Fate/Zero - Saber - 1/7 - Pajama ver.Fate/Zero - Saber - 1/7 - Pajama ver.Review

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Hello everyone and welcome to my second figure review :)

I was planning on doing this for quite some time now. But there was always something that kept me from starting.

Today i have a free day and i already played some games and now The Big Bang Theory (dont judge me, im weak and my humor is easy to please) is playing in the background while i'm writing this review.

A little warning, this post is quite picture heavy :)

But enough with the chit chat. Today i will review one of my Saber figures. Since she had no reviews yet, i decided to go with her.

I'm sure most of you guys have at least heard of Saber. She's a character from Type Moons Fate/Stay Night. Her first appearence was in the adult visual novel for PC (which i have started, but i cant bring myself to play any further). She's a very warm and friendly woman, who has a crazy and somehwat unexpected (at least back in the days) backstory.
As far as I can tell she's a character which has the most figures of a single character ever (maybe the figures Hatsune Miku has extend hers', but not by much).

The figure I'm reviewing today is from the third Anime she's been in, Fate/Zero. Chronologically it takes place before all other anime and novels.
It's the 1/7 scale Saber Pajama Version from Wing. (ITEM #166896)

I looked through some pictures but couldnt really find an official artwork, where Saber wears her pajama outfit. The only good one i found is this and its really adorable:

At first ill take a look at the carton she comes in:

Its a smaller window box with pictures of the figure on all sides and some information on the back and the bottom. The box does its job, showing off a glimpse of the figure and the yellow of the box fits Sabers outfit.

Now onto the base of the figure.

It is a fairly big transparent base, which has the red magic calling symbol of Saber on it. The peg where Saber attaches to the base is metallic and helds the figure very well. Since only her foot is attached to the peg, there comes a little "stool" with the figure, so that one can put it under her behind for a safer stand and so that she doesn't lean over time, which i find very neat.
All in all I think, something like a little bed would fit her better, but the red magic circle is a nice change in bases for a pajama figure.

The figure itself is overall very pretty and surely shows a different side of Saber. She usually is shown either in her battle uniform or in a dress, so Pajama Saber is fairly special in this regard.
Lets have a look at her from different perspectives:

Her hair has the typical Saber color: a yellow blonde, which is pale on the top and grows darker on the ends until it has a dark yellow tone to it.
Her hair is open, which is rare for her. Normally she wears it in a bun. With the open hair she looks very cute and young.

On the ends Sabers hair looks nicely sculpted but on top she has a few pain flaws and sculpting issues. Where her front hair starts one can clearly see the transition as well as on some of the strand of hair on top. It doesn't bother me when i just look at her normally, but the closer you look the more flaws youll see. For some reasons the flaws seem to be narrowed to the left side of her head. The right side actually looks nice.
Thanks to the color transition on her hair, it gets some depth and shading. As I said, i don't mind the flaws on her hair to much.

Her face is really pretty and as i mentioned earlier Saber looks very young. Her eyes are kinda big and colored in her usually green tone.
Her mouth is slightly opened, which underlines her overall looks. Her nose is small, pointy and really adorable.

One of the prettiest things about the figure is, for me, her overall pose and the position of her arms. Her hands a are positioned right under her chin in a shy, cute pose.
Her fingers are sculpted very clean and delicate. She has no nail polisher on, but the two nails one can see is a bit to shiny for my taste, but still fits the figure nicely

Her pajama is kept in a faint yellow and has a bow on her chest. The rest of the pajama is very simple. The trousers are 3/4 lengh. Her sleeves are rather short and a little puffy on the ends.
The top of her pajama lifts a little bit at the bottom, as if there was a slight wind, so her belly is a touch visible.
She again has some paint flaws on her pajamas. The bow is not sculpted to perfection and shows some rough "edges" and "over painting". On the bottom of her tops are some dot that are a bit higher then everything else so it looks a little sloppy sculpted too. On her sleeves are some errors, as well as on her bottoms. The most noticable error are two lines, which could come from the model she was sculpted in.

Her feed are very small and not sculpted as good as her hands. They look a bid bulky, but the way she positioned them is cute and fits the figure well.

All in all I really enjoy this figure. The overall look is very cute and pretty. The rather few paint and scultping errors don't diminish the figure that much, at least for me.
I think that most of all I love her facial expression and how her hands where positioned.

Thank you for reading my second review. I'm still learning and every input is very welcome :)
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Halcione2 vuotta sitten#31341900Oof, that is definitely some rough sculpting :/

If one looks closely at her then yeah, sadly. But when displaying her its not that bad actually :)
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Oof, that is definitely some rough sculpting :/
2 vuotta sitten
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