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Hi MFC! The third figure I ever bought was Alter's Bounty Hunter Yoko (ITEM #4329), and she is one of my favorite figures. <3 However, when I bought her, she had one broken peg and the other broke as well shortly after. This figure is pretty infamous for its weak pegs, so I wasn't really surprised. T_T; I put off repairing her for a long time (over 6 months!) and just kept her in her box. But I finally got around to finishing her repairs and thought I would share the process ~


For my repairs, I followed the super useful advice in this blog by radiantdreamer. I highly recommend reading it if you ever want to repair your own figure pegs!

- 1/8" brass rods (approximately the size of her peg holes)
- Small hand drill (amazon link)
- 1/8" drill bit
- File (or sandpaper)
- Clippers (or hacksaw works too)
- Glue (optional, amazon link)


As you can see, both pegs broke off inside her feet and were firmly stuck in there. For these, I used the hand drill and a small bit to drill into the pegs and pull them out. As suggested in the blog, I drilled at an angle and was able to pull them out easily.



Next, I had to add some new, sturdier pegs to her base. I unfortunately forgot to take a picture of the base before, but one peg was broken off completely flush with the rest of the base while the other had about 1/3 of the peg sticking up.

For the pegs, I chose a 1/8" brass rod. The interesting thing about Yoko is that one foot peg is slightly larger than the other, but I had difficulty finding the right rod size for the smaller foot. Instead, I decided to make them both 1/8" and simply widen the hole in her foot instead.

Drilling into the base was really scary! At first, it was hard to get a grip on the base and the drill would slide off-center. But once I was able to drill a little, it was much easier to keep going. Here you can see some of the aftermath of the drilling - I had a huge pile of PVC ribbons!


For the brass rods, the clerk at the hardware store suggested I buy some clippers to cut them instead of using a hacksaw -- I definitely DON'T recommend doing this! It was so hard to cut through the brass (maybe I'm just weak), and it mangled the ends so badly that it took tons of sanding down to make it smooth and flat. He also suggested a file instead of sandpaper, which worked okay in my case. I got my friend to come help me file down the rods as we watched Korean reality shows :3c


Here are the cleaned holes and the new brass rods. You'll notice the holes do not perfectly match the existing boundaries for the old pegs, because the sizing was slightly different. However, in my case, the new pegs were close enough in size to keep her safe and supported.


I had to widen the hole in one of her feet, which was also terrifying. At first, we tried to file the peg in a tapered manner so it was a bit thinner at the end that would go in her foot, but that was too difficult. Instead, we did a bit of both filing one end of the rod and carefully widening the hole in her foot with the 1/8" drill bit. In the end, it worked out!

Instead of gluing the new pegs into her base, I decided to leave them loose since they fit tightly enough and were deep enough that it wouldn't be a problem. I was a bit nervous about putting glue in the tiny holes anyway. The funny thing is that peg for the smaller foot was a much tighter fit, so it would get stuck in her foot if I lifted her up. :P I had to be a bit careful picking her up and moving her since she would still come off her base easily if lifted from above, but other than that she was very stable.


After over six months, Yoko is finally standing again! It was a very stressful experience working with such an expensive figure, but I'm glad I was able to fix her up and make her even sturdier than before with those super weak pegs. I'm pretty proud of the work, since I'm not a DIY type of person (I actually called my local hobby store before doing the repair asking awkwardly if I could just hire someone to do it for me T_T lol). I'm really glad my friend was with me to offer moral support and help with some initial drilling that I was too scared to do :P



Here she is with all the other Yokos in my collection! (Sorry for the poor lighting quality :P)



I hope this helps inspire others to do their own figure repairs! It was very scary at first (which is why I put it off for 6 months!!) but once it was done I was very happy and proud of the results. It makes the figure that much more special to me, since I put my own hard work into fixing her! <3

During all the drilling, I couldn't help but think how funny it was since drills are such an iconic part of Gurren Lagann! ^^ I felt like Simon sometimes, haha ~

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citanes Pantsu Authority
That hand drill is fantastic! Thanks for sharing!
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marseille2 vuotta sitten#32663975

Haha, chopsticks sound like a great substitute! I hope they serve you well and work better than the previous pegs :)
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That's an awesome fix, congrats! The result is fantastic!
Coincidentally I did fix a broken peg myself today! ^_^
In my case, it was ITEM #236417. The pegs in the water surface base for Black Odile broke for good today. I had fixed them a couple of times before by removing the broken pegs from her foot (using the same drill bit techniques you used) and gluing them back in the base. But this time, gluing was not working anymore, so I needed to replace the base pegs. However, since I didn't have brass rods in hands, I tried using some unused disposable chopsticks that were lying around here, instead! Crazy, huh? XD

I know that they're not very resistant, but the good thing about disposable chopsticks is that you can carve and shape them as you want, easily. I used a knife to carve the chopsticks, so they got into the perfect size and shape to fit the peg holes in Odile's foot. Obviously, the base looks ugly with those pieces of wood sticking out, but since you can't see them once you put the figure on the base, I'm extremely satisfied with the final result. She used to lean a lot and now she's standing straight just the way she was supposed to, so I'm very happy with this accomplishment! ^_^
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Leo_Otaku2 vuotta sitten#32642088This is awesome! I want to do this for one of my figures but I'm so nervous I'll ruin it >.<

I felt the same way, that’s why it took me 6 months to finally do it! All I can say is to do lots of research and take it slowly and carefully. It feels great once you finish. ^^
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This is awesome! I want to do this for one of my figures but I'm so nervous I'll ruin it >.<
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Thanks for sharing! I'm glad you got to fix it! I have the same issue with ITEM #56604 but since the other pegs hold her just fine and sturdy I lack the motivation to do anything about it haha :)
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Thanks for sharing your experience in dealing with broken pegs. I am sure it will be useful.
Learning figure repair techniques are part of the hobby for a true collector. Congrats.

To avoid future broken pegs in figures caused due to gradual weight balance issues, I strategically stick, thin and strong double sided tapes between the base and foot of the figure which gives an even sturdier effect over a long time.
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kyoshinhei2 vuotta sitten#32619353Nice job. Always glad to see someone conquering their anxiety and making a successful repair.
Congrats on believing in the you who believes in yourself!

Thank you, thank you! I'm proud of myself, but also so relieved it's over and hope I'll never have to do it again! XD
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Nice job. Always glad to see someone conquering their anxiety and making a successful repair.
Congrats on believing in the you who believes in yourself!
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