to heart failure.


No Miku is full of energy and running around like crazy.

Here is the biggest reason for her to be running around so much. Let me introduce you all to Kurumi.


Isn’t she a sweetheart? She is number 4 in the family and that is it we are not allowed by law to have more than 4 pets in a household. So this little girl was the last one. She came to us via my wifes work where a young girl did not tell her mother that she was getting a cat. When the mother came into the house she said no but the deed was already done. The young girl had bought the cat. The mother took the cat into work the next day where every employee ogled and touched and played with kurumi. No one wanted to take her home though and the big softy that my wife is she said she wanted it.

To get this past me though she told me that I could name her anything I wanted. And that is how Kurumi came to be part of the family. Photo bomb below…






And of course she is named after a great character that I did not dislike to start but was never really into but when the 2016 or 17 OVA came out I was hooked.

I am speaking of course of Tokisaki Kurumi in her wedding dress ver. Which is still in her box.


Thank you for reading the blog

= )

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Thanks for posting this, it made me smile with all the pictures <3 Kurumi is so tiny ;u; <3

Im allergic to most cats, but I love them anyway. I also hope to be a cat owner one day

Have a great time raising your new kittens~
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weeb (1 vuotta sitten) #30989291what is this law? my s.o is canadian and ive never heard of this o.o
cute kitty though!

It is a municipal bylaw here in the town that I live in. So the law may not be applicable everywhere in Canada.

= )

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what is this law? my s.o is canadian and ive never heard of this o.o
cute kitty though!
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Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Awwwwwww! They are so cute! Miku sounds like my cat: energetic

Sorry to hear some of the kittens died. How are Miku and Kurumi getting along? Fine I hope? I have a Bombay named Olivia and she drives a lot of animals nuts with her high-octane nature lol My friend has a tort cat and everytime they're in the same room, he doesn't want to deal with her.

You have a kind wife.
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Moribundead モリバンデッド
Aww, your cats are super cute! ^w^ And their names are cool, mine are named after characters as well.^^ (Mauzi (German name of Meowth) and Totoro) :)
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Kurumi is so cute oh my goodness!! And of course Miku is too!! I love the names you gave your cats!
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Kitty babies! They are all so cute! I am sure that Kurumi will grow up in to a beautiful spoiled cat. x3
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So much cuteness in this blog! X3
Your kitties are adorable!
And what is this strange law...?
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