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Hello dear MFC-Community!~

Bad way to begin my loot blog but I have to say, the new year started not so well for me.
I had a lot of stress with work and a lot of fights with my best friend.

I thought buying figures and receiving them would help me a bit but.. sadly I couldn't enjoy most of my packages I got. Even though I'm glad I have them.. this is a hard time for me and I am not feeling well.

Anyway... I wanna show you what I got, since there are a few figures that I have been hunting down/waiting for them to be released and they put a smile on my face.
(Please be prepared for a lot of photos in bad quality since I only have my stupid phone Q_Q)


If anyone read my first loot blog they maybe remember that I ordered the Genos Nendoroid ITEM #370230.

Bought him of a small german shop and at the beginning I was totally scared that he was a bootleg >_> I don't know why.. but his quality is way to good for a bootleg (I hope..)

After receiving my Genos I wanted to get MORE of him.. so of course I ordered the figure of Tsume ITEM #534216

He looks quite stunning, I love the pose and his sculpting is also very well done. It was a bit hard to get him into his base, I was scared of breaking him T__T
The only complain I have that I can't see his face properly.
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Yey I can see it now!

A few days before my Tsume Genos arrived I got a small package with Keychains and postcards from a seller on ebay. It arrived very quick and thank god it slipped trough customs. \(^▽^)/


Close up pics in the spoiler

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ITEM #597371

ITEM #273917 and ITEM #333288

ITEM #566273 and ITEM #566276

Not in database probably



So mid January I finally hunted down a figure that I have been wanting for like.. 2 or 3 months.

Kotobukiya's Kaneki Ken - Awakened ver.
I have been searching everywhere, since I wanted a brand new one.. but as most of you probably know his price is now beyond 200€. So I had to get comfortable with buying a "used" one..
Eventually I found a great deal (thank you a lot AECO !!)
He is way to perfect Q_Q


I even got the limited head (from a ebay seller.. I paid waayyyy to much.... *cries in corner silently*)
But even though I paid to much.. I am glad I got it. The other head part looks beautiful. My wallet still hates me for that

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2018/03/02/1935701.jpeg

Soon after my Kaneki I got these two cute keychains of AmiAmi C:
ITEM #592666 and ITEM #592670

As you can see I am a huge fan of Erwin and Levi from Attack on Titan >.> And maybe some of you know that Erwin got a Nendoroid... ITEM #464729

This was my most awaited package.. and the package that took the longest to arrive at my house... It was painful. Very painful.

I have been waiting 6 months for him. He is so beautiful and I am in love.

Additional pics in spoileer

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Additonal: Erwin in a suit ♥♥

I also pre-ordered the re-release of Levi (ITEM #180481).
What is Erwin without Levi at his side?

That's all for January >.> I am sorry if this is waayyy to long.. I planned on doing this but I kept getting so much stuff and.. let's get going xD


At the beginning of February I ordered Mikasa DX Version of the GoodSmile OnlineShop. ITEM #211409
I already read at the comment section that she is kind of painful to put together.. now I know why. It was really difficult and sadly one of the parts of her gear doesn't fit so it just floats in the air. But you don't see it from the distance and the connection is on her back so I don't mind.
She is so beautiful! I already loved her in the promo pictures but she is even more beautiful in real life. The details on her are stunning, especially on her gear. (Pic in the spoiler) Not to mention her face.. <3


View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2018/03/02/1935857.jpeg

So.. now for my almost last package! xD
I ordered Rin Matsuoka - Alter from AmiAmi since I found him very very cheap there and I just couldn't resist. ITEM #236127


He is my first Alter figure and I love them already! Hopefully I'll get Makoto and Haruka soon as well >.> (Already pre-ordered Sousuke C: )

But I made the mistake to look at the pre-owned section.. and bought this two: ITEM #252036 and ITEM #246277

I bought Mike because.. why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
He was rated A/B and his box had a few stains but looked like new to me! Pic in the spoiler

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2018/03/02/1935715.jpeg

Levi was a must have here for me even though he was rated A/C. I wanted him for a few weeks now because I really love the pose. His box was clearly damaged.. but since I don't wanna sell him I don't really care xD He got a little paint issue (?) on his hair..

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2018/03/02/1935712.jpeg

I also got the Nendoroid More: Face Parts set for Umaru-chan.. no pictures because I got no Umaru Q__Q browse.v4.php?b...

We're almost at the end!
I put a Hunt add online for this Erwin Plushe (ITEM #272311) and I thought it would just stay there forever and nobody would even write me. BUT I got a message the same day!! I was so happy and after a few messages, I bought him and cute little Levi ITEM #269178.

Thank you a lot MARRU for selling them! ٩(♡ε♡ )۶

For anyone that made it so far:
Thanks for reading!

Maybe someone knows? I wanna start with Garage kits so the next month or two months I won't get much figures, just my pre-orders and Kotobukiya's Levi! ITEM #166978
I'll get the materials soon and I am currently searching for good starter GKs! I already bought one I wanna do later when I am a bit better with this kind of thing.. ITEM #547700 >__>

Really excited to start with GKs!!

See you soon!~
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Gandalf2 vuotta sitten#31349904Some nice stuff, but where's the Umaru from the blog pic! :)

I don't have her yet q.q
Pre-ordered her re-release from GSC and sadly she got delayed.. but she is getting shipped on Tuesday so she will be in my next loot blog! Of course I'll show her with every face :3
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Some nice stuff, but where's the Umaru from the blog pic! :)
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moonstarfc2 vuotta sitten#31349749Nice loot, you got some beautiful figures~

Thank you~
My wallet still hates me for buying so much x_x
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Nice loot, you got some beautiful figures~
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RubyRed2 vuotta sitten#31347665Great loot! I want Mikasa too because she is so beautiful , but sadly she isn’t available anymore... mmmm...

Thank you!
I hope you'll get her too soon, she is great. One of my favs ^-^
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Great loot! I want Mikasa too because she is so beautiful , but sadly she isn’t available anymore... mmmm...
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Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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